Mocking Hindu gods and deities- Hindu an easy target

“Mocking Hindu gods and deities- Hindu an easy target”

“Why do people make fun of Hindu gods?
Mocking Hindus and their cultural beliefs nowadays have become a new style statement for many. Now the question is why ridiculing Hindu gods and deities are much easier than mocking gods and prophets from other religions, say, Islam and Christianity?
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Lord Ganesha showed eating lamb in an Australian ad.
Let us understand this with an example. Suppose there is a dog in a locality who is quite peaceful and never bothers anyone so taking advantage of such gentlemen’s behaviour of the dog some local kids throw stones at him as they know he will run away and will not react. Now there is another dog who keeps growling at people and often bites when prompted so the local kids would never think of hurting him because they very well know the outcome.
The reason can be numerous for why people are ridiculing Hindu gods & deities but one of the main reasons is less moral danger.
Let us understand this with an incident:- when Kamlesh Tiwari the Hindu Mahasabha activist mocked the prophet there was one lakh Muslims demanded the death penalty for Kamlesh Tiwari and one of them even announced a bounty on Tiwari’s slaughtered head.
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Kamlesh Tiwari Hindu Mahasabha activist
Taslima Nasreen is another example. Her unapologetic writing against Islam’s oppression of women and her documentary lajja in which a Hindu family was being attacked by Muslim fanatics and decided to leave the country. As expected it welcomed rape and death threats for her, and she had to flee Bangladesh in 1994 and spent the next ten years in exile in Sweden, Germany, France, and the US. Even in Hyderabad in the year 2007, she was physically attacked.
Now in the year 2017, Prashant Bhushan made the remark on Lord Krishna while criticizing the ‘anti-Romeo’ drive in Uttar Pradesh, He tweeted “Romeo loved just one lady, while Krishna was a legendary Eve teaser. Would (UP CM Yogi) Adityanath have the guts to call his vigilantes Anti-Krishna squads?
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Prashant’s Bhushan’s tweet on Lord Krishna
After his tweet, there was an outrage over the social media, and a police complaint was filed. Later he deleted his tweet and apologized. Now imagine if he would have mocked prophet or Jesus what would have been the outcome?
Still, you can find hundreds of mainstream and regional movies showing sadhus and saints as mean and immoral whereas in how many movies have you seen a mullah or a padri being nasty, raping a woman or guiding criminals and corrupt politicians?
If you want to practice your freedom of expression and speech why not try it with other faiths?
Now there are numerous cases where Hindu gods have been mocked.
But what we need to actually discuss out here is what gives such people the courage to shame our deities? Frankly speaking, it is we Hindus. Most of you are aware of the movie PK where various Hindu gods were shown in a funny manner especially lord shiva and it was a big hit. Now the point is how can it be a big hit in a Hindu majority country?
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Lord shiva mocked in PK
That is common sense it is us who watched and enjoyed our gods being made fun of. But in the case of Muslims and Christians, they will never accept any nonsense against their prophet and Jesus. Their whole community will make life hell for the maker of such movies. But in the case of us, it is not so.
Alright, now people may say what is the harm? Like why we should be so critical about things? Why we should behave like others. And the irony the same people are mad when the so-called minority religion is mocked by someone.
Why so? Ever wondered? Because the left has good control over the media and creates a strong narrative around due to which the general masses which includes the Hindus get carried away with it.
And yes the slavish mentality created by the Britishers is still deeply embedded in many of us. No wonder why our own culture needs western acceptance before being practiced by our people.
Now take for example Bollywood and Netflix. What is encouraging them to, again and again, create such films and series? All they mean is business, right? And when vilifying our gods is giving them good money then there is no harm for them in creating such content.
So our first task out here would be to treat such Hindus. You cannot expect the enemy to stop. For them, it is their duty to attack us. But for us, it is our duty to treat our people.
In this world of power games, the weaker gets suppressed. There is no doubt about it that such mockery will continue until the people doing it do not worry about the outcome.
Thanks to social media that such Hindu phobics are easily exposed but we need to take this battle one step ahead. Not to compare it with the mullah’s way but our own way.
Strong confrontation and activism are required up to a certain level to stop this.
No matter how well-read we are but if we are not using that wisdom to demolish adharmis then it is of no use.
Wisdom bears no fruit without courage
You either be a shark of the ocean or the fish of the ocean.
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