Mark Passio – Occult Mockery Of Police & Military Personnel

Mark Passio – Occult Mockery Of Police & Military Personnel
I summarized some essential informations of this eye opening presentation:
You cannot create change through Ego. When Ego is multiplied you get more of the same thing. No Change. 666 is the number nine (incomplete)
666 Man in Base/Beast Consciousness (Thought, Emotion, Action) incomplete. (9)
777 Man in Unity Consciousness (Thought, Emotion, Action) unified. (3)
Transcended the 9 and the 3:
93 Love, Will & the Ascension to higher states of consciousness.
911: Everytime that Number is dialed it represents a failure of love, of will and of the transcendence of ascention to higher states of consciousness.
92 -> 11 -> 2
93 -> 12 -> 3
6 6 + 2 x 3 = 666 = Eternal Failure = Hell.
The repeating 6 which basically means Eternal Failure and that is the definition of hell which is what the world is rapidly becoming if we don´t wake up mass numbers of people not only in small rooms like this.
Gematria: 667
In Thought there is 6. In Emotion there is 6, but in Action there is 7. That means they are acting without thinking or feeling. Just taking orders and not caring of the result. That sounds a lot to me like nazism or satanism. The root of the word Satan in Hebrew: Adversary / Opposer / Opposition of consciousness. The ego has gone completely haywire.
Freedom and reading go hand in hand and they cannot be separated from each other. It´s a satanic education system. The road to hell is paved with good intentions. I understand their mindset probably better then most people on the planet and I am going to break them down with it, along with the help of other people who
value freedom in this world. So the idea here is to stop allowing someone else to control your actions when it conflicts with what you know deep in your heart to be right and I know most people are in that state of consciousness who are in this room but again I emphasize I am adressing the people who are in these control based institutions. They torture and traumatize human beings. We are all sovereign beings, we don´t need to ask anyone for our sovereign. Period. We are sovereign. That´s all you really need to know. That means I own me you own you, but these people try to subvert peoples natural sovereignity and take away freedom of speech and freedom of assembling, this is happening right here in this state. Freedom of speech was completely assaulted in Pennsylvania, a disgrace what these people did in the name of just having given a little bit of power over their fellow men. (Mark Passio)

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