Sharon Daphna – Energetic War on Humanity and How to Win

“The Orgone Energy…it was so suppressed by our Government, is the answer to Geoengineering, it is the answer to energetic assault.
and what we are ultimately looking at here is energetic warfare against Earth and against us…they are attacking earth and they are attacking us, not only does it attacks the weather…these frequencies and these metals are getting in us and we are being controlled by it. When we have orgone energy to deflect it we can´t be controlled any more. The Orgonite creates the scalar wave vortex.”
“It Liberates the clouds, it liberate the sky, it liberates us..this was a HAARP Sky. Again: Transmutation..You can see the Energy. It´s energetic warfare and we have the ability to fight, I am not violent Person, I am just defending our Earth. It´s etheric warfare.. war between the worlds..Sublte energetic warfare is going on.”
Sharon Daphna – Energetic War on Humanity and How to Win
“Patrice Lopatin: Thank you for something positive in all of this darkness!”
“nolabutterfly: 11 months ago: Dane Wingington is a GATEKEEPER.”
“Will Hamilton 3 months ago:
Hi Sharon, It is interesting that you refer to the ET craft as Ea because that is one of the names of Enki who is/was the son of Anu the king of the Anunnaki who colonized Earth about 500,000 years ago and then genetically manipulated Homo Erectus to create human slaves to work their gold mines. There has been an ongoing battle between Enki who loves humanity and his brother Enlil who has often attempted to wipe out humanity by manipulating the weather and by spreading disease. This battle between these two Anunnaki princes seems to be continuing with Enki’s son Marduk having his base at Pine Gap Australia.”

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