What They Don’t Teach You About the Most Famous Scientists

“What They Don’t Teach You About the Most Famous Scientists”
1. Pythagoras
2. Isaac Newton
3. Benjamin Franklin
4. Albert Einstein
5. Blavatsky.
Conspiracy Revelation: 15.4.2019: Now I know why I had a transdimensional spiritual resonance Quantum Link with Einstein and Blavatsky..they are interconnected.
“of course such a man as this is too much a giant of history to question and to nuance to pick apart. Number four: Albert Einstein, even Albert Einstein the 20th century’s most famous
and celebrated scientists had his ties to the occult, in particular it is clear that Einstein was intimately familiar
with one of the best-known esoteric personalities, a self-professed spirit medium and the co-founder of the
Theosophical society, Madame Helena Blavatsky in fact according to multiple sources including his own niece, Einstein always kept a heavily annotated copy of Blavatsky’s the secret doctrine published in 1888 on the desk in his study and promoted it to his colleagues, journalist Jack Brown paid Einstein a visit at his home and saw the book on his desk and asked Einstein about it prompting Einstein to read a few
passages aloud after referring to it as the Bible of the theosophists. Some believe that Einsteins intense study of
Polanski’s work is the true source of his inspiration for e equals mc-squared, whatever it was, it certainly wasn’t
decades of experience or an encyclopedic understanding of scientific literature.”

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