American Empire and its Media – Logic of US Foreign Policy – Propaganda Multiplier (NWO)

“American Empire and its Media – Logic of US Foreign Policy – Propaganda Multiplier” (NWO)
“The American Empire and its Media
by Swiss Propaganda Research Jan 2019 edited by O Society Mar 10, 2019
Languages: DE; CN, ES, FR, GR, JP, KO, PL, RU, TR
Largely unbeknownst to the general public, executives and top journalists of almost all major US news outlets are longtime members of the influential Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) .
Established in 1921 as a private, bipartisan organization to “awaken America to its worldwide responsibilities,” the CFR and its close to 5000 elite members for decades have shaped U.S. foreign policy and public discourse about it. As a well-known Council member famously explained, they transformed the American republic into a global empire, albeit a “benevolent” one.
Based on official membership rosters, the following illustration depicts for the first time the extensive media network of the CFR and its two major international affiliate organizations: the Bilderberg Group (mainly covering the US and Europe) and the Trilateral Commission (covering North America, Europe, and East Asia), both established by Council leaders to foster elite cooperation at the global level.
In a column entitled “Ruling Class Journalists,” former Washington Post senior editor and ombudsman Richard Harwood described the council and its members approvingly as “the nearest thing we have to a ruling establishment in the United States.”
Harwood continued: “The membership of these journalists in the Council, however they may think of themselves, is an acknowledgment of their active and important role in public affairs and their ascension into the American ruling class. They do not merely analyze and interpret foreign policy for the United States; they help make it. They are part of this establishment whether they like it or not, sharing most of its values and world views.”
“1945 to 2017: CFR members in key positions of the American Empire
CFR Media NetworkClick to enlarge

However, media personalities constitute only about five percent of the overall CFR network. As the following illustration shows, key members of the private Council on Foreign Relations have included:
several US Presidents and Vice Presidents of both parties;
almost all Secretaries of State, Defense, and the Treasury;
many high-ranking commanders of the US military and NATO;
some of the most influential members of Congress (notably in foreign & security policy);
almost all National Security Advisors, CIA Directors, Ambassadors to the UN, Chairs of the Federal Reserve, Presidents of the World Bank, and Directors of the National Economic Council;
many prominent academics, especially in key fields such as Economics and Political Science;
many top executives of Wall Street, policy think tanks, universities, and non-governmental organizations (NGOs);
as well as the key members of both the 9/11 Commission and the Warren Commission (JFK)
Harvard economist and Kennedy supporter John Galbraith confirms the Council’s influence: “Those of us who worked for the Kennedy election were tolerated in the government for this reason and had a say, but foreign policy was still with the Council on Foreign Relations people. ”
Princeton University CFR member Stephen Cohen describes the Council as “America’s single most important non-governmental foreign-policy organization,” whose primary role is to “define the accepted, legitimate, orthodox parameters of discussion.” According to Cohen, “the CFR really is what the Soviets used to call the very top-level of the Nomenklatura.”
And no less than John McCloy, the longtime chairman of the Council and advisor to several US Presidents, recalled about his time in Washington: “Whenever we needed a man, we thumbed through the roll of the Council members and put through a call to New York [i.e., the CFR headquarters].””
German news magazine The Spiegel once described the CFR as the “most influential private institution of the United States and the Western world” and a “politburo of capitalism.” Both the Roman-inspired logo of the Council, as well as its slogan (ubique – omnipresent), appear to emphasize this ambition:
In his famous article about “The American Establishment,” political columnist Richard Rovere notes, “The directors of the CFR make up a sort of Presidium for the part of the establishment which guides our destiny as a nation. It rarely fails to get one of its members, or at least one of its allies, into the White House. It generally is able to see to it both nominees are men acceptable to it.”
Until recently, this assessment indeed was justified. Thus, in 1993 former CFR director George H.W. Bush was followed by CFR member Bill Clinton, who in turn was followed by CFR “family member” George W. Bush. In 2008, CFR member John McCain lost against CFR candidate of choice, Barack Obama, who received the names of his entire Cabinet already one month prior to his election by CFR Senior Fellow (and Citigroup banker) Michael Froman. Froman later negotiated the TPP and TTIP trade agreements, before returning to the CFR as a Distinguished Fellow.
It was not until the 2016 election the Council could not, apparently, prevail. At any rate, not yet.
Published in July 2017 (updated: January 2019) (edited: March 2019 O Society)”
“Das sind die Netzwerke der herrschenden Klasse, die die Aufgabe haben die Menschen zu verblöden.
Mittel der Vasallen und Lakaien dazu: Verschweigen, Halbwahrheiten, Lügen, Demagogie und Propaganda.”
Conspiracy Revelation: 4.5.2020: Miese ARD/ZDF-Verbrecher-Bande, illegitime Zwangs-Eintreibung von ungerechtfertigten Gebühren….Pro Pharma-Mafia..Pro negative Nazi-Eugenik…Streuung von massiver Desinformation, extreme Medien-Dominanz, klinken sich wie NWO-Propaganda-Viren in alle Mainstreamnetzwerke ein..und betreiben Wettbewerbsunterdrückung, bis hin zu Wettbewerbsvernichtung. Monopoldiktatorische Einheitsbreinews für die tumbe, dumpfe, gleichgültige oder ignorante Masse, um das BRD-Ersatzkonstrukt zu bestärken und ein besatzungsfreies-verfassungsreelles Deutschland zu verhindern.

Was heißt eigentlich Grundgesetz?

Sehr wichtig, weil man sieht, wie die Kracke der Vernichtung, namens “Bündel” (BRD Ersatzkonstrukt-NWO-Verbrechersyndikat) Deutschland ruiniert und entmachtet werden muss, was ich eingangs mit Oppositionsregime andeutete…
Es ist ganz eindeutig zu sehen, wie die “Bundesregierung” sich überall wie ein Virus einklingt, in Facebook, Youtube und in alle wesentlichen Zentralschnittstellen, um extremste Medien-Dominanz auszuüben und gezielte Wettbewerbsvernichtung betreibt, willkürdiktatorische Gesetze erlässt, mit Gefahr des verdeckten Völkermordes und potentieller Gefahr alle Menschen zu Experimentiertierversuchen der Pharmamafia zu reduzieren…das muss beendet werden. Außerdem will z.B. kein Mensch einen inkompetenten Lesch sehen, der 2,3 Millions views bekommt, aber wegen Bündel-Algo Dominanz den Leuten als Haupt-Klickoption aufgezwängt wird, dafür, dass er falsche Infos raushaut und ein gehirngewaschener Jesuit ist, der für die NWO-Verdummung federführend ist im BRD-Stasi-Fernsehen der Verblödungspropaganda, ungefährlich für die Herrscherkaste und daher unzensiert und voll im Massenmedienfeld…

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