5 Horrifying Extraterrestrial Encounters Reported by Soldiers

“5 Horrifying Extraterrestrial Encounters Reported by Soldiers”
“Another man he was sharing the bunker with watched as the object hovered over them for a while illuminating the whole area with its light then it shot off at a 45-degree angle, it was gone, at the time wall and the others in his regiment assumed that that wasthe end of the peculiar incident, however three days later the entire company of men had to be
evacuated by ambulance, during his interview war claimed that wider roads had to be cut to make way for the transport needed to hold them out, supposedly the men were too weak to walk and had dysentery, when doctors inspected them they found that they had an extremely high white blood cell count
which the doctors could not account for, in the aftermath of the strange object and the mysterious mass illness which
struck the regiment whether or not a report should be filed was a source of contention, despite it being standard practice for a company report to be filed each day the
consensus of the regiment was that the details of the incident should be withheld from their superiors, deadlock everyone of us up and think we were crazy explained Wall. At the time of his interview in 1987, Wall could still not
offer an explanation as to what he thought the object was, he did however explained that he suffers from periods of
disorientation and memory loss, seeming to suggest that this was a direct result of his encounter with the object in 1951, perhaps surprisingly PFC Wall is not alone in his claim of strange objects in the skies over Korea, there are several
reports from Air Force pilots and other soldiers of similar objects being encountered.”

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