UK Targeted Survivors weekly news update

“The Evils of Freemasonry…that is the level of corruption within the UK judicial system..the whole country is absolutely rotten from top to bottom.”
“..police officers, namely police officers who are connected to Freemasonry which probably is about 70 to 80 percent of
the UK police force has some connection to Freemasonry, so you can understand … a couple of months ago by the
head of the UK Police Federation resigned this position purely because he was sick to the back teeth of the fact
that there was so much Freemasonry corruption within the judicial system and the police forces across the UK, so effectively it
looks like Freemasonry is running this country. Freemasonry is in control of all aspects of this country. Freemasonry has
definitely got a massive part to play with in the targeting program and Freemasonry is going to be probably in
my opinion and Freemasonry is going to fuck this country right in yours and I can’t see how anybody or any
organization is going to be able to prevent that from happening it seems the corruption goes from top to
bottom there seems no way out even when it comes down to trying to prosecute the police.”
“ where’d you go, who are you gonna call..these fucking animals have destroyed every aspect of my fucking life from top
to bottom they’ve took the business, they’ve took my house, they took my cars they took my wealth, they have taken everything.”
“the target element of a society, we need to become a community within the community..”
“People find out that all of the crazy crap that’s going on in their life has been administered by a third party, one of the main things that as a target survivor it’s so imperative that you .. understand that you have no privacy,
every aspect of your life will reviewed, every aspect of your life will be surveilled and then you have no privacy
“you have no privacy, nothing can be kept secret, because of the technology that’s used against you, get over and
deal with the fact that you will have not one moment’s privacy until the program has stopped.”
“ThePoisoned Goth 4 days ago: The Jehovah’s Witnesses religion is controlled by freemasonry.”
They (Jehovas) are part of the targeting, they are definitely involved…and in the know..sick brainwashed and religious nazi zion satanic mafia cult faction from the bottom of hell.
“life trying again: 4 days ago: My life is ruined by them, still going on.”
“Butterfly: 3 days ago: Shane, are you being hit by DEWS? I see some problems with your eyes. Hang in there. I know you are advocating and probably exhausted from this whole process.”

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