Alien Abduction and Extraterrestrial Human Hybrids with Dr. David M. Jacobs

The fallen world inevitably goes into a 3-Class Species…Those who have zero or less paranormal abilities, those who have advanced paranormal abilities (especially hybrids) and those who have mastered the holografic sphere and make a huge profit
out of it (especially hybrids and … unlocked DNA) or those who have mastered it and keep it a secret without profit. The same applies to the transhumanistic implants in people, which are probably remotely adjusted in terms of capabilities.
There are also undistorted, heavenly or transcendental abilities in most people for sure, but they can do no harm and they are neither for profit and are for the greater good in general and not unipolar, corrupt or distorted.
“Their Job is to live here, they are human in every way imaginable and they are average in every way imaginable, in terms of looks, except for one thing, as I talked to you… they can control humans neurologically and they can do anything they want them to do or make them to think anything they want them to think and we cannot do that to them, that makes us a second class species and hand them a first-class species… ”
Update Addon 6.2.2015
“This makes us a terminal species so to speak in my opinion…because that neurological control, …to make you think or do or forget anything, that´s a big one…This is a major existential threat to humanity…this does not look good.
…Their Task is to live her…I call them Insectoids, the insect looking Aliens, they are the ones who are in charge, they are the ones who came here first in my opinion..they are the ones who eventually created Grey Aliens and with DNA from Humans and they don´t tell us why they are doing this…so we don´t know.  (Dr David Jacobs)”

David M. Jacobs – Extraterrestrial Hybrids Among Us

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