Time to acknowledge your ancestors… (Ankh-essence-Tors)

Time to acknowledge your ancestors… (Ankh-essence-Tors)
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Bas-reliefs with images of Extraterrestrials discovered in Mexican cave
Researchers in Mexico have found a cave which is home to stones that have bas-relief images on them that show aliens along with spacecraft.
Researchers began looking for mysterious hidden caves between Puebla and Veracruz in Mexico after hearing about legends that said aliens had visited Earth in ancient times and the people from the cities had captured their encounters by carving bas-reliefs onto the stone. It was said that the stones were in a cave system made up of three caves.
Bas-Relief Images Of Aliens Found In A Cave In Mexico
Mayan Alien Maya Civilization Mexico
The researchers stumbled upon one of the caves and went over it in detail looking for the stones and found what they think is clear evidence that in ancient times aliens did come to Earth and made contact with the people.
Along with finding the stones with the bas-relief images of extra-terrestrials the researchers also found items of what they believe to be gold, in two of the caves. They said that they had discovered evidence that people in ancient times had come across extra-terrestrial beings from another planet and spacecraft.
Piedras Mayas Extraterrestres Maya Civilization Puebla
On one of the stones, the drawings revealed what the researchers said was the upper half of a spaceship and a humanoid being from another world.
Puebla Alien Cave Extraterrestrial Life
The image shows an extra-terrestrial standing at the side of a human from pre-Hispanic culture and the person is giving the alien what looks to be a corncob. There are other strange symbols on the stones that have not yet been deciphered. The artifacts were said to stones showing the first alien encounter.
Jade Carvings Mexico Ufo Puebla Extraterrestrials In Fiction
Local legend in Mexico talks about a mysterious ship that has been hidden near to the caves for as long as the people of Mexico can remember. The ship was one of the main reasons why the explorers set off to search the region three months ago.
Extraterrestrials In Fiction Mexico Extraterrestrial Life
While they have not found evidence of a hidden spacecraft, they have found what they believe is evidence that extra-terrestrials landed in that part of the world in ancient times and they contacted the cultures which were at that time inhabitants of Mexico.”

Source: https://www.disclose.tv/bas-reliefs-with-images-of-extraterrestrials-discovered-in-mexican-cave-315386

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