The FBI becomes the enemy of every computer user and every IT security professional worldwide

“..the FBI becomes the enemy of every computer user and every IT security professional worldwide”
“, the United States FBI is granted new powers to intrude into any computer anywhere on the globe, instantly changing the FBI from a random law enforcement agency to a global adversary. Law enforcement agencies are expected to be met with open arms and treated as good guys. There’s not going to be any good guy treatment of the FBI here, and for good reason.
The U.S. FBI has been sort of a random law enforcement agency somewhere on the planet doing physical law enforcement work, kind of like the Bundespolizei in Germany would appear to an American, or the way the Policía Federal Argentina would appear to a European. Today, the FBI becomes a global adversary and enemy to every security-conscious computer user and to every IT security professional, similar to how the mass surveillance agencies are treated. The FBI has requested, and been granted, the lawful power (in the US) to intrude into any computer in the entire world. In 95% of the world, this makes the FBI no different from a Russian or Chinese criminal intruder, and it will be treated in the same way by people defending their systems; defending their homes.”
Under this assertion, sources to reporters do not have a right to hide their identity: the FBI just invalidated most principles behind freedoms of the press.
Further, everybody has a right to hide their location for any reason or no reason at any time (with a few exceptions like felons serving sentences with electronic shackles). In short, seeing this activity as suspicious is blatantly outrageous.
Actually, let’s take that observation one step further: carrying an electronic ankle shackle is considered equivalent to serving a prison sentence. So when the FBI says out straight that nobody has a right to hide their location, what they’re saying is that they want to reduce everybody’s freedom to the equivalent of being in prison. That’s a remarkable statement no matter how you twist it.
A lot of this comes down to law enforcement’s distorted self-image: since they have the lawful power to enter a residence on its own jurisdiction (a power backed on location by a half-dozen locked and loaded assault rifles with safeties off), they have taken for granted that they can and should enter anywhere they see themselves having a need to enter. In short, law enforcement is used to getting some sort of preferential treatment when breaking and entering using force. But when the FBI tries to break into my firewall in Switzerland, there’s no jurisdiction, and there’s no guns: there’s going to be just me shooting their attempts down with complete prejudice, no remorse, and 100% justification. They’re going to be treated no differently than any other criminal trying to break into my home.”

“If the FBI wants the ability to behave like a global adversary, it will be globally treated as an adversary.”
1 year ago
Yahoo shared the hacking of themselves very publicly and stated clearly that it was a government agency doing it. ”
“ the end of the day this is about that we have a deep psychological need for privacy.. when you say if you
want privacy then you’re a bad person, you might as well say that if you need food you’re a bad person, if you need
water you’re a bad person, if you need love and intimacy and social recognition you’re a bad person, because in every
single society, in every single surveillance society people have responded with carving out small niches
where they could have at least some thing to themselves..that’s not because I’m a criminal… We have a right to keep some things
to ourselves and that’s a very dee human psychological need and that is completely overlooked in the debate.”
“wrongdoing, let’s go back and remember that wrongdoing is entirely subjective and if you’re looking to the government
to be a guide of ethics you’re going to come away deeply deeply disappointed”

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