Brink of Totalitarianism; Get Out of the Banks, Own Physical Warns Jekyll Author

“Nerd Eruption: vor 3 Monaten (bearbeitet):
A 90 year old man folks. Sharp as a tack and fighting gov tyranny for most of his life. Go griffin go!”

“People think it’s a government agency, because.. only government can put you in prison, right? Well, no, not right,
not if you’re very wealthy and very clever you can buy governments.”

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Brink of Totalitarianism; Get Out of the Banks, Own Physical Warns Jekyll Author
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“All of the important elements of commerce are controlled by this private group in the name of the government and
it’s become so powerful over the years that the role has completely reversed it was created by the government it was in
other words a contract issued by thefederal government just like the states issued contracts
or legalized uh corporations and so forth at the state level this is like a national corporation that was created
by the national government and so it’s the government created it but now over the years the role o master and servant has been reversed and now we come to the amazing and horrible horrific horrible conclusion that the government doesn’t
control the banks, the banks control the government.”

“It’s a group of totalitarian bureaucrats who are really responsible for the degradation of the 20th and 21st century.”

“gtcstorm40: vor 3 Monaten:
Seems like a genuine and sincere human being. Makes me sick to realize the monsters running this world. I hope the world wakes up and rejects authoritarianism.

p p vor 3 Monaten:
Excellent interview. People need to rise up against the evil that has enslaved humanity for generations. If we don’t then not only have we failed ourselves but we have failed our future generations too.”

“It depends on who wins the contest for control of the system, the banks are pretty much in control now and
they’re very confident that they will maintain control well into the future,
if we follow that scenario then it’s easy to see what we’re headed toward and it’s not a pretty picture at
all. I think anybody’s wildest nightmare would you be pretty close to that i mean that’s we’re looking at a world
at best. We’re looking at a world that would be like a everybody being in the military, in other words, you have everything provided for you, your health care, your clothing, your food,your shelter, everything you need,
provided you follow the rules and if you step out of line while you’re in the brig and if you really step out
of the line you’re lined up against the wall and shot…and we all have rank then there are the generals
and then there are the sergeants and the buck privates and all of that sort of thing and you wear uniforms and you
recognize each otherby sight as to what your rank is and and the whole system depends on authority, that’s where
we’re headed at best, now it could be even worse than that, but that would be the basic system, as I see it, where we’re headed. n´Now if we, if you and I and people who see the other option and understand what’s going on if we are able to
marshal the forces of society and turn this around in the last minute of the battle, but then we could have but then we could have a very rosy uh picture because the chaos that we will have to go through in the meantime will leave such
an indelible record such a lesson to be learned that i don’t think mankind would ever forget it and they would never want
to return to that again.”

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