The Reptilian Takeover of Earth 2017

Stewart Swerdlow the Reptilian Takeover of Earth – 2017
“..and in fact the rocks that is in brought back to earth by lunar landings back in the 70s show that the moon did
not come from here, the material of the moon is not native to the solar system and so that’s been proven and so after
many many thousands of years actually of the Lemurian civilization thriving on this planet of reptilian androgynous
species by the way, that’s when other refugees from the Lyran star system, from the Mars colony, they colonized the
earth and created what became the Atlantean civilization and what is now the Atlantic Ocean when there was land
there and so of course reptilians and mammalians are not designed to live on the same planet at the same time two
different types of environments and lifestyles needed so there was constant war and make a long story short the
Atlanteans destroyed Lemuria through geomagnetic weaponry caused it to thicken into it became the Pacific Ocean
and then the Atlanteans ultimately destroyed themselves with the same technology, because they were very
aggressive the beings, very aggressive people and so they destroyed themselves make a very long story short these all
took tens of thousands hundreds of thousands of years to accomplish and then we have aware as we know it now
the reptilians who survived went underground that started the legend of demons under the earth of the legends of
Hell deep down in the earth with those reptilians going underground and then they finally after Atlantis sank decided to create a hybridization program where they mix their genetics with the humans on the surface to create a hybrid race of the
what they call blue bloods because their trillions have a high copper content in their blood and when the copper blood
oxidizes it does turn a blue-green color and that’s where they got their name blue blood and of course all of this is
outlined in my blue blood True Blood book which people can read or DVDs that they can watch on galactic history and
of course the descendants of that new hybridization race became the Illuminati that we have controlling the planet
right now I made a very very long story short I just shortened millions of years of history into few minutes
Human beings on this planet our hybrid race that really should not exist naturally you know we have reptilian skin that
wrinkles and peels we have a reptilian brain stem we have a reptilian lymphatic system and the also has a four chambered
heart with three major arteries so we have a reptilian arterial system with a mammalian circulatory system so it’s
quite an odd combination.
if you were to take a you know a Caucasian person and put them in a deprivation chamber and have their body built through its
natural circadian rhythm or in a have their body built through its natural circadian rhythm or in a
day/night cycle the human body of a Caucasian person actually goes for 26 hours instead of 24 as a cycle and 26
hours is exactly matching the day on Mars and also I should say the hybridization really began long before
so sooner, it actually began as a as a hope to end the wars between atlantis and lemuria when they decided to create
a third race which was a synthesis between the reptilian androgynous beings and the mammalian humans on atlantis and
that’s why in the Bible in the book of Genesis it says let us make man in our image, it always discusses God as more
than one person or more than one group..also if you were to look at how an fetus develops in the womb you would see
that for the first few weeks it is a androgynous reptilian looking thing and only after several weeks go by
do mammalian genetics open up and then mammalian features start to appear and that’s because the DNA is following the
sequence of for what was put in it in the order in which put in it and again it goes back to the allegorical story of Adam and Eve when it says God took the root from Adam and created Eve that is symbolic of taking an androgynous reptilian being and separating it into male and female components and then adding mammalian genetics to it and that’s exactly what
we see… (Steward Swerdlow)”

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