Demonic Spirits Behind Narcissism & Silent Treatment & Other Tactics & Signs

“Demonic Spirits Behind Narcissism”

Conspiracy Revelation: 28.7.2021: They can´t approach someone adequately who has the holy spirit/Sophia/Kundalini activated, they become aware of all their shortcomings that are brought to light, not because of intention, but because of the natural side-effect of being enlightened.

vor 1 Jahr
1. A spirit of insanity
2. A lying spirit
3. Blame condemnation accusations
4. chaos & confusion
5. selfishness
6. Control
7. Magnification/Exaggerations
8. Insecurity
9. Anger & Rage
10. Hiding
11. Apathy/Boredom
12. Pride
13. judgement
14. addiction to attention A lustful spirit
15. Mockery
bind the spirits then loose”

“Gwendolyn Wehage
vor 5 Monaten
When Christ looked at Peter and said; “get thee behind me satan.” Christ was not speaking to Peter He was speaking to the devil who was influencing Peter’s thoughts and using his mouth. He was not possessed but he was influenced.
Yes, these devils are working to ruin relationships and accuse the brethren.”

“Elizabeth Peter: vor 11 Monaten (bearbeitet): Finally a Christian Perspective! Yes, it’s a Demon.”
“Mick Taylor: vor 1 Jahr: Spirit of accusation. Accuser of the brethren. The main spirit. Is the spirit of jezabel. Which means with out cohabitation. Meaning it will not enter a relationship unless it can manipulate or control the relationship.”
“Vesna Volf Ⓥ: vor 11 Monaten: Jezebel spirit is stronghold and the leader of all other included spirits.”
“Anointed1: vor 1 Jahr: Thanks for teaching on the Jezebel spirit/Narcissist…”
“Maralina Allen: vor 7 Monaten (bearbeitet): Actually Narcissism is the Strongman of the spirit of Jezebel. Jezebel are all of these combined!”
“Sherry Uribe: vor 1 Monat: I always suspected this behavior was connected with demonic activity.”
“Philip Tallents: vor 1 Monat: We all are… influenced by the evil… Humility at the foot of the cross is the only answer. Lord, first take the log out of my eyes…”
“Persefone: vor 1 Monat: But either they no longer really have control of themselves or they don’t even know they’re possessed. I really think they’re somehow trapped and can’t really do anything about it. And they’re lost. They may have a feeling something is wrong with them on some level… but I really don’t think they can do anything about it. And they create so much harm even to their own detriment. Eventually they get really hurt. It’s a really sad thing.”
Karen Fridie: vor 2 Tagen (bearbeitet): Yes, so true. Only God can untie them, but they must open up to Him. It is so sad how Satan messes up our lives but God is faithful. We are His creation.”
“For His Glory:vor 1 Jahr: Wow so many of the things I see on a daily basis. Thank you for this. I will now use my spiritual authority!”
“factinator33: vor 1 Monat: My dad and sister have all of those SPIRITS 😈 I just went NO CONTACT.”
Romana Strasheim: vor 1 Monat: There are lots of people who did not have a lovefilled home, and they did not become narcissists!! Many children have very hard upbringings and did not become narcissists!!
Kathy Jenkins: vor 1 Monat: I believe there is a murderous spirit narcs has also. Because the ex narc has been in and out of prison for beating and strangling women for 30 years.
hj Millett: vor 1 Monat: Good Is so PROUD OF YOU!!! Info is Power that I’ve NEEDED for Verification!!! XO to you
Cheslin Engel:vor 5 Monaten: Excellent points! Just had deeper revelation wrt a web of occultists that doesn’t want to let go…

“Why narcissists use the silent treatment…”

“A very common form of manipulation used by narcissists is the silent treatment.
When a narcissist uses the silent treatment…It’s passive-aggressive…
you’re stuck in a game of manipulation instead of having healthy and normal communication.
It’s very unhealthy behaviour and when used by narcissists it’s a form of emotional
abuse. All types of silent treatment are a form of disconnecting and ending communication in
some way. … This can be on a communicational level but can also be physically disconnecting or disappearing. Some examples are stonewalling, sulking, a lack of touch or affection, only giving one-word answers or simply fully ignoring what you’re saying.
Now, a narcissist doesn’t care about the feelings of others and might even like to
play these manipulative games.
A narcissist has a lack of empathy and seeks for narcissistic supply, which could be a
search for ego-boosting, appreciation, drama, or control. ..You simply can’t have a relationship that includes compassion, unconditional love and
empathy with a narcissist. A constant use of the silent treatment actually tells you clearly that there is a lack of healthy communication, compassion, and empathy in this relationship.
It’s a major red flag. Now, as with most narcissistic behaviour, it has similarities to the behaviour of a child. For a child, it’s normal to show these kinds of manipulative behaviour sometimes but for an adult clearly it’s not. You could even see the silent treatment as a rage or tantrum, only then expressed or displayed in full silence.
It’s hidden in a passive-aggressive form and you will feel there is no harmony but
rather tension, anger and frustration. This is why it can result in feeling a large amount of tension when experiencing this behaviour. Basically, the narcissist’s underlying disturbed feelings are projected upon you. Now, using the silent treatment doesn’t necessarily mean that someone is a narcissist or a toxic person. It can also be a sign of someone emotionally immature. A normal person, however, will let you know if they need some time to gather thoughts and tell you they will get back to you. The difference with a narcissist using the silent treatment is that a narcissist will not be able to speak about it afterwards, they will not take any responsibility, or admit they were hurt and used the silent treatment because of that. They could even deny they used the silent treatment, which is a form of gaslighting.
Now, a narcissist can have many reasons to use the silent treatment. I will go shortly into five possible reasons, as it could possibly help you recognize what’s going on.
A common reason is that they could try to punish you because you have hurt their ego,
you had slight criticism, or you simply didn’t do what they expected or wanted you to do.
The silent treatment could also be a response to you setting a healthy boundary or saying
‘no’ to something. Another reason to use it is to have control…A third reason to use the silent treatment is devaluing you, which is indirectly showing you that you’re not worth their energy or response. It’s part of the narcissistic abuse cycle. Another important reason to use the silent treatment is avoiding responsibility. It could be a response to you wanting to speak about their behaviour or your relationship. Silent treatment basically is avoidance. It’s avoiding responsibility, blame, and projecting upon others by playing the victim. And the last example is a very practical reason, which is that the narcissist could use silent
treatment or disappearance in order to gain new narcissistic supply and spend time with
possible new victims. So, clearly, there are a lot of possible reasons that could cause a narcissist to use the silent treatment. Know that no matter the reason for using the silent treatment, it’s never a healthy way of communication. Now, the problem in any sort of relationship with a narcissist, is that a narcissist will not show vulnerability or take any responsibility. It will basically always leave you, and only you, as the one to blame.
Now, the silent treatment can trigger a lot of emotions and feelings within….
This is because a narcissist could gaslight you and manipulate a relationship into very
unhealthy dynamics. They are basically using silence as a form of power to make you do something they want. The thing is, they will only have this control, if you allow them.
So, don’t give into the tension…Silent treatment is never acceptable! It only shows the inability to communicate as an adult. It’s thus a major red flag and a very unhealthy relationship dynamic. Sadly, a narcissist drains your energy by pushing you into the wrong direction and manipulating you into becoming more doubtful, insecure and anxious.
It’s thus very important to shift the attention from the narcissist to yourself again.
You energy will be drained, when your focus is on a narcissist. It’s necessary to change your direction and start taking small steps in the right direction again. …
Does this person ever take responsibility, show regret or take the blame for their own
behaviour? ..When dealing with a narcissist, you have to trust your intuition.
Now, you can’t change their unhealthy behaviour and you’re not responsible for the behaviour
of others. You can only change your own behaviour and make your own choices. ..
The best response to the silent treatment is thus to stay out of this unhealthy manipulative
game. Recognize the situation for what it is and not how you want things to be.
You have to set boundaries for yourself and know how you want to be treated.
You can decide this, you have this control. Do you show yourself the same kindness, love and compassion as you show to others?”

“so today i want to go into some things that bore our narcissists where they turn off or even shut down
due to lack of engagement and entertainment, why do they get bored so easily? Well, there are a few reasons the first one is
that narcissists want the focus to be on themselves, so if something doesn’t benefit them or put them in the spotlight
they are bound to get bored they are not open to entertain other people’s interests either they just want everything
to be about what they are interested in also they want to be in an environment that is somewhat chaotic not for them of course
but for the people around them, the problem is that narcissists believe people exist to serve them and entertain them
and they don’t like when things are going smoothly and everyone is happy, other people’s happiness upsets and annoys the narcissist, so that is why they create drama, when a narcissist is bored, inciting drama is their way of spicing things up,
a happy peaceful relationship is not what a narcissist wants, so when things are going well and their
partner is too happy for their liking they stir up trouble to wipe the smile off their face, getting their partners to frown get
angry and depressed is what gives life to the narcissist for the narcissists their pleasure is your pain and their pain is your happiness and this is why relationships cannot work with them because in order for them to be happy, you have to suffer you have to be disrespected, you have to be someone that they can manipulate and abuse, having a partner that constantly dotes over them,
compliments them and loves them becomes awfully tiring and boring to the narcissist, if the narcissist creates trouble and
you are quick to forgive them and brush things aside this is not what they want they want you to argue with them,
they want you to fight with them they need a challenge, so a doting quickly forgiven partner will become boring to the narcissist they want that push and pull factor they want you to put up a bit of resistance that they can try and
overcome, if you are too easygoing it means less drama and less making up and breaking up when the narcissist lives for those
moments, in their minds they are just keeping the relationship fresh and exciting by creating drama and confusion.”

“the other thing that bores them is other people who talk too much, narcissists of course want to be
listened to but they don’t like when someone else constantly wants to talk
, the narcissist is only interested
in talking about themselves or their areas of interest, anything else is an absolute drag so they literally shut off, they go silent around such people a seek to get rid of them or turn others against them.”

“they just care abou their happiness and their entertainment at everyone else’s expense.”

God Uses A Narcissist To Strengthen Your Life If… These 5 Things Are Happening
103.328 Aufrufe22.09.2020″

“But I think it’s good for us to explore the idea that god also uses narcissists
to strengthen your life and now this is not going to be one of those messages
about how narcissists are your spiritual teachers and this and that, first of all i would never credit a narcissist with being a teacher ever, narcissists are not
equipped to teach anybody first of all teachers are there to empower people
and help people learn and grow narcissists as we know are only there to be in power
over people and there’s a huge difference already, but when we’re talking about already but when we’re talking about how god can use narcissists to strengthen you I’m talking more about it as being an exercise in your life to further your strength and to further
your faith and to open up your full potential after all wasn’t it joseph in the old
testament of the bible who after being thrown in a pit by his own brothers and left to die
confronted his brothers and looked at them and said what you meant for evil
god meant for good now my name is kevin, this is the royal we…whether or not god has caused a narcissist to enter into your life to strengthen you, these are five personal things that are true in my life and I believe they’re gonna be true in your life.”

“it’s at this moment where his he was embodied in nothing but the world
and when you are in the world separate from god you are in a place of evil and
darkness and narcissism and disgustingness and filth and rage and hostility
that is the world without god.”

“and number three: god is using a narcissist to strengthen you if,
number three, if you feel as though you have no one validating your life, now here’s the thing: validation is good we all like to feel validated from time to time, we all like to get that good old atta boy and add a girl, but the reality is that you will never reach your full potential in life if you are looking purely for validation because nobody will allow you to be better than they are, you must find validation from within yourself and so if you are experiencing a separation from validation around you it is time for you to develop the validation from within to understand and realize that you don’t need people’s permission, you don’t need narcissist permission, you don’t need anybody to direct and guide your life you need you to begin to validate yourself to open up into your calling and so this will strengthen you, as you let go of needing validation from other people and you live from within.”

“Actually in the new testament of the bible it says that jesus did not entrust
himself to humanity because he knew the hearts of mankind and the heart of man is wicked,
the heart of humanity, who can understand, it is wicked, that is from the words of the lord, not thus saith the royal we, that is scriptural, alright.”

“..and it is a very dangerous prayer, because if you pray that god will use
you to your full capacity then god will test you and he will refine you
through fire and he will allow you to experience the full wickedness and evil
of this world and I believe that’s what narcissistic abuse is, they’re not your teachers they are an exercise in this life in order for you to experience the darkness so that you
can live to your full potential and be self-validated, not needing any outside validation not
needing to trust or depend on anybody else outside of you looking for your faith through your own research and studying the word of god and knowing how important it is to draw near
to god, instead of just living in the world of evil that’s all of them wrapped up

“..from the perspective that the world is toxic and narcissistic.”

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