Report #78: Dave Case, Electronics Engineer, Discusses Military/CIA RF Assaults, “Tinnitus

“Report #78: Dave Case, Electronics Engineer, Discusses Military/CIA RF Assaults, “Tinnitus”
“Dave Case: Sure .. the NSA found out that coincidental waves, such as radio station cellphones, all of these energies, these waves penetrate our body or bounce off and as they go near our body our bio systems like our heartbeat will actually intermodulate those
signals, so they’re able to retrieve, around the body, these coincidental waves and read your heart rate, your body temperature , your alpha waves, your beta waves, your brainwaves and decipher what you’re thinking, so once they have that, which is
a lot of data per person, that’s why they need super computers, really fast high-speed computers..”
“R.D.: and they do this with through means of things like military tracking radar plus AI systems and computers and supercomputers”
“Dave Case: Yes and I also believe, in my opinion, as an engineer, that that was the whole purpose of putting up the GPS satellite system, in other words, it is a multiple use of weapons, not just for navigation, it was a more important use, which was
modification of human beings and what they do is synchronize all of the GPS satellites signals and that’s how
they’re able to do real-time analysis, real-time modifications on these targets to modify their thoughts or remove them
from civilization by driving them insane… I call it remotely induced schizophrenia , they’re actually causing
brain damage on purpose to disable individuals.”

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