Entity possessed spiritual teachers / capitalistic spiritual exploitations

Entity possessed spiritual teachers / capitalistic spiritual exploitations..
Entity possessed teachers (e.g. Mooji, Ama, Nithyananda, SSS) according to Chris Mitchell..
“These people are literally traps for the unawakened..they get harvested..the lemming spiritual complex..it is an important thing to not get totally dominated by entities..tantric energetic harvesting. There is a tremendous amount of energy in the Kundalini..it is a self aware divine consciousness..the active intelligent nature ..of Kundalini.”
“Jaggi Vasudev started good/healthy but he starts slipping…it is funny as they expand..the (spiritual) organizations get unhealthy.”
“The only channeler I know that was not damaging was Edgar Cayce.”
“Mooji is so laughable in many ways..his ignorance.. Nithyananda certainly has no activated Kundalini.”
“They are trying to scare you..he is promoting fear in a way he cannot really prove. Using fear as a hook ..to get under the skin..that happens all the time..online.”
“Osho had the real deal …”
“Yogananda felt the need to merge with women.”
“Give yourself to Kundalini. Your Soul belongs to God. Giving yourself to Kundalini is giving yourself to God.”
A more realistic humoristic view of/essay about/approach on Spiritual Kundalini Gnosis…vs demonic mass deception and reiki entity vampirism.
“It isn’t sexual energy, or Prana energy, or any other energy that has a place in the New Age vocabulary. It is Kundalini. Not Kundalini Yoga. Not Reiki. Not Reconnection or twelve strand DNA or channelling.
It is the completion of a special energetic circuit within the human body. And it is usually quite strong. Only after a time does the person become used to the new body. (Chris Mitchell)”

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