“With these revelations, it is clear that the police departments and agencies continue to keep the public and court in the dark by intruding in your private world.”
“So everyone knows that the big federal agencies and organizations like CIA, NSA and FBI are the one indulged in the mass surveillance programmes. Here’s something more that you should add to your knowledge: your local police might be actively involved in spying activities too.
Today, the New Your Liberties Union (NYCLU) released some shocking records that prove the use of “Stingrays”- a cell phone spy tool that can track and record your locations. These public records tell that over the past few years, Sheriff’s Office has used stingrays 40 times and breached people’s privacy. Out of these 40 times, cops obtained a court order just one single time and thereby contradicting the true nature of the use of this tool.”

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