Deborah Tavares SOS Warning about the Corporate Global Assault 2018

Deborah Tavares SOS Warning about the Corporate Global Assault 2018.
“Alice Loren Snow:
The Most High has commissioned Ms. Deborah Tavares to blow the whistle, sound the alarm and alert a sleeping population what is happening right under their noses, while the “powers that be “who are “Drunk With Power” continue to plan the total annihilation of the average citizen the human race while thinking that they will live comfortably with their artificial intelligence servants to supply their every need. Bless you for your hard work and Research into a very disheartened subject that most people do not want to hear or accept……..PEACE.”
“Rick DeRigo:
All will be well for the righteous, we know what is yet to come, terrifyingly real, beyond our MORTAL abilities to cope with. We MUST rely on the Holy Spirit, to calm us, lead us, and REVEAL eternal truth/real truth. Live your lives accordingly by the teachings of Christ and subsequently His disciples, NOT CHURCH. We can be informed but we CANNOT change what’s to come, what’s been prophesized, we can only personally prepare and warn our neighbors continually..”
“Gin m
Unless you can tell the public what they can do right now and in the near future to somehow mitigate what is coming. You should just be quiet. If you can’t give some kind of hope you are just adding to the fear monsters who want us very very afraid so we will do what they want. I am getting tired of all the radio, you tube and news channels that tell us what’s wrong with this nation but have no information on what we can do. If the American public would stick together all this could be shut down. ..
Love this lady ❤️❤️❤️thank you for the information. This is imperative to watch and listen to! This is serious people she isn’t just blowing smoke! Bless her good ❤️ heart.
terrie alexander
they want us homeless
Disha Lovely
terrie alexander yep so we can depend on Fema and they’ll kill us there in the camps. They have the guillotines set up there.
ki luv
They want us dead is more like it!
frank gunner
We are running out of Time the public are being railroaded.”

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