ICU Doctor: Top 10 Things I learned Treating Coronavirus Patients | COVID-19

“ICU Doctor: Top 10 Things I learned Treating Coronavirus Patients | COVID-19”
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“but we do see a lot of clots and patients I had one patient who had severe COVID to the point of requiring a ventilator
it was also severe enough to the point of causing our kidneys to shut down when we were doing dialysis on her the Machine kept clogging up with blood clots and later on we were able to take out the breathing tube once her breathing finally got better but something was off with her from neurologic standpoint…she unfortunately had a stroke.”
“A lot of my COVID patients are obese or morbidly obese and here’s the thing, a lot of people who are obese have obstructive sleep apnea and a lot of people who are obese, especially if they’re morbidly obese have something
called obesity hypoventilation syndrome
which is a fancy way of saying that they’re not able to breathe off as much carbon dioxide as they should because of
their body habitus sometimes when an obese patient is in the hospital and we suspect they have obstructive sleep
apnea we give them a CPAP machine to use at night or if they have obesity hyperventilation syndrome we give them BiPAP machine which is essentially the same thing as CPAP except instead of blowing air into the mouth and nose using one constant pressure the BiPAP does two different pressures one at a higher pressure and then one at a lower pressure so the higher one is for inhalation while the lower pressure is for exhalation in fact that’s what BiPAP means bilevel positive airway pressure.”

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