Jewish Supremacists are Proxies of the Archons

“Jewish Supremacists are Proxies of the Archons”
“It went pandemic in Christianity.., that particular belief system is an ideological virus planted in the human by an extraterrestrial species. The soft core version… The abrahamic religions are an ideological virus. Now I´ll give you the hardcore version, it´s a neurological virus as well, yes it is, it´s a neurological virus, now, I have made this conclusion based on my investigations using my shamanic methods, okay.. No one on this planet will know ultimately what is happening to destroy humanity unless you have access to supernatural intel. It cannot be understood solely from ordinary state of mind – you have to go in turn on ordinary altered awareness and investigate soberly.. that there is an archontic neurological infection raging on this planet.. How that virus got into the human brain and it is in the human brain. My investigation so far tell me that it is masked by a chemical in the brain called L-Dopa.
It would be detectable, but not easily detectable, because the nature of this virus is very insidious and deceptive it´s a virus that disguises itself.., this virus is the trickster virus my friend. It´s not just a virus, like any other virus… But it´s a virus that is possesssed of a diabolical trickster intelligence and so it disguises itself in the brain. So one could make an analysis of someones brain who had this infection and not see it, because it is masked, it is masked behind L-Dopa.
Toxoplasmosis is a neurological virus which resemble in some, but not all properties, of the archontic infection of the brain. (John Lamb Lash with Henrik Palmgren)(Jewish Supremacists are Proxies of the Archons)(August 4, 2014)

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