Dr David Jacobs Interviews / On The Clandestine Extraterrestrial Infiltration

Dr David Jacobs, Ph.D On The Clandestine Extraterrestrial Infiltration (Part 1)

Dr David Jacobs, Ph.D On The Clandestine Extraterrestrial Infiltration (Part 2)
“Arturo The Nihilist
9 months ago
They must have key high ranking g o v people under their control… ”
9 months ago
If there are hubrids on earth I suspect some agency has them under surveillance.”
8 months ago
For me it is pretty obvious that the greys are genetically modified humans. Their anatomy looks too much like ours for them not to be related to us. That’s why they are genetically compatible with us. If they were ET it is obvious it would be impossible to make hybrids between them and us. Moreover if they create a genetically modified human now, it is not farfetched to think they would have done the same in the past to create what we know as the greys.”

Dr David Jacobs Interview | How Alien Hybrids Are Violent To Abductees
“Richard Van Der Horst
3 months ago
At most it’s two years old.
The info he gives is actual.
Hybrids living in apartments in the city. The abductees, now helping them, forced by the strong mental power of hybrids that look now exactly like human-beings…
Yes, that’s not so very old ! ”
6 months ago
I keep thinking, eventually once the Hubrids have served their purpose for the Mantids. They (Hubrids) like us, will be expendable.The Mantis Race is a self perpetuating Entity. I believe they will eventually double-cross the Reptillians, who seem to have formed some kind of alliance with them. A percentage of people are prepping for an earth catastrophe. However, not this kind of event. It will be slow and methodical. Because, they have done this to other worlds before Earth. Like Dr. Jacobs says. “They have all the time in the World.”

Interview with David M. Jacobs: “Walking Among Us: The Alien Plan to Control Humanity”
“Sott Media
Published on Oct 8, 2017
UFO sightings. Alien abduction accounts. These topics have been so fraught with misinformation, sensationalism and pure speculation over the years that to learn what is actually occurring can be a very difficult undertaking even under the best of circumstances. There are a few out there who succeed in doing so.
Joining us for this episode of The Truth Perspective is retired Professor of History David M. Jacobs, author of such well-known titles as The UFO Controversy in America, Secret Life and The Threat. In his most recent book, Walking Among Us: The Alien Plan to Control Humanity, Dr. Jacobs takes his research another step further and presents his latest findings and conclusions about the alien presence here on Earth.
In his well-grounded and concrete style, Dr. Jacobs goes into detail to explain the rigors of his study, as well as how he has come to understand this topic of topics. If you have ever wondered what the truth about aliens was, you’ll want to listen in!
The Truth Perspective is brought to you by the SOTT Radio Network and SOTT, your one-stop source for independent, unbiased, alternative news and commentary on world events. ”
“Goldie O
4 months ago (edited)
I think you’re being alien racist, only speaking about the greys. j/k excellent interview. Shouldn’t these stories be easily verified with a hair sample for DNA? ”
5 months ago
Great interview, Jacobs always delivers great info.”

OffPlantet TV 07-13-16 with David M. Jacobs :Hybrids or Humanity
“Colleen Casey
1 year ago
I am only about 10mins in, and listening to the clip where they say ‘1/7’ will ‘ascend’, where the rest will remain on Earth in 3D….My first thought was ‘well the 1/7, will be the ones who choose to go along w/ the trans-humanist ‘plan’, become implanted w/ computers and live as an ‘avatar’ in virtual 5D ‘reality’.
Helen Geddes
1 year ago
More like a battery for their food, and we would NEVER think of anything like for that other beings, but some are severely lacking in compassion
1 year ago
I have been speaking to my friends about the situation that many people I meet don’t seem to have any soul. They are Vapid and Asleep and don’t care about anything but TV and the fake news. In that regard I could see how someone could make the statement that not all of us will ascend or have an after life or only a few would reincarnate.”

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