The Flower of Life Deception (aka The Bloom of Doom)

These are the sort of articles I crave for… how the Flower of Life Drones get a reality shock.. The doomed aka sacred Geometry… damn, I was always right. Bypassing the Ourobourous self-consumption of the Flower of Deception to the true and absolute source.

Note that to remove D12 (as in the Kabala) is, as an analogy, like removing the president of a company, the integrating entity.
The word ‘Kathara’ originates from KA which means Light, God expressed or transmitting; THA which means sound, infolding rather than expressing, and RA, one Spirit.

The Flower of Life Deception (aka The Bloom of Doom)

The metatronic code problems began billions of years ago in another time matrix with the fall of a specific collective. The point is that the metatronic code is not a new thing and certainly the FOL was not something Drunvalo came up with. He is simply one of the contemporary sources who are promoting it. There are lots of wonderful things in Drunvalo’s teachings but the core of what he is getting at in his teachings is the Metatronic code and his unnatural way to spin your merkaba which causes molecular compaction of the seed atom leading to a loss of eternal life status (ie. metatronic). The reason it is seen in so many ancient cultures is because various people and collectives where actively promoting it then just as they are now.
In the FOL pattern the diagonals are set at 60 degrees. This is an unnatural energetic and geometrical relationship that prevents the spheres from phasing correctly with the top sphere (think 3 balls like a pyramid), thus preventing back flow return from god-source. When spheres can’t phase and spark correctly, they become cut off from the normal flows of eternal life currents and become metatronic. The metatronic code is therefore based on 2 spheres (vesica pices) instead of the eternal life 3 spheres (tri-veca phase unit). The FOL is simply taking the vesica pices and expanding on it. Once you can spot this 60 degree diagonal (vs 45 degree in Krystiac eternal life structures) you can easily differentiate between Krystiac and metatronic easily. Most crop circles are based on the FOL geometry of 60 degrees so it’s easy to determine the agendas behind them.The FOL geometry is a soul harvesting net. It forces peoples Merkabas to spin in ways that (long term) prevents ascension.
The over-lapping circles (as much as it all fits nicely together), only capture and entrap your love/light energy. There is nothing Sacred about it. The real Sacred Geometry is found elsewhere, like Fibonacci, and in Marko Rodin’s work, and deeper, electromagnetics for just one example. They are creation.To deprogram:
Connect to your heart space and ask SOURCE that all mutations in merkaba spin be cleared and cleaned away.Activate with intention [Pale SILVER + clear bright WHITE light] all as one colour.Activate this colour as a pillar or sphere.
The geometries, I kind of like them and they are pretty to look at, at first, but then i start to feel the underlying intent behind them and the frequencies they carry, which are ‘metatronicly’ tuned.
What this pic actually represents more than anything else, is Molecular Compaction. This all ties in with the Blank Slate Technology (BeaST) and the ‘666’ metatronic alignment code.
Anti-Kristiac – Metatronic Coding
It means to digress from the original “Christos” Divine Blueprint. When the Precise Mathematical-Geometrical Instructions for Perpetual Motion of the Original Creation Program – the Krist Code – from God Source is altered or modified in any way (Anti-Christiac Expression), the self-regeneration abilities (perpetual life) of the manifest forms is interrupted leading to destruction of the corresponding matter-form via self-annihilation of the Partiki units (pre-matter units of conscious energy).
Altering the precise Krist Code encryption configuration of perpetual motion and eternal life breaks the link with God-Source infinite energy supply. Since the modified coding can not receive any more energy directly from Source only a LIMITED SUPPLY of energy remains within its own shield template functioning as a black hole system that has to suck energy from other systems and progressively self consumes, therefore, has a Finite Life.
This is the Metatronic (Anti-Christiac) Code Configuration (Reverse Mutation) and unfortunately for anybody who seeks true self master and empowerment, or ascension into eternal life spirals, this is a seriously abundant problem in the spiritual movements these days.
When this happens the manifest being is unable to fulfil the Primal Purpose and maintain the Primal Condition – this is the Fall.

Source: The Flower of Life Deception

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