Who was Bill Gates Before Microsoft?

“Who was Bill Gates Before Microsoft?”
“Bill is a Bully.”
“Or People like me who would run as fast they could if we saw Bill and Melinda would be in the Neighborhood.”
“Big Oil has been Big Pharma since 1874..It all started with The Rockefellers..Remember, it was Devil Bill who signed Oil Tycoon John Dee.”
“A con artist and most noteably a snake oil salesman.
Bill Gates represents the Continuum of Rockefeller Medicine or their continuum o f their long established formula of problem-reaction-solution.”
“Oozaru 313: ​dude is nothing short of evil…”
“Duane Schmitt: ​He is a Psychopath!!”
Authenticity Seeker: ​Gates is a Sabbatean-Frankist the Cult — The Satanic Infiltration of the World!”
“Ms. Bee: ​EVENT 201.
“Plane Drifter: ​WHO – World Health Org is Rockefeller (lets depopulate the planet) Foundation!!! – WHO Test Kits are giving 80% False Positives.”
“Planetary Mirror: ​His father was even creepier.”
“Keenan Grimes: ​Problem Reaction Solution.”
“Signals of Virtue: ​I call him shill gates.”
“Jeff Censored!: ​GATES OF HELL…”
“Riverunner: ​Africa won’t let him in anymore.”
“wild for jesus: ​he’s a kingpin in satanism.”
“buzz h: ​he is a virus.”
“Miss mart pants: ​world hunger games.”
“One Vanced: ​I DO NOT CONSENT.”
“fleamarketmutt: ​Coronavirus was mentioned by Rockefeller at least 2010.”
“kristie joy: ​DARPA?”

“George Carlin – You Are All Diseased (1999) – “Bullsh*t!””
Gates.. Blavatsky is watching you and is hunting you soon..for your fraudulent assumptions..

150 Years old knowledge and you want to play the brainwasher and destroyer… “Vaccination is an illusion of conventional medicine and unmasked as legal quackery. (H.P. Blavatski)(1882)”

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