Tödlicher Ausverkauf Wie BAYER AIDS nach Asien importierte WDR Doku

“Tödlicher Ausverkauf Wie BAYER AIDS nach Asien importierte WDR Doku”
“spinneimnet: 541 Abonnenten: Tödlicher Ausverkauf Wie BAYER AIDS nach Asien importierte WDR Doku”
– I.G. Farben pharmaceutical genocide (pre)history WWI and under WWII Nazis
– 1919 Spanish flu (30 million deaths) – Bayer (=Bauer=Rothschild) Bayer company recommended vaccine against Spanish Flu AND Bayer aspirin be used together to fight flu; was a binary weapon causing deaths of many people.”
” ..the rest of that structure was left entirely intact and even even after World War two and this is something that
most people don’t know that I mentioned in the Nazi International: IG Farben was such a gigantic corporation that it was only finally liquidated in the year 2003. Remember what IG Farben was: Bayerische Anorganische Soda Fabrik and Bayer…and there was another chemical combine that went into creation of IG Farben, well, look at the modern German chemical industry and the quote unquote subsidiaries of IG Farben are still in existence, so, you know, they got rid of the cartel agreement, but the companies comprising it are still, there, they’re huge backers of Chancellor Kohl and then of Angela Merkel, President Sarkozy in France and so on and so forth, if you if you scratch and sniff long enough behind particularly German and French politicians, you’re gonna find those big German chemicals cartels.”
“The 1 percent, of course, is the symbol of the concentration of wealth under the rules of the neoliberal economies, that are basically, on the one hand, turning every natural resource into a war zone. Even the Venezuelan issue is really a war over oil.
But war over seeds, that’s my life’s work, to keep seeds free, because they literally are a war over control of seeds, by a poison cartel of three—Monsanto and Bayer, Syngenta and ChemChina, Dow and DuPont—all of them with their roots
in Hitler’s Germany and finding chemicals to kill people. No wonder they’re still killing people. No wonder they’re killing our butterflies and our bees and our pollinators.
And every indicator is showing we are not just in a severe climate catastrophe; we are in the sixth mass extinction. And both the species extinction and the climate catastrophe are two sides of the same coin.”
““JFK EOrder Abolish Fed Res (edited)
satanic illuminati ROTSchilds patented HEROIN 1874… The leader in Heroin Harvesting and Trafficking to this day.
Their Real last name is BAYER previously IG FARBEN Pharmaceutical who built all HITLERS Death Concentration Camps. Where JOSEF MENGELE and KARL KLAUBERG Gutted Humans. specialized in frozen sperm, sterilization fertilization abortion, artificial insemination & Genetics.
“MERKEL is spawned from HITLER’S frozen Sperm, By Dr Karl Klauberg… of HOLOCAUST AUSCHWITZ. HITLERY is MERKEL’S 1/2 sister. Paternal Resemblance”
“Complete History of BAYER — One of the Biggest Depopulationist Companies in the World”
“Conspiracy, Depopulation”
“Bayer purchased Monsanto with European taxpayers’ money”

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