Report #201:Musicians Under Neurotech Attack Worldwide|Patrick Alavi Reveals Neurotech/V2K Targeting

“Report #201:Musicians Under Neurotech Attack Worldwide|Patrick Alavi Reveals Neurotech/V2K Targeting
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Groundbreaking and revealing conversation with well-known music star Patrick Alavi from Germany on the subject of intrusive neurotechnology targeting of musicians including himself, his partner, and another famous European artist who is revealed and discussed during the interview.
As a musician, Patrick reports he is able to distinguish that the “tinnitus” or high-pitched tones sent to his ear are indeed externally-manufactured, electronically created, human-intelligence-designed tones which are not in any way a natural or pathological physiological reaction from inside the human ear. In this, his testimonial becomes doubly important given the millions of “Tinnitus-sufferers” around the world being misled by doctors and the numbers of psychiatrists continuing to ignore the horrific worldwide scenario of people being assaulted with neurotechnologies such as high-frequencies and Voice to Skull or V2K abuse.
Patrick discusses also the targeting of his partner with V2K and the targeting of a famous fellow musician whose name is revealed in the video. Patrick contacted this writer with this information after the article on Julian Assange was published: Hearing Voices and Suicide Ideation: Entirely Possible Julian Assange is Being Hit with Offensive Information Warfare Neuroweaponry at The Everyday Concerned Citizen and Before It’s News.
Several other well-known musicians have revealed similar neurotechnology assault, Patrick reports, as he hopes others will come forward to corroborate these testimonials. We are living in a time of truth-based collective awakening, he says, and now is the time to step forward and reveal the truth, join the worldwide community of truthtellers who are exposing more and more of the criminal encroachments of the dark-agenda agencies, military, and privateers on the human psyche, mind, soul, being–which need to be stopped. Musicians and others with depth of voice need to be brave and step forward. It is only through exposure that such technological crimes, conducted under the cloak of invisibility with radiation and sonic weapons can be fully revealed and addressed.
We all know the CIA’s MK ULTRA programs never ended–and DOD/CIA whistleblower Dr. Robert Duncan confirms this for us–but it is time for them, as well as all the new and intrusive neuroscience research and abuse and weaponry projects on people by the Dept of Defense, NATO, NIH, NSF, DARPA, the US & European Brain Projects, Universities, private institutions, to fully and completely close. Crimes of technological assault on humans cannot continue forever, they Must be exposed and fully terminated.
People are suffering extremely. Human rights have been grossly abused. V2K & Neurotech Targets are often being assaulted to death, incarcerated in insane asylums, pushed into crime which incarcerates them in jails, or pushed into suicide, while their lives are being made a living hell by nonstop abusive techno-chatter in their brains. Socially, they are often character-assassinated in their own families and neighborhoods, isolated and ostracized, treated as lepers who “are paranoid.” Psychiatry, with its ignoring of neurotechnology, has a great deal to answer for the continuation of these crimes, as of course does weaponized neuroscience.”
“because we we saw that he was like a zombie, he was.. not himself anymore and these drugs were kind of.. it was so unreal to us and what what they did to him you know in a way
they tortured him with the kind of drugs .. and ..
the horrible thing was also that we then realized that they did not do any any talking…therapy with them or something like that ..just put him on drugs two weeks and so nothing happened there…”
“It’s very problematic about the use of psychiatry especially when people come forward and mention actual military bio communications technology which is skull etc you know psychiatrists are kind of lost in a little bubble of their own where they refuse to admit that neurotech is being used on people of course some psychiatrists i think are
waking up but certainly not all of them more and more people speak out about this this is the only way to to get the whole field of psychiatry as well energized and aware, these are the facts..military neurotech is in use and it’s being used on people.”
“have others targeted individuals maybe asking
or in this situation if they have kind of problems with with their glucose level with their sugar level because in the beginning of this year I was diagnosed with diabetes and although i’m vegan uh you know i i’m really minimalist also eating you know i have my minimalist eating habit i’m doing
intermittent fasting so i’m you know that i know there’s no logical really explanation that i get you know diabetes you know at this stage so um I was diagnosed with diabetes I had a 400 milligram in the morning uh with no eating before and so it was like um that level kind of sugar level was
usually it’s like, it’s very high is that it’s
really high like when the doctors told me
I was close getting something like like a heart attack or something wow and it was you know it was like shocking
it was like well okay and was also
strange because then also the what yeah the blood
values were so weird in a way that doctors could not say if i have diabetes 1 or diabetes type 2 they could not see exactly what it was because there were some uh values …jumping up
and down it’s so interesting what’s going on i mean like
yeah it could be maybe an um maybe that’s a hint in a way..
yeah induced diabetes with technology right because at this point i think we can understand that a lot of this remote access technology can do all sorts of things it can destroy organs you know we’re talking about microwave weapons millimeter wave weapons excuse me weapons etc so they can do all sorts of things they don’t just hit the head they have different parts of the body as well and they have different kinds of effects and now of course combined with nanotech
there’s apparently the sky’s the limit in terms of what kind of horrors they can greek on the human body right right definitely there’s also the issue of covert implants wireless body area networks biosensors .. because they’re
testing all sorts of things um all non-consensually illegally
um they’re trying to cover their bases and call it legal
lawyers for these dark agencies have a lot to answer for
because they have permitted this to do
such a horror to other beings, to other living beings… there’s a lot of lack of morality behind it…in a german
magazine about incident that um some kids uh try to you know burn a homeless man and oh my god what’s going on i mean
what outrageous you know this is like some of the crazy things that have been happening in this country with the black lives matter proteins right and the antifa bridges you know in portland and minneapolis absolutely crazy things
people pushing and also you see the police doing this now with these other protests pushing people to the ground yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah right getting on the plane frustrating to see this it’s so … that sometimes you just think uh you’re in a different kind of dimension different kind of world that you are so strange.. to because it’s just no they’ve given themselves kind of cart blanche to do anything at this point kind of push evil to you know beyond its boundaries really to be on any human kind of
.. because i’m in the music business i also um had many contacts to other um uh you know kind of uh famous artist more famous artist ..and um there was i had this kind of moments when uh i also had um talks with the with some freemasons and..some other cults that i don’t want to mention here but what i want to mention here is that um
when i talked with him and talk more deeply about stuff with them that these kind of beliefs that they have and generally i think this kind of um it’s the kind of problem that they you know they want they want to create some thing that they believe in that kind of self-fulfilling prophecy in a way
that theythey believe in some things should happen and then they create this to make it happen in a way and this is so
disturbing in a way – oh it’s all dark agenda dark visions
yeah somebody’s you know bad dream made reality….intention there are bad people out there and some very high echelons of power and the real bad thing is that they don’t see themselves as bad they see this and some see themselves as illuminated beings..”
“or i’m trying to focus more on the positive things …I like to in a way i also i’m telling this my partner who
really suffered a lot because of this uh voice uh 24/7 torture it’s a really really horrible thing you know going on and i mean i’m you know i’m an empathic being i’m
when i see someone suffering i’m suffering too
and when this is my partner it’s like a nightmare come true yeah definitely so .. when he’s telling me all these things that they tell him all the time..I always tell or my partner that he should also focus more r see this and from a different perspective in a way that maybe we should look at it as a perspective that we kind of um it’s an opportunity for us to wake up out of this nightmare and that we’re living in because i think also without all this torture that is happening to us it would be still a horrible world that we’re living in, I mean because of all these noises you see it happening to other people around you right yeah lots of horrible things happening in the world right with so many suffer too much suffering all the time and we have to realize in the end that we all connected and if someone is suffering we are suffering…we are all connected absolutely
so you you cannot do harm to other beings if you do harm
to other beings you do harm yourself and this is
not an intellectual thing that we have to understand we have to feel it more you have to feel that this
is the most severe problem that we have in this world or in this reality and that we’re in.”
“yeah since two years or something when i wake up during the night..I also have kind of sleep deprivation, I cannot sleep’re woken up in the middle of the night definitely and then when you’re reporting this right and when i when i wake up then sometimes i have a extremely distorted loud voice talking but then it stops like it’s like well you know what’s going on like like uh someone has a megaphone and and it’s nice.. on your ear or something like that really distorted extremely loud ..then okay i said yeah well it is like it is but .. so i have to go on and um but this is the thing i
experiencing i’m not uh sometimes you know when i
said they hate this artificial Tinnitus and because i always because i’m so um so good with sounds and waves because when i’m doing music sometimes i’m just… when i see a wave uh .,.the signature of the wave i can see what what sound it is
wow so i’m so you know trained yeah in a way that um when
i hear this kind of frequency that kind of tinnitus frequency
i kind of hear that it wants to or it it’s like there is a kind of attempt to give me v2k but it’s not working it’s something like that it sounds like to me that this is the reason i also said before that i have always the impression
that it’s a kind of intelligence behind because the frequency is not this has no loop pattern or repeating pattern
and it has like an randomly spike randomly yeah definitely so but still i think there’s an intelligence behind because in especially in special situations for example when i try to meditate or when i try to you know to just be quiet to be silent and something like that and they it it becomes
more aggressive or for example when i wrote you an email it’s
started to get such crazy…”
“and I think this is the time period this is the time period that secrecy is going to come to an end the guys and the secret um agencies don’t know it is yet because they think
that they can they’re going on forever but i don’t think secrecy will last -no it definitely won’t no i think i think there are just two options the one option is that
it would stop and that ..some people stand up against it some powerful people stand up and do something and the other option is that this is the end of our species…”

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