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“the51projectvor 5 Monaten (bearbeitet)
This is why I left FaceBook a couple months ago, and deleted every darn thing I ever wrote – as FB is a fenced
system, by design. It is designed to generate narcissism. A guy responded to post of mine (I think YT) a couple of
years ago, saying there was a distributed internet, that could not be censored already designed. Same type of thing
the Chinese Students used to organise themselves against the Government in Hong Kong some time ago. It´s peer-to-
peer, sort of like TOR, instead of centralised – like this internet. As speeds increase, and computers become many
times more powerful, it gets closer to becoming practical. Phone to phone, wifi to wifi, like a virus.”
“versus spending hours editing a YouTube video like this one and then I can´t
even share. I don´t even know how to get people to come to see it, because the whole entire system is now built
around censoring me. I´m just not really sure, I mean something is going to have to obviously give with this whole
situation because there´s too many people that just aren´t buying it and the thing is is like I said they started
with the NDA 2013 the NDA a 2013 I did 1that video just a little bit ago government propaganda use against
American citizens is now legal.

We have to figure out how we can actually share information with each other in what is now perhaps the most
technologically advanced time in our lifetimes is now the most Orwellian, most censored moment that we face in our
lives as well, so that´s just something we all have to think about, because it is, I mean I just keep trying but
it´s kind of like banging your head against a brick wall or something work for hours trying to get a video up so
people can see it, the whole thing gets censored your website gets hacked, you just get shut down at every turn on
the alternative media and I only expect this to get worse not better.
I´m sure something will come along and people will figure it out, because the truth always finds a way,
it´s really crazy the time that we´re living in.”

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