Health and Wellness | Dr. Robert Cassar

Health and Wellness | Dr. Robert Cassar
“This is the Age of The Revealing and you need to share to everybody everything that you know..wealth is information, it is not money. (Dr. Robert Cassar)
(Taking The Right Baby Steps To Regain Health and Wellness )
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“You should study this: Gcmf (Globulin Component Macrophage Activating Factor), you should also study an enzyme called nagalase..and every doctor that has played around with this miracle product which you r body makes in your live died…why? Because it cures, which is an illegal word to use in the State in California, it´s a fellony, it spontaneously regenerates tissue that has disfunction…Macrophae Activating Factor..It´s like a little Pacman and goes up and eats up your parasites, your demons…You will be able to make your own Gcmf, there are ways to do this, I am finding this out…the only place you can go to get these treatments, you got to go to Germany, they have pharmaceutical companies, they have places that were making this, they are all closed down, websides are all stopped, doctors are in jail, dead.. doctors…That have to with taming down surface population..I fixed..cancer, autism…..emf.. then you get parasites loads they control the way to eat..parasites…eating to live, you are living to eat…seamless take over..parasites controlling your mind..parasites controlling these chakras,… they live in red, orange and yellow, what is your job ? To get into higher morphogentic value? They will leave you… because they can´t feed…You become the garbage man for these creatures…everybody is fat…do your own investigation…your emotional body, you have to cry and let it go…they are in your nervous system…What´s taking your light, in your DNA.. your electrical profile..the prana body, the chi body, this is your blueprint in electrical form…no matter if its nanobot fibers… you need to break it all up..and it takes a little bit of a time to break it down and the younger you guys are the easier it is, remember, I am an old guy, is a full time job when you get older, deal with it, you have to proper change your friends..remember you are genetic scientist now.. (Dr. Robert Cassar)”
“People, remember, you aren´t from this Planet, you really have to think evolutionary, we are all guests on this Planet,
you are zoo keepers..Take care of the Zoo, of this Precious Organism called Sophia or Gaia.
We are Earth stewards…when you start doing things for Gaia, when you start doing things for animals. (Dr. Robert Cassar)”

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