Zion Vegas Casino Show, Anon-NSA, Fake Opposition according to Irene Caesar

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“Julian Assange is himself an intelligence black op asset. He is a victim of the in-fighting inside the Anglo-Saxon Elites. And he was enrolled as a hacker by MI6, whose Zionist handlers are the authors of “Anonymous” as well (“Eman On” = “No Name” in 2009). Assange is an example of the fighting of British Zionists who sided with American Zionists (so called “truth-fighter” Steve Pieczenik, Pseudo-Jew of Khazarian legacy and of Russian blood and his pal Alex Jones, NSA black op asset, who was married to Mrs. Nichols, a Zionist CIA asset https://alexjonesexposed.info) — they united in their fight against Soros and Ko of the transnational Zionists, who give a damn about Britain and United States.
That’s all. The Khazar Steve Pieczenik, a Pseudo-Jew, as well as Queen Elizabeth, Pseudo-heir of King David’s bloodline (a lie), simply finally realized that they will be eaten by the Zionist Transnational Mafia (no, not “Illuminati”, but a mundane Organized Crime Syndicate “Octopus”).
Edward Snowden is the same! The Zionist blackop asset from NSA / NASA — controlled opposition and fake whistle-blower who is blowing the Zionist fecalia out of his ass of a mind-slave, the worst kind of slave ever..”
“Las Vegas is a major CIA joint for the opium money laundering, the sale of drugs, controlled by CIA world-wide, and testing all kinds of psychotronic weapons. Las Vegas is linked via tunnels with secret underground military bases that are not American, but located on the US territory, while belonging to the Octopus Global Organized Crime Syndicate (code-name “Illuminati”). The major tunnel goes from Batista Casino building with no windows to Area 51. We judge that this CIA joint is very active by the fact that it is off Google information grid completely. Howard Hughes bought Casinos from Mafia, and then, resold them back to Mafia cheap, but stuffed with CIA for Opium money laundering, the sale of drugs by CIA itself, and testing psychotronics en masse. CIA black science is financed by CIA drug world-wide sales, and small operations for CIA black science R&D are located in Vegas.
Vegas is the symbol of fraudulence and forgery of the American State after Zionist Coup d’etat of 1963, when the last truly American president JFK was killed by CIA, totally infiltrated by Mossad — the Strip show of non-existent democracy and non-existent freedom. On the way to the Global Cyber Concentration Camp of trashed United States world-wide (code-name “Zion”). But alas, Donald Trump’s election is the attempt of the US middle men to resist the complete Zionist take-over of the country.”
Source: https://irenecaesar.wordpress.com/2016/11/26/julian-assange-edward-snowden-alex-jones-and-david-icke-are-all-fake/

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