Covert Malignant Psycho Narc = Shadow Government and NWO GoG ZoG Government & Medical Pharma Tracking Fascism

Conspiracy Revelation: 1.8.2021: Covert Malignant Psycho Narc = Shadow Government and NWO GoG ZoG Government & Medical Pharma Tracking Fascism

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“They give you an illusionary world.”

“But Reality is that narcissistic neighbors and friends or any narcissist, they feel boredom in every little thing..nothing really interests them…but the illusion they give to the people is that they absolutely enjoy life.”

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Narcissist neighbors and narcissist friends are very jealous of your happiness snd progress. They give you illusions that they love your company and look forward to seeing you but the reality is they use you for Narcissistic Supply. Talking is the biggest narcissistic supply for such neighbors and friends as it eliminates their high boredom levels. They also copy your interests and hobbies, so that they feel more superior…”

“Andy Dstella: vor 1 Woche: I was raised in a small town and my both parents are higher range narcissists. My entire neighborhood was just like my parents. My uncles and Aunts and cousins- all narcissists. It’s in the genes.”

“Betty Smith: vor 1 Woche: The place where I live is flooded with people of such kinds you mentioned in your audio. My neighborhood has many narcissists.”

“Gina Dorano: vor 1 Woche: Sometimes the entire neighborhood can be narcissistic. If you go to country side or villages, you will see many similar people of such kinds.”

“THRIVE and move FORWARD: vor 6 Tagen: WHOLE neighbourhood, apartementscomplex or a WHOLE city can be narcissistic..”

“Sandra Davis: vor 1 Woche: Such neighbors are also very insecure. They are insecure about every little thing. They hate to lose you but at the same time hate you.”

“THRIVE and move FORWARD: vor 6 Tagen: They gathering in GROUPS like chicken in a chickenyard – they RECRUITING SUPPLY ,WORST is those apartementscomplex ..
Normal healthy human and empaths can NOT function in surch Covert ABUSING TOXIC environments..”

“David Terrence: vor 1 Woche: Love the fact that you recommended minimum communication with them. They are here to gain maximum information about you.”

“Patrick Catesby: vor 1 Woche: You think you’re amusing to them but they’re just laughing at how much information you’re giving them.”

“NARCISSISM AUDIO TAPES by NIKKI: vor 1 Woche (bearbeitet):
👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 and this applies to all upper range Narcissists whether they are your neighbors, friends, spouses, partners, parents, siblings etc.”

“Frank Crawford: vor 4 Tagen: They store it for future manipulation. They gather information in seconds like a lion sizing up its prey.”

“Kong Empire: vor 1 Woche: Narcissists aren’t true friends.”

“Lindia Sanders: vor 1 Woche: All this is my Female Covert Narc Sister.I have gone No Contact for a year. And I plan to stay No Contact with her for the rest of my life.”

“Apu Banerjee: vor 1 Woche: 😂 PETRICHOR 😂 . 🔱 HORO HORO MAHADEV”

“Amit Jivrajani: vor 1 Woche:
Nice one Di👍….u have mastered the art of understanding narcissistic people not only in romantic relationship but also in every other aspects of life. Yes some neighbours and relatives are big time narcissist and very jealous of our success. If we ever discuss any of our future plans with them, it never succeeds.”

vor 1 Woche
Yes 👍…that plan will never succeed or that progress will fail if you share with them. Because they take your secrets of progress and start progressing more than you, thereby failing you and lowering down your energy.”

“Amit Jivrajani
vor 1 Woche
@NARCISSISM AUDIO TAPES by NIKKI There is one old saying, if we want to understand the true nature of some person, go with them for long trip (atleast 4 to 5 days trip). During such trips their true nature comes out.”

“Kira Barsmith: vor 1 Woche:
I appreciate your blunt delivery, Nikki, it’s appropriate for the serious nature of dealing with these predators, they’re not to be taken lightly.”

“Patrick Catesby: vor 1 Woche: These are the cheap groups of dropouts.”

“Frank Crawford: vor 4 Tagen: I dont believe narcissist marry narcissists all the time. If it was true half the people would not be here for help.”

“Rohit Sharma: vor 1 Woche: whole world is full of narcissistic people.”

“Brian E. J.: vor 2 Jahren: The real way to know you’ve been exposed to a Narcissist is you get motivated to become nearly a PhD in Psychology to figure out what they did to you.

T. Man: vor 2 Jahren: It´s a lot more female narcissist than people think.”

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“4/5 Years old. Arrested Emotional Mental Developed.”
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Don’t see Narcissist as an Adult. He is a child who is trapped in an adult’s body. Their emotional development is arrested because of their childhood abuse, trauma and highly dysfunctional family dynamics they saw during childhood and growing up.

Narcissists have arrested “emotional and cognitive” development because of their childhood trauma, abuse and highly dysfunctional family while growing up.

Narcissists physical age can be in their 20’s/30/40/50/60s etc but what is “THEIR REAL MENTAL AGE”?. Are they toddlers? Or Teenagers or Kindergarteners?”


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Conspiracy Revelation: 1.8.2021: What she is talking about is people who work in shadow governments and alphabet agencies…they have access to phones, apps and tracking devices and so on.. not all is true what she says…there are surely demonic possessed narcs and much more female narcs than she can imagine.

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“Nr.1: A Narcissist doesn´t even have the basic ability to connect emotionally with other people, a narcissist doesn´t have any mechanism in their body.. and the ability to bond with people on deeper levels, so how come that person can even connect with God…one needs to experience feeling…for narcissists, they do not have the basic intimacy, they mimic intimacy, they can´t even bond with people..Narcissists consider God as their competitor…because Narcissists are God in their own Eyes, Narcissists treat themselves as God, they worship themselves as God…as how come those people preach not Narcissists.”

Conspiracy Revelation: 1.8.2021: True, what a luck that we have a connection with Goddess and God.

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Three Different People live in One Single Narcissist.

A true NPD- A upper range Narcissist, a higher functioning Narcissist and all Covert Psychopathic Narcissists have 3 Selves.

1) False Self ( Open to General Public. This self is facade and fake )

2) True Self (Always Hidden. This Self defines who they truly are).

3) Borrowed Self (Narcissist take over your personality and start behaving just like you. They Mirror back your own qualities and you basically are falling in love with your own qualities. You think Narcissist is loving you but all way along, you were loving back your own self. In short, Narcissists take over your personality and you start falling in love with yourself.”

“Borrow means that whenever narcissists meets a person, they are truly impressed, they borrow the qualities of that person and then they start behaving like them exactly. For example when a narcissist meets an Empath, they are so much impressed with the qualities of an Empath, because these are the qualities they cannot have, they cannot hold those qualities and hence they borrow the qualities of the empath and behave like an empath, because they are generally impressed with the empath or the person…”

Conspiracy Revelation: 1.8.2021: That are the Archons behind them…the mimicry factor comes from the Archons in Indians should study western Gnosis to understand the deeper layer behind it. Sophias Archons are behind the Replicant Mimicry Factor.

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and the topic for today is one of the greatest reasons that why narcissistic relationships fail is because of the
ineffective communication abilities of the narcissist the title for today is that the only communication
possible with the narcissist is no communication or expect a manipulative communication or expect a communication which will
deviate you from the main topic of discussion or expect a communication where your past
issues with them will be highlighted, this is the only communication possible with a narcissist,
narcissists lack effective communication abilities and that is the reason that why narcissistic relationships
will continue to suffer, so first let’s talk about overt narcissist, overt narcissists as in narcissists who
are very open about their narcissistic behaviors and have lot of temperament issues ..narcissists have a huge mental block
which means that they have a blocked mind that part of the brain which understands the situation
that part of the brain which comprehends the situation that part of the brain which puts the
missing pieces of the puzzles together to make one puzzle that part of the brain
is not very active that part of the brain is little dysfunctional and that is the reason that why
communication fails with narcissist because that part of the brain which relates with communication which
relates with understanding which relates with comprehending things that part of the brain is not very
functional then how a communication is possible with the narcissist and that is why many times narcissism is
compared with autism because of the narcissist inability to comprehend things to understand things effectively to
respond things positively and to communicate things effectively, these things are lacking in the narcissist,
so at end of the day conflict resolution with the narcissist is a big problem because of their ineffective
communication ability, communication with the narcissist is usually one-sided,
it is only the empath or the codependent who is making efforts to resolve the situation,
because we are dealing with a narcissist who is a very rigid and very opinionated person
who has a huge mental blockage of understanding your point, of understanding your situation, they will not understand your situation, forget about empathy, forget about inside the part of the brain which comprehends the situation,
that part of the brain is not active that is not very very functional and at the top of it whenever a conflict
happens, according to a narcissist you are the abuser, according to a narcissist you are the
person who is so non-caring, according to the narcissist you are the dumb one, but in reality it is the opposite in
reality it is the narcissist who come with the heavy baggage of hypersensitivity and a mental blockage of their mind
and that is why communication with the narcissist usually fails or is usually one-sided..”

“…they talk to you in a very irritable manner, they talk to you in a very annoying manner,
they talk to you in a very opinionated and rigid manner then how communication is possible with
the narcissist…communication is only one-sided with them but what surprises me is that
when narcissists have to talk to other people when narcissists have to talk to society
when narcissists have to talk to their friends or when narcissists have to talk
in their professional work then they understand the rules of the
communication very well, because now it is the question of their public image…then they will understand the rules of
communication very well but only to their family members only to their spouses and only to the primary supply,
we see a person who is very irritable with you…and why does that happen because their sociopathic behaviors
are in full swing when they are in front of their family members in front of their family members
narcissists are not scared to show their sociopathic traits because for their family members for
their spouses, narcissists believe in i don’t care their approach is i don’t care
and that is because of the high element of sociopathy in them..”

“because direct communication does not happen with the covert narcissist it is always indirect communication it
is always the word salad it is always the twisted communication,
communication which happens in phrases like going round and round and round
and also when you are trying to confront them, they disappear they run away covert narcissists are number one
in running away from the conflicting situation, they will never face the conflicting situation,
they will rather ghost they will rather become invisible, they will rather choose to
give you silent treatment, they will vani they will vanish without giving you any prior notice
then how a communication is possible with the covert narcissist,
the only communication which is possible with a covert psychopathic narcissist is,
when you are giving them a fun time or when you are giving them
entertainment, only then they will choose to communicate with you,
whenever you are giving them narcissistic supply, whenever you are giving them
giving them an entertainment whenever you are giving them a fun time, because they are getting bored then
they will communicate with you whenever you are participating in their fantasies
then they will communicate with you but whenever there is a conflicting situation
and friends it is usually during the conflicting situations
it is usually during the arguments when when effective communication is required
effective communication plays a very very important role
plays a very primary role whenever a argument is there because only
communication can solve the problems but the problem with the narcissist is
that they lack communication ability, they lack effective communication abilities,
so the only communication which is possible with the covert psychopathic narcissist
is manipulation whenever they open their mouth,
only lying comes, only manipulation comes, only gas lighting comes, only acting
comes and only the twisted communication comes that is the only communication possible
with the covert narcissist because that is what they have seen in their childhood,
according to them communication means lying, according to them communication means
gaslighting, according to them communication means acting and according to them
communication means distorting your reality and making you crazy that is
their definition of communication and that is how their parents communicated
with them, so the only words which will come out of covert narcissists the only words
which will come out of their mouth is lying, fake sentences, fake words,
fake situations, gaslighting.”

“..because communication barrier, their communication barrier is their number one problem..”

“JBCOOL FROMTHEATL: vor 6 Monaten:
These narcs don’t even fear this pandemic out here. Damn if she wasn’t screwing around with all of this stuff out here. I had to leave to save my life.”

“David Terrence: vor 2 Wochen:
Overt Narcissists prefer to throw their rage on you and covert narcissists ghost and give you silent treatment for a long time. Covert narcissists don’t want to face reality. They see conflicts as an attack.”

“Christopher Brown: vor 2 Wochen: Female narcissists have lot of anger issues. Their rage can burn your ears. Their anger comes in the way of communication.”

“Olivia Miller: vor 2 Wochen:
So right! With covert narcissists, you can just expect anything but truth. They open their mouth for lies, twisted facts and the lies which they themselves believe in.”

“Lisa Ray: vor 2 Wochen:
No positive communication is possible with a narcissist. They can start fighting with you with no genuine reason.”

“Nicholas Smith: vor 2 Wochen:
Healthy relationships have an element of good communication where both the people talk and resolve the conflicts together. This main element is missing in relationships with the narcissists.”

“Melanie Tyler: vor 2 Wochen: Communication fails with narcissists because they are too busy shifting the blame on you all the time. They definitely have lot of energy to create drama.”

“Jeremy Roberts: vor 2 Wochen: Very well described! Female narcissist… Run…”

“Andy Dstella: vor 2 Wochen: Growing up with both parents being higher range narcissists, their only communication is to poke you, to criticize you, to take away your freedom, to say no to everything and to put you in prison.”

“persiamotorman: vor 2 Wochen: It’s always interesting to interact with the overt Narcs when they are raging at you over nonsense. You try to explain that they don’t know all the pertinent information, but when you open your mouth to explain, they shout over you. However this same lunatic who owns his own business can go out in public to the local bank and appear to communicate like a normal person.”

vor 2 Wochen (bearbeitet)
One of the main reasons relationships with narcissists fail is because of their “inability to communicate effectively”. Narcissists lack effective communication skills and ability to express patiently.
1. Overt Narcissist- They are highly opinionated and rigid people who have a “blocked mind” when it comes to effective communication. At the top of it, their part of the brain which comprehends the conflicting situation does not work effectively. They lack the basic ability to understand the arguments because of lack of empathy.
2. Covert Narcissists- The only communication which comes out of the mouth of such narcissist is lying, manipulation, triangulation, gaslighting and they distorting your reality. Covert narcissists are very quick to ghost you and discard you whenever there is a conflicting situation. They choose to run away, cheat, vanish, give you prolonged silent treatments or disappear rather than choosing to confront the argument and clarifying things with you.
3. GREY ROCK the narcissist whenever arguments or conflicts happen- One should choose to remain quiet and not to criticize them else you would have to face their rage, wrath and long silent treatment.”

“R S Brinkman: vor 2 Wochen:
They have to maintain that sense of control , as well they,re sense of entitlement convinces them adversity is for others not them . So they replace God, declaring themselves to be God . They want our worship . And it’s truly only when we serve them , and are supporting their fantasy , and false image . They do not communicate , every action is only to deceive, and manipulate . Once we accept we are truly irrelevant to a narcissist, they have no interest in us, only what we can provide for them. Who we are, our strengths, weaknesses, gifts, successes, failures, victories, defeats, likes, dislikes, irrelevant to them. Only the benefits! They were interested in these things ? Yes, originally but only to assess, as to how best to exploit them, and psychologically abuse, and manipulate us ! They are truly wretched creatures. What a dilemma they are in. Their existence consumed with avoiding they´re shame, yet they are filthy, and disgusting, by their very nature. Never occurs to them they could change, that would require caring, admitting they were wrong, it would require trust, vulnerability. Which they hate us for. .. It’s a dog eat dog world out there.. They give something away there.. Are they dogs ? Obviously don’t understand what it is to be human ? In Gods likeness, triune body, soul and spirit !”

NARCISSISM AUDIO TAPES by NIKKI: vor 2 Wochen (bearbeitet):
They see us as an object but the truth is they themselves are an appliance which is on “Repetitive Mode”. They are like an old junk tape recorder which will play the same old song again and again and again. The song remains the same, the tape recorder also remains the same – only the people who will listen to the same song keep on getting changed or same people come back again to listen to that song ( In the sense narcissist recycle the same people for narcissistic supply).

Lisa Kaler: vor 2 Wochen:Yes, they are on a neverending loop of dysfunction.
G-MITCH: vor 2 Wochen: My ex was a hybrid narc, covert and overt combination. The worst of both worlds.
L. Keys: vor 2 Wochen: Rather an Overt over a Covert, any day/minute.
Daniel Hiam: vor 2 Wochen: This video was exceptionally good and so true.

Russellm: vor 2 Wochen:
All of my relatives and especially my mother have basically murdered me and continue to do so.
I began learning several years ago in my late 40s that most of my relatives and especially my mother have always been very narcissistic or psychopathic towards me.
When I just barely started to question my mother and some of my relatives about any of it they totally freaked out on me especially my mother vanishing and giving me the silent treatment ever since.
I tried many times to try to talk to mom or any of them and she/they put a no contact order on me.
… Since 2001 my mother’s stolen a couple of homes from me and a few other relatives (aunts) have stolen a couple other homes from me…. It almost seems theirs some demonic force making them be this way to me.
God bless anyone affected by these kind of people.

NARCISSISM AUDIO TAPES by NIKKI:vor 2 Wochen (bearbeitet):
Female narcissists can discard you permanently if they did not deem you as their “perfect fantasy partner”. Female narcissists can easily move on from one man to another. They usually get well with a narcissist borderline man. 13 years is a long time so you can expect hoovering and her coming back once her temperament cools down and she needs that narcissistic supply back from you.

NARCISSISM AUDIO TAPES by NIKKI: vor 2 Wochen (bearbeitet):
True NPDs choose to give you false illusions, fantasies and distorted reality. They rather choose to give you silent treatments than arguing with you. Female Narcissists come with rage and anger issues. But eventually they do Hoover you.

Cathy A Ogram: vor 6 Monaten: So unbelievably accurate! I have seen Everything you are saying! The Tier 1,2,3 supply…
Alexa Torres: vor 6 Monaten: Indeed !!!!! The narc also gains fuel from the jilted ex lover/boyfriend.
Brenda Leverick: vor 6 Monaten: Thank you for explaining why narcs go after married people. My narc was looking for couples…When I asked him why, I never got a satisfactory answer.
Hannibal730: vor 6 Monaten (bearbeitet): i’m dealing with a Narc as a friend. it’s crazy. She switches up quick.
I must be a level 3.
Zelda Polk: vor 6 Monaten: Wow, the levels to supply. This is mind blowing.
The philosophy of damn: vor 6 Monaten: I give the tier-1 supply and I can take the tier-1 supply away. (lol)
Teboho Lebenya: vor 6 Monaten: It is like you are talking about my ex, she is exactly what you are saying. It is like you are telling my story🤣🤣. A narc is always greedy even if you are the main partner.
Amber Basso: vor 5 Monaten: God allows it because legally we let them into our lives.
Empress IsaDora: vor 5 Monaten: He suffers by finding new victims consistently which is not love. He’s A Monster…
Paul Jackson: vor 6 Monaten: Truth is the Narcissist greatest fear it’s like putting day light on a Vampire.
Dawnia: vor 2 Monaten: Haha! Exactly! They have tiers of supply!! Spot on correct!
Sunshinethatruthword: vor 4 Wochen: Omg. We have to laugh at this shit.
Roberta Greco: vor 5 Monaten: They are unbelievable… Unless you have experienced this type of individual you will never get the full understanding. All I will say, keep your mind even if you give your heart away.
Just think of those dracula movies. Cunning, smart, alluring, once they got you, to suck you dry whilst they become youthful, charming, destroying again. They are possessed by the devil.
El Cee: vor 3 Monaten: It’s love bombing not gaslighting, right?
love light and shadows: vor 5 Monaten: A narcissist isnt born that way. It is taught to them. And being raised that way, they do not know how to love or be loved correctly. I also believe it is a choice. At a certain age, we establish right and wrong. They see they have problem. They have the choice and responsibility to seek help to it. Just my opinion.
Veronica organic: vor 6 Monaten: It’s the Jezebel spirit.
J R: vor 6 Monaten: I was Tier 3.
Eat shat & die entertainment: vor 5 Monaten: This sounds like a alot of females.

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