World Hell Organization… (WHO)

“World Hell Organization… (WHO)”
“W.H.O World Health Org Second Pandemic Exercise Planned by Sep 2020”
“Rare Rebel People Army: 1230 Abonnenten: youtube are censoring the truth share this video around if you watch it simple dont sit idle REMOVED ON MY OTHER PAGE NEARLY 80K VIEWS 200 COMMENTS 1.5 K LIKES (UNDER APPEAL)”

“I know your YouTube CEO said that basically anything that goes against the World Hell Organization will be taken down this is like positive factual information about the World
Hell Organization.”
“The World Hell Organization has declared that they are going to be running not one but two pandemics. This first pandemic, entirely planned as you can see from their bulletin, was a live exercise. Did you hear Pompeo telling us that it was a live exercise? He did say that. The first one was just to see how readily the human population would respond. Seems like we’ve passed the test real well with so many people believing this is real.. However kill Bill has honestly told us that there will be a second wave, And we are expecting it early this fall. This one may be the real biological weapon that Dr. Anthony Fauci so carefully devised for us in the level 3 bio weapons lab in North Carolina. He very carefully sold that biological weapon to the communist Chinese where it was more deliberately prepared it for us inserting HIV, Ebola, and SARS. Whether they plan to release that in the fall or whatever they plan to do remains to the craftsman of this exercise for humanity.
Kate Magdalena Willens: My references to Dr. Anthony Fauci can be researched by searching for the interview with Dr. Francis Boyle Who drafted the legislation for bio weapons for the United States. He has given several interviews regarding this transaction.
Deborah H Jennings: Right! And I bet they have other means of spreading these pathogens or biological weapons than person to person contact.
Kate Magdalena Willens: Yes of course.”

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