Report #165: Robert Duncan on the Neurotech Targeting of Humanity, Secrecy, & the Need for Change

“Report #165: Robert Duncan on the Neurotech Targeting of Humanity, Secrecy, & the Need for Change”
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Candid conversation with Robert Duncan, scientist and whistleblower on neurotargeting of innocents, the many neurotechnologies in use today, compartmentalization which permits crime, and what people can do to halt these crimes.
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“R.D.:They are not very creative at DoD… It is expanded worldwide for the New World Order…It seems like they are all on board with this global take-over…all military technologies will eventually seep into the police forces.”
“Ramola: They appear to run the entire show, the world show, not just the U.S. show. I would question the whole Russia-China thing. I mean are they really separate countries, are they really operating separately from the CIA and the DOD?”
“R.D.: I don´t know about that, I was brainwashed in the cold war.”
“Ramola: Hive-Minding: Bringing a few brains together to create a hive-mind (brain-net)…they are reporting they can hear hive-minds, they can hear people having a roundtable conversation.”
“R.D.: It´s totally stealing the Soul, ..Body Snatchers, in its best form that´s what this technology can do. It can run other Software overlayered on your Hardware called the Brain..How can you have justice if you don´t know whose mind was behind the actions of the it kind of turns the justice system on its head.”
“R.D.: Especially dream programming, that´s the one where people are most suceptible to, we can manipulate subliminally your dreams and your dreams affect the consciousness…that´s dangerous and that´s not free will. You are taking away someones autonomy of thought and decision making..I don´t even like the term free will, I prefer degrees of autonomy that is the term I would replace that with.”
“R.D.: So they are grabbing the unusual minds, the creative ones, the misfits, the hyper-intelligent, those minds they can´t model easily into the basic model and so they are studying those.. probabilities.”
“Ramola: They are also using the FBI as well, by putting all the smart people on the terrorist watchlist and then subjecting them to these experiments.”
“R.D.: So I don´t really follow human law that much, it seems quite arbitrary… You have to follow your own moral code.”
“Jennifer Burns: ​They are all doing mind control.
H C: ​yes, but it’s not working, Jennifer.
Chris: ​Ramola, can you ask Robert how much commercial BCI tech and neuro capitalism (surveillance capitalism 2.0) is driving the torture/experimentation.”
“Sunshine Love: ​They’ve counted on everyone, to NOT speak up.
Jennifer Burns: ​Yes they have messed up my brain.
Jack Nugent: ​Robert is under MK if he thinks Aliens are disinfo.
Sunshine Love: ​they feel powerful and are known as destroyer forces.
Jennifer Burns: ​They create blockages.”
NorCal Targeted: ​they get me in my dreams every night.
Chris: ​Can we be serious please. Some of us are being tortured to death.
Sunshine Love: ​all ALPHABET soup agencies are in BIG TROUBLE, folks.
Sunshine Love: ​Non Lethal Weapons, Neuro Tech, Nano bots, NASTY!!!!
Jennifer Burns: ​Yes they somehow control my body functions and movements.
Don Lovell: ​kazars, bold and ruthless.
Steven Arroyo: ​its do to it being so lucrative.
Sunshine Love: ​GAME OVER, destroyer forces, and they are SORE LOSERS!!!!
Autumn Targeted in NZ: ​Yes, PURE EVIL!!
Steven Arroyo: ​cointel pro.
Don Lovell: ​total infiltration of data bases to scapegoat the chosen targets.
SLEEPING BEAUTY: ​DSM.. The greatest book of fiction!
Jon Apel: ​MK ultra all over.
Don Lovell: ​the pack mentality pushing the agenda.
Miss Kitten: ​The military controls and invades my dreams every night, too.
Steven Arroyo: ​80s style steel curtain stazi tactics.
Jennifer Burns: ​Me too miss kitten pain torture as well.
TheAllSeeingGuyNoLie: ​Oppositional Defiant Disorder=A fancy name for a rebel.
SLEEPING BEAUTY: ​CIA needs to burn to the ground.
Politically Persecuted Bristol UK: ​They give me convulsions down my back and neck also which is forced body movements. This is used to sleep deprive me. The give me a spasm at the point I am falling asleep repeatedly
Tanya Bauer: ​torturing my whole family.
ane Quinn: ​Big Pharma big crops.
SLEEPING BEAUTY: ​they’re torturing my mother too.
Jennifer Burns: ​Many close to us are targeted as well but most don’t know it.
SLEEPING BEAUTY: ​that’s going to be a database of bad data, if they are going to run pre crime analysis on TI that are
being tortured… thoughts are not your own.
Tanya Bauer: ​then they will get insurance money on all TI’s around the world.
Tanya Bauer: I do not CONSENT TO TORTURE.
NorCal Targeted: ​hi level fbi agents are mormons.
Steven Arroyo: ​deliberate cross contamination.
Percy Qshun: ​Irish race is being ethnically cleansed from our tiny home.
Barry White: ​We have a Jewish occupied government that is at war with humanity in the United States.
Jane Quinn: ​or Catholicism is luciferian snap.”

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