H.A.A.R.P. Agenda 21 and Google’s role in the sinister DNA plan

Very important information Video.
“H.A.A.R.P., Agenda 21 and Google’s Role In The Sinister DNA Plan (1/2011)
Microsoft was set up to have one global OS, that the US Gov had a backdoor into for all Computers everywhere in the world. Then they set up Google as a search engine. It´s unbelievable whats going on. Google, Microsoft, Facebook and all social networking websites, Ebay, Skype, Googlemail, Yahoomail, Paypal, these are all the same entities, they are all integrated. These are all US-Navy and Military operations. I know a physicist who told me they were tracking people in the labs by the electromagnetic frequency emitted by individual DNA in Companies. Every living being is an antenna that transmits and receives. We are an electrical system and the DNA in every being has a unique frequency and signal, that is what they are using, what they are focussing on and what they are weaponizing to completely control us. Human Genome Project. Pentagon exists for the Oil Companies. Google is doing DNA-Surveys from space. This would be NASA and Navy. NASA is run by the Navy. Part of UN-Agenda 21 Program. Synthetic Genome. Manipulated Computer Codes on DNA. Set up a Casts System. And what they are doing is using computing, medicine, technology and the police state to converge into basically what is creating a Totalitarian Scientific Oligarchy.
And use in a discriminatory program, where the rich benefit and the poor are impacted negatively by this program and the
2nd Part of the Agenda is Depopulation. Bio-piracy. All is integrated in the HAARP-System. Nano-Particles are transmitted. Redesigning of Human Genome, to create anything they want to, totalitarian insane scientific oligarchy run by psychopaths. DNA-Strand breaks braincells in Rat by cell phones. ELF waves change RNA and DNA, breaking hydrogen bonds to make a person have a higher vibrate rate. Wiring in your Walls, 60 Hz. Mind and behavioral Control, it´s very easy to do, because we are electrical systems. Google accused of bio-piracy. They have an unlimited scientific body and Universities to do all this research. Over 50% of scientific research money in Universities comes from the Pentagon.”

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