NWO Scientific Experiment on The People….Chemtrails, HAARP 2013/12

Veröffentlicht am 20.12.2013
Furious…is how we are left feeling when we see this obvious but institutionally denied scientific molestation of our Mother Earth. The industrialists have been poisoning us all for a very long time, now they use nanotechnology and EMF radiation, coupled with Bioscience, Neuroscience and whatever other Frankenstein emerging science’s these Satanic monsters can develop to implement their hellish vision of a Luciferian Utopia. If I guess some may be new to understanding what is going on…. the governments
(control of minds) and their agencies have been developing technology since at least WW2, to control the weather and for MIND CONTROL. they have known since at least the 1930’s that they can use EMF to alter human behaviour via frequency. Since the 1950’s, they also theorised that they could do amazing things with nanotechnology. They needed some excuse…. they ” Club of Rome” (NWO think tank) concocted a reason ” Global Warming” and a shortage of resources (privatisation), polution etc… to jeopardise nature, thereby making man himself the enemy of the planet. Along the way comes the 1992 Rio Earthy Summit and Sustainable Development or UN Agenda 21, it is all fraudulent, planned for many decades to bring about a world government in the open….with the infrastructure needed for a scientific dictatorship. A Brave New World Order, with Transhumanism to alter humanity into compliant slaves, not the super heros, the advocates hope to have with upgrades (H+). Human Brain Project, Horizon 2020, EU ENHANCE are just the visible tip of the hidden NWO reality. Seems incredible and too sci-fi….so you had better check it out for yourselves…Trimethylaluminum is not just used in chemtrails…but is a key ingredient for nanotechnology….the process to create the nano wires is a combustion chamber remarkably like an aircraft engine. Aluminum, Barium, Strontium, Titanium, Silica and much more is reported to be used in the trails….please get a group together to share the costs and get rain water analysis or next time you are on a plane take a swab of the interior for analysis. Aerotoxic syndrome….? What is in the cabin air…and what are the accumulative affects frequent flyers….aviation is highly at risk…this is a genuine concern…simple hair or finger nail tests can indicate your metal exposure over time …your health …Alzeihmers set to hit 1 in 3…what will be the average for you?

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