(DEUTSCH) Techno-Kriminalermittler 18.5.2018 (Stop 007) & Techno Crime Fighters Forum, Episode 60/61

“(DEUTSCH) Techno-Kriminalermittler 18.5.2018 (Stop 007)
Dr. Katherine Horton – Stop 007
Streamed live on May 18, 2018
.. Melanie Vritschan und Dr. Katherine Horton sind teil des internationalen Joint Investigation Teams, ein Ermilttungsteam das sich mit Strahlenwaffen, illegalen Körperimplantaten, anderer militärischer Biotechnologie, neuronalen Waffen und systemischer Korruption befasst, siehe:”
“mossad ol
1 day ago
Super, Bitte mehr deutsche Beiträge!”
“mossad ol
17 hours ago
Bandbreite G5 und Tiefer Staat googeln ”
“V B
1 day ago
Schon wiiiieder am rumbetteln ? Für was genau war das ….. eine fröhliche Gesprächsrunde ? ??? ”
“Ray Legg
1 day ago
I learned that they are spraying the population with a brown genetically engineered spore that grows into a dandelion and before it blooms it sprays more of those spores. First there’s a fake or genetically engineered pollen that’s killing the bee’s sprayed and it is sticky as hell then those brown spores are sprayed. Those 2 get in the lymphatic system and you got a walking spore factory ” everytime you open your mouth it goes into your eyes or gets onto the person that your talking to or are walking by ” Spreading that shit everywhere. The spores smell kinda like pesticide.The A.I said I won and sence I won the game it had to tell me that they had to trick it in order for it to do what it does. So I have all the answers on how their technology works. I guess its top man Intel LMAO HAHAHAHA REALLY FUNNY. Hopefully the people and the t.i’s will start listening cause they just sprayed again and it’s bad! People only think of what they know especially when they trust so everyone thinks that it allergies. With today’s soap technology there shouldn’t be as much illness as there is. What’s funny as hell is they let an A.I think for them TRUTH! Trust me when I say that if they haven’t already controlled the fight they are running SCARED from it. I truly will never understand their cowardice I personally have to go head first at ANYTHING!”
“mf-sensor-free Chilebo: ​Sad that Katherine is not covering in English the Royal Wedding tomorrow and all the bloodlines that are of the Freemason/Illuminati/Jesuit strain.
Erno Goldfinger​: Can somebody realtime translate this?
Chileboy ​NWO Agena, Sergia Skripal left hospital taken to Mi5 safe house , , ,
Rosemary Hopkin​That was an MI6 cock up….
Mitch Rijkaard​????
Chileboy​I am going to leave now, as I don’t understand/speak German . . . have a good weekend.
Jack Alpha​Forget the bloodline nonsense, you have no idea where those people come from.”
George Baez​: How many Tis are German ?
KONA TV​: Danke dass du auch mal in deutsch aktiv bist..
jamerfunk: I learned German at school but wish they would have trained us better.
Rosemary Hopkin: ​cannot keep up.. I shall log in again next time…
hadi fehlauer: ​btw also pets, as we know, are being tortured. they are suffering as well from joint pain;vertebra pain and as well as we TIs can be given Cancer and Tumors,pers can be Attacked as well.
marijke eken​: internet of things has to do with the implatations we want to roll up all these criminal activities as katherina says
alex macias: ​so he investigated intercepts waves of the electromagnetic spectrum of ultra low frequency, an electrode mode but wirelessly, so he can relay other people thoughts, when my arguments overcome them
alex macias: ​practically it returns to be synthetic telekinesis.
jamer funk: ​we are actually in a war although many don’t see it.
marijke eken​: In the Eurozone.
alex macias: ​Governments do not interfere in these cases because they control it with censorship, they are technologies provided only to the elite of the armies and intelligence organizations in the United States and throughout the world, not to mention that certain people with power in the world of drug trafficking also have access to this type of technologies
marijke eken: ​katherina: 2018 is a very important year. It is like fire expended.
George Baez: ​Do you guys think the MK Ultra neighbor perp only attacks one person TI or the whole neighborhood ?
marijke eken: katherina: she has fled the wiserland, She is in Hungary now and is implanted again. …
marijke eken​Katherina: she woke up at 4 o’clock in the morning….they turned on the chips in het head and she had to vomit a few times and when she stopped vomiting the chips went of.
Mr Truth​: George… It interfers with targets only. There are some passive effects for us all like passive smoking but the technology is being used on specific targets deemed as interesting or a threat.
alex macias​: it is something much more advanced than what they had at the time of mk ultra, although it is not out of place that the investigations that were achieved in this project plus the files rescued from
hadi fehlauer​: Ms Vritshan is concerning that the das aspect of These Brain programs us that SHE was in a Position to measure many kids ;little infants among the measured populi.
marijke eken: ​melanie” while she was pregnant her child was radiated too.
Q b​:Translate for me..
Q b:You speak fluent German?”

“Techno Crime Fighters Forum, Episode 60

“Techno Crime Fighters Forum, Episode 61
Ramola D Reports
Streamed live on May 17, 2018”
“J P
2 days ago (edited)
It really is to do with the bio tech goo…people are attached to the demonic computer system…very hard to get through to someone under it…Agent Smith like. ”
“Jeanne Taurus​: police are brainwashed and filled with rage and hate.
The Turtle Tribal Nation​: they love to torture people.
Jeanne Taurus: Psychopaths.”
“Cacti Juice: ​I’ll take her to Germany.”
“Sylvia Frank: ​Prayers going out for justice.
Deca Mc​no: It´s COINTELPRO and JTRIG, we have the documents and experience these days.
Jeanne Taurus​: It’s a depopulation program. Where we are tortured by these Satanic evil people.”
“Christopher Howard​: i had a ec-120 eurocoptor over my roof in 2002.
Christopher Howard​: they love the helicopTers, they are air theatre and scare some folks..”
“Art and Soul​: This was a deliberate show of violent force, as if to say, anyone else want to object? This is training the public by brutalizing someone who does not agree with the corrupt regime.”
“Jeanne Taurus​: The police are fucking murderers.
The Turtle Tribal Nation​: I know Jeanne it’s so aweful, and people just sit back and watch.”
“Christopher Howard: ​yes over 1,000 police depts send staff to Israel to train with mossad.”
“The Turtle Tribal Nation​: I think if we all do some heavy metal and parasite cleanse the targeting will get less.
victrola13: ​DARPA is evil and behind practically all of these exotic weapons being used against civilians.”
“Fred Last: ​I´m learning new evasion techniques all the time through experimentation.
Sunshine Love​: NAVY.”

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