Robert F Kennedy Jr in Berlin 28 aug 2020

“Robert F Kennedy Jr in Berlin 28 aug 2020”
“that there was also large amounts of mercury and vaccines
much larger exposures to children than any child would ever get from eating fish and so we began.. I began to address
that and we started an organization and it was trying to get a very limited scope which was trying to remove the mercury
from vaccines little by little I came to understand
that there were larger problems of vaccines…the purpose was
a national defense purpose and they wanted to make sure that vaccines could be quickly formulated and deployed in order to
derail attacks by foreign countries a bill with biological substances so they remove the regulatory impediments including the necessity to test vaccines to safety test vaccines against placebos and so my very narrow purpose in
starting the children’s health defense was to address this problem…but there was problems with the corruption
in our political system the pharmaceutical
companies had not only corrupted our politicians with huge amounts of lobbying money they had captured the agencies that are supposed to protect americans from public health threats
the cdc, the fda, the hhs, they had captured the press in our
country, a huge influx of advertising dollars which neutralized the press and they had effectively subverted american democracy by neutralizing all of those institutions
that the founding fathers of our nation had created to stand between a greedy corporation and a vulnerable child the congress had been corrupted the regulatory agencies
were captured they had become sock puppets for the industry they were supposed to regulate the press had been sidelined and worst of all they had passed a law in our 1986 that gave pharmaceutical companies complete immunity from liability so there was no incentive for any of those companies to make
vaccines safe and little by little we recognize that
this was not just an american issue this was a global issue i came two years ago when i was arguing the monsanto case
and i met my partner here sensitively and santa already understood the connection that had taken me so long
to formulate between toxics in our environment
the capture of our agencies and our political structures by those powerful companies but she also recognized that
pharmaceutical companies were the most powerful more powerful than oil more powerful than the chemical industry
and a greater threat not only to our children’s health but to
all the institutions of democracy not in the united states but all around the globe..but we recognize that the pharmaceutical industries are is operating and capturing
politicians and running governments in every nation
on the globe and if we win this battle just in one nation the united states we’re still going to lose it globally so
we need people of good will people who have courage people who have a a non-conformist way of thinking who understand that we are being lied to that the entire political structure
today is is saturated in pharmaceutical propaganda and
we have watched over the past few years something that is extraordinary we are at an inflection point i believe
in human history the largest and most critical inflection
point that humanity has ever encountered for many years
totalitarian and authoritarian states have used the power of fear to engineer compliance in populations, I grew up understanding what happened in world war 2 in our country and
during the nuremberg trials Hermann Goering was asked by the
prosecutor how did you make the german people comply
and Goering said it’s not just Germany this works in any country whether it’s a fascist country or a communist country or a monarchy or a democracy all the rulers need to do is to tell people that there’s something they need to be fierce
fearful of to point a finger at that source of their fear
and you can make human beings do anything you want
you can make them go to slaughter like sheep you can make them obey…he understood that fear would drive us into
totalitarianism well the biosecurity agenda at people
like bill gates and anthony fauci and davos and all of these people who are running now the global economy
they have understood for years that they have a
power that no totalitarian government has ever had available to it which is the biosecurity…other countries we’re scared of the bolsheviks in the united states..are demagogues,, and say we need to be scared of them or terrorists and you know all of those things get us to voluntarily give us give up
relinquish our human rights our civil rights and walk like sheep into the abattoir but now they have a source of fear that is the most pervasive and all-encompassing power
that they’ve ever had which is the fear of pandemics governments love pandemics the same way that they love
wars because it gives them power it gives them it gives them control and it gives them the capacity to to impose obedience on human beings and today we have an inflection of new technologies that give governments the capacity to impose
controls on populations that have never been
imagined before in human history history by
any tyrant in history we have 5g which has created a surveillance state,5g is not here for your benefit,
it’s not here so that you can it’s going to make your life better because can download your video game in six seconds rather than 29, the only reason for 5g is because it allows these big data companies run by bill gates and mark
zuckerberg and jeffrey bezos to harvest our data to listen to your conversations on your cell phone they’ve always been able to do that but there was no way for them to transport that data to subjecting to analytics and then to monetize it
and and to sell it…Satellites… bill gates brags
that his satellites will be able to monitor every square
inch of the planet 24 hours a day…they have another
innovation which is digital currency and once they have digitalized our currency and gotten rid of the cash
economy they have absolute control over us because they’ll be able to tax every transaction the banks will be able to uh to cash in on every transfer of wealth every transaction no matter how miniscule no matter how small but also they’ll be able to enforce obedience because if you’re disobedient they’ll be able to shut down your bank account and starve you and you’ll have no access to cash…if you create these mechanisms for control they become weapons of obedience
for authoritarian regimes no matter how beneficial or
innocent the people who created them once you create them
they will be abused a hundred percent guarantee that they will be abused…to live in a democracy we need to
understand that people in authority lie people in authority will abuse every power that we relinquish to them and right now we are giving them the power to micromanage every bit of our lives 24 hours a day they’re going to know where we are that we’re going to know the money that we spend are going to have access to our children they’re going to have the right to compel unwanted medical interventions on us
we you know the nazis did at it in the camps in world war ii they tested vaccines on gypsies and jews and the world was so horrified after the war that we signed the nuremberg charter and we all pledged when we do that we would never again impose unwanted medical interventions on human beings without informed consent and yet in two years all of that conviction
has suddenly disappeared and people are walking around in mass where the science has not been explained to them
they are they are doing what they’re told these these
government agencies are orchestrating obedience it is not
democratic,it’s not the product of democracy it’s
the product of a pharmaceutical driven biosecurity agenda that will enslave the entire human race and plunge us into a
dystopian nightmare where the apocalyptic forces of
ignorance and greed will be running our lives and ruining our children and destroying all the dreams and dignity that we hope to give to our children and the launch of this organization children’s health defense in europe is a beachhead it’s an announcement to the world and we are not going to take it we are building institutions to fight your
institutions and you have global institutions and we
now have a global institution and we are going to be out tomorrow with the biggest crowd in german history and they’re all going to be saying peacefully the same thing
we are not going to let you take our democracy away we are not going to let you take our health away
we we’re not going to let you take our freedoms away we are not going to let you take our children away and i’m very proud of the people that i’m sitting at this table with
who are people who have the courage to challenge to speak truth to power and to think independently
and to break away from the orthodoxies that are enslaving so much of the human race, thank you.”
“OneSilentJoy: 2320 Abonnenten:
On the eve of the historic LARGE DEMONSTRATION on August 29, 2020 in Berlin, the nephew of the murdered US President John F. Kennedy, Robert F. Kennedy Jr. *** Am Vorabend der historischen GROSSDEMONSTRATION AM 29.08.2020 in Berlin trifft sich der Neffe des ermordeten US-Präsidenten John F. Kennedy, Robert F. Kennedy jr. *** Aan de vooravond van de historische GROTE DEMONSTRATIE op 29 augustus 2020 in Berlijn, de neef van de vermoorde Amerikaanse president John F. Kennedy, Robert F. Kennedy Jr.”
Ohlukei: vor 17 Stunden (bearbeitet): These are wise words. Listen to him carefully.
Gabi Drefs: vor 16 Stunden: Ich danke Robert Kennedy Junior von ganzem Herzen das Er da ist und uns unterstützt und zu uns spricht.Es bedeutet uns Allen undenlich viel.Ich bin sehr ergriffen und berührt..Liebe Grüße aus Cuxhaven. ❤🙏
giammarino stamerra: vor 15 Stunden (bearbeitet): Berlin wird heute zu klein sein… und dieser Mann hat noch gerade gefehlt. Starke Rede! Wahrheit bringt immer positive Emotion. Trotzdem aufpassen auf diese Hünde der Polizeichefin..!
molly96ification: vor 16 Stunden: I join other comments: “thank you so much Mr.Kennedy for coming to berlin and telling the truth. such an honor!!”
parfum elise: vor 16 Stunden (bearbeitet): Love. Love. Love to RFK. Der Mann riskiert sein Leben für die Menschen! Er scheint krank und nichts mehr gewinnen aber auch nicht verlieren zu können. Auf seinem letzten Weg? Danke!
Gina Bis: vor 15 Stunden: Er hat eine Lähmung der Stimmbänder.
Prof. UPS: vor 12 Stunden: Am Anfang wurde auch gesagt, dass er ansonsten gesund ist.
Kokainuser: vor 10 Stunden: Sein Leben riskieren…
Sei mal nicht so dramatisch, der Typ hält ne Rede.
Niko Schneid: vor 4 Stunden: @Kokainuser na ja andererseits wie viele wurden wohl schon angegriffen weil sie irgendetwas gesagt haben.
Izzich isso: vor 17 Stunden: Trotz seines Stimmen Problems erhebt er seine Stimme seit vielen Jahren.
Man, diese Kennedys sind echt harte Hunde.
Mein vollsten Respekt!
Luna Silver: vor 16 Stunden: Was für ein Schicksal, trotz solcher Stimme ,sich an die Menschheit zu richten. ❤Danke.
Sussudio70: vor 16 Stunden: Wow, was für ein toller Mensch.
ElmoCall911: vor 17 Stunden: Historic times.
Gaby Grossbacher: vor 17 Stunden: Thank you so much Mr. Kennedy for being with us in this hard and terrible times.
Thank you so much for fighting for childrens health.
The world needs badly brave people like you.
Our very best wishes for your own health Mr. Kennedy.
Please recover soon.
Thank you for this powerful words.
God bless you !!
Peace andLove to you, stay safe. 🙏💖 🌠
Rosa Lau: vor 17 Stunden: Die Welt hat viele Helden.
Wir wissen so wenig von ihnen – weil: Volk und Führung – Dunkelmächte “captured the press”. (Robert F. Kennedy).

Sie besetzten nicht nur die offiziellen Medien, die Konzernchefs, die führenden Politiker, …
Aylon5D: vor 16 Stunden (bearbeitet): Dunkel=Unbewusst, nicht “böse”. Automatisierte unbewusste Systeme entstanden durch Fehlanreize. Diese “dunklen/unbewussten” Kräfte existieren in jedem von uns und das ist der Ort an denen wir ihnen begegnen können und sie .. selbstwirksam verändern können, indem wir ihnen Licht/Bewusstsein und Verständniss schenken.
Jorge Josephus Hasenöhrl: vor 16 Stunden: Aha, der hat schon eine lange andauernde Stimmerkrankung. Der Arme! 😳 Aber super, dass er nach Berlin gekommen ist‼️🌷👍🤗
pubkrocknroll: vor 15 Stunden: Most people don’t understand the levels of control the Drug companies hold over politicians, governments and media.
lisamarie: vor 18 Stunden (bearbeitet): WOW!, I never expected this from Robert Kennedy. I support everything he spoke on in this video. How many people in America know about this. Anyone who can should tweet about this or spread the word any way they can. People need to support this all around the world. Thank you Bobby for putting yourself out there for the good of the world. Thank you.
Inga Lohmann: vor 15 Stunden: I am just crying right now. These words are coming so intensely, truly, moving from the heart, that it seems to be impossible, to NOT be deeply and truly reached and moved by them. THANK YOU from the depth of my heart, Mr. Kennedy and the professional team (Dr. Schönings English is almost native speaking, Mr Haintzes power and helpfulness already beyond descpription. Every day, since this pandemic-thing/crisis began, I have prayed to God for truth, clarity, justice, peace, health and well-being for all of us, the human beings, animals, plants, the earth. You all are giving me the feeling and hope, that my prayers ARE answered! All the best for you and us all in Berlin and the further future!
Ich weine gerade einfach nur. Diese Worte kommen so intensiv, wahrhaftig, bewegend aus dem Herzen, daß es unmöglich scheint, NICHT davon tief und wahrhaft bewegt zu sein. DANKE Ihnen aus der Tiefe meines Herzens, Mr. Kennedy and dem professionellen Team (das Englisch von Dr. Schöning ist nahezu muttersprachlich, Markus Haintzes Kraft und Hilfe bereits jenseits einer Beschreibung. Jeden Tag, seit dieses Pandemie-Ding/die Krise begann, habe ich zu Gott gebetet für Wahrheit, Klarheit, Gerechtigkeit, Frieden, Gesundheit und Wohlbefinden für uns alle, die Menschen, Tiere, Pflanzen, die Erde. Sie alle geben mir das Gefühl und die Hoffnung, daß meine Gebete beantwortet WERDEN! Alles Gute für Sie und uns alle in Berlin und der weiteren Zukunft!
C S: vor 17 Stunden: The germans now free europe.
L4cky82: vor 15 Stunden: Diese Rede sollte in unseren Leitmedien gebracht werden, hat mich in einer positiven Art getroffen.
Lisa Noll: vor 16 Stunden: Wow 🙌 er spricht alles aus öffentlich, diese Rede wird gross💜
Gordon Sylvester: vor 16 Stunden: ounds like his voice getting more bad when time goes bye…
Dragana Timotic: vor 16 Stunden: Thank You Mr. Kennedy. You are a genuine Philanthropist, not like those false ones (B.G. and co) who seek only power to destroy the humankind. God bless you and give You health and strength to continue on this path of TRUTH for all of us. Mein Herz ist heute in Berlin – Freiheit, Freedom, Sloboda!
lee wilson: vor 1 Stunde: Well said. The term philanthropist is only for those that deserve the title.
Violetta Held: vor 16 Stunden: Danke lieber Gott…dass ich das noch erleben darf!
Reba Harris: vor 15 Stunden: Mr Kennedy is so WISE people need to listen HE is TELLING the TRUTH! FEAR can do exactly what he is saying!! GOD BLESS THESE PRECIOUS PEOPLE FIGHTING FOR THE GOOD OF HUMANITY!!
Ava Cat: vor 18 Stunden: Speech everybody needs to listen to!!! True words!! Thank u Robert F. Kennedy Jr.!!
Illow Renollow: vor 17 Stunden: WOW, impressive speach, good points, good luck boys/girls!
ChangeTheSystem: vor 9 Stunden: Einfach nur Wahnsinn was hier passiert – und diesmal im positiven Sinne!
Nun ist der Zeitpunkt der Aufklärung erreicht!
Angela: vor 10 Stunden:
its the year of Aquarius, all the dirt comes up, what the governments have done to children, child trafficing, paedophil Hollywood, Obamagate, clintons, Epstein, H. Klum, Billy Goat, Victoria Secret, the list is long, but we should not be distracting from the truth with tv bullshit, netflix, shopping, transgender, nothing happens by accident in the politics, everything is planned into details, BLM is desigend by George Soros to distract us, when our human rights are disappearing behind the curtains, 2020= Apocalypse = the lifting of the veil.
Werner Haah: vor 17 Stunden: Why does this only have 730 views? All people need to hear this!
units received: vor 16 Stunden: Großartiger Mann. Wie alle Kennedys.
Patriot M: vor 17 Stunden: Thank you so much Mr. Krennedy, your words are so true. We MUST succeed in this fight for human rights. God bless you and all your family.
Faustino Galindo: vor 17 Stunden: Your voice might sound like a whisper,but in the ears of the cabal it’s been amplified.
Nick Addison: vor 7 Stunden: This will surely go down as one of the most important speeches in human history. So powerful and to the point. Let’s hope this demo helps to open peoples’ eyes to the greatest fraud ever committed against our democracies and humanity.
Michael Merrath: vor 17 Stunden: Bitte übersetzen, kann als alter Ossi kein Englisch.
Marin Badurina: vor 16 Stunden: Ich bin ein Berliner.. The best ever last 100 hundreds years…
Udo Meissner: vor 10 Stunden (bearbeitet): Es gibt da “Oben” also doch noch Menschen, gute Menschen. Ich hatte die Hoffnung aufgegeben. Danke Robert.
an anda: vor 16 Stunden: What an extaordinarily powerful and motivating speech – I am moved to tears.
losability: vor 9 Stunden: Liebe Deutscher. Stolz auf euch. Grüsse aus Holland.
H Bouman: vor 18 Stunden: This man is a Hero, fighting for mankind.Thanks mr. Kennedy 💐
Dan Deeteeyem: vor 17 Stunden: Fucking epic speech ♥️ Love this guy, must be something about that name :’)
NATURDESIGN: vor 13 Stunden: The paradise ambassador of earth sends peace, happiness and blessings. May people come to life again and find their inviolable dignity and non-negotiable as well as inalienable honor in mindfulness, courage, humility, as well as in love to themselves.
MrFreddiew1: vor 7 Stunden: The governments medicine is worse than the decease…Stop all restrictions NOW.
ali k: vor 16 Stunden (bearbeitet): Mr. Trump, sending Mr. Kennedy Jr. to Berlin in this time is a clever chess move.
Anita Lancaster: vor 16 Stunden: upporting Berlin from Colorado💚💚💚 standing together we will bring change and justice. Freedom for us All and generations to come.
USP .40: vor 3 Stunden: his is the kind of warrior you want fighting for Humanity. This is a good, good man. You’re father is proud of of Robert.
Crimson Idol: vor 3 Stunden (bearbeitet): This has to Stop! The insanity that rules this planet has to go!
Michael Klemm: vor 9 Stunden: It’s like JFK ist back. Thanks Mr. Kennedy! Thanks a lot!
Margot Spittaler: vor 11 Stunden: Was für ein Kämpfer. Gott segne sie Mr. Kennedy!
Cesar Michael Da Mota Rodrigues: vor 7 Stunden:
LIBERDADE!! Love from Portugal.
arion Gerken: or 8 Stunden: r. Kennedy, we are so proud to have you here.
Lucia Blake: vor 9 Stunden: May I listen this speech in Russian, please?
M K: vor 7 Stunden: hank you Mr Kennedy! Thank you Berlin! I hope the sleeping Australians wake up soon.
Sissi: vor 14 Stunden (bearbeitet): Vielen, vielen Dank, what a powerful speech! Brilliant! Bravo!
Gaby: vor 8 Stunden: ❤️&🌐🕊️: Thank you for coming to Germany Mr. Kennedy. 🙏
dan bukaresti: vor 8 Stunden: So traurig und beschämend, dass man diesen Mann instrumentalisiert. Schämt euch.
Lilly Lovedbygod: vor 10 Stunden: Germany needs their sovereignty back! FRIEDENSVERTRAG!!!
Julian Alstin: vor 9 Minuten: Powerful stuff..
Vesna Drale: vor 15 Stunden: Respects from Vancouver, Canada.
an ders: vor 14 Stunden: Das wird in die Geschichte eingehen!
Ewa Lenz: vor 10 Stunden: Gretings from Poland ❤️❤️❤️
Selfmade Millionär: vor 15 Stunden: Die Kabale müssen endlich besiegt werden!
Peter Peter: vor 8 Stunden: Ein Mann kämpft für Menschen. Wir als Menschheit müssen jetzt zusammenstehen, versucht die anderen aufzuwecken.
boblob2003: vor 9 Minuten: Mirror this before it gets pulled by big tech!
Niemals verzagen: vor 15 Stunden: Im crying. Thank you Mr. Kennedy and greetz from Germany. Fight the kabbalah forever.
axel rutkowski: vor 9 Stunden: Ich bin bewegt, von diesen Worten. 😇🙏
Neues von Chris: vor 13 Stunden: Verdammt Gute Rede 🙂

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