Mexico’s Coronavirus Death Toll Feared Much Higher Than Reported | NBC Nightly News

“Mexico’s Coronavirus Death Toll Feared Much Higher Than Reported | NBC Nightly News
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“A watchdog group says the Mexican government’s COVID-19 count vastly underestimates the death toll there. NBC News’ Richard Engel reports from Mexico City, where workers at one crematorium say they’re receiving four times as many bodies as before the pandemic.»”

“Coronavirus: ‘In Mexico City, the hearses just keep coming’
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“Sky News: 2,42 Mio. Abonnenten:
In Mexico the number of people dying from the coronavirus pandemic could be five times higher than official government figures, according to health department insiders.
A Sky News investigations team working in the country’s capital Mexico City has seen morgues and storage rooms full of bodies – all indicating the official data is wrong.
Chief Correspondent Stuart Ramsay reports from the country’s capital, where amenities are overwhelmed by the numbers of deaths.
Warning: this report contains images from inside a morgue.”
“Hoàng Thắng: vor 4 Wochen (bearbeitet): It is really sad to see this in Mexico. They are friendly and honest people.
PS: It is more sad to see people in the same country argue or fight each others.”
“Jason Mason: vor 4 Wochen: Why don’t the British report Britain like this? They have the worst deaths in Europe?”
“Tina Mcintyre: vor 4 Wochen: Well I live in uk, something is definitely not right, we don’t have over Run morgues or over run hospitals. We have closed the nightingale hospital which was put in place to take the excess Covid patients.”

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