Secret Space Program Insider Reveals EVERYTHING He Knows About Extraterrestrials

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“Secret Space Program Insider Reveals EVERYTHING He Knows About Extraterrestrials”
“I told you yesterday there’s a lot of biotech things going on that I was involved with but it also had a profound effect on my life moving forward and leaving the military to engage in creating products and things that could help us heal without pissing off the government and other corporations and it was very difficult coming from and you know working with unlimited amounts of the resources and the projects if you need something and you’re part of a project, you get whatever you need, that’s where all your trillions go, and so that means we have amazing equipment and things to scan bodies and scan planets and also the same…and also like the suppressed technology and I kind of touched a little bit of it.. the tech knowledge that they have is beyond us because most of its reverse engineered or was stolen from other countries, the compartmentalize projects are not government-owned now they have their own projects too but the reason the government decided to start using the military industrial complex is, because back in the day we were infiltrated by the Germans in our political government and they didn’t trust themselves, so let’s form these corporations, are buddy-buddy, and let’s give them all the secrets and when they create something then we’ll buy it from you whether it’s a jet or whatnot and the interesting thing is a lot of the antigravitic devices have already be used for the last..20 years that I’m aware of and you don’t need to make a spaceship to make an antigrav, you can put anti-gravity devices in any type of aircraft and a good example of this is recently when we were out on a mission in New Mexico two V-Tall’s came over and in a very remote area with no sound at all now when they were above us all of a sudden the sound started once they saw us on radar with their heat signatures, whether they thought we were ..human they just wanted to make sure that sound was going to be coming out and a lot of this a lot of people have seen like craft flying into Mountains …and things like this and disappear because they’re using this type of doesn’t have to be all space-age and looking all like you guys see in the movies anti-gravity devices… make a field around a person or a device and it’s easily allowed to.. easily to put that into anything even a vehicle, like a car, so be aware of that, so when we see stuff tonight out there you know we’ll say maybe that’s an alleged 747 and hopefully with our night vision and thermal x’ we can zoom in and maybe see something else. (Emery Smith)”
“UAMN TV: 369.000 Abonnenten:
Here Emery will give a detailed account of the specific experiences that changed the way he thought about our planet, solar system and humanity forever. In this workshop, Emery dives into the information he learned while working on and with extraterrestrial beings. He will discuss what he learned through a classified library. This unique access was granted through credits achieved by “good behavior.’ Emery will shed light on the most impactful information found in the library archives, including human and extraterrestrial history, what the inside of our planet actually looks like, and which nations are contributing information to this worldwide shared library today. Lastly, Emery discusses one of the projects he was assigned to where he and a few select others created the first extraterrestrial DNA database and the implications it has for identifying the origins of every human on this planet.”
“yes, there were extraterrestrials, UFOs don’t exist, because we’re all extraterrestrial vehicles. I say that, because I want people start learning about that, because obviously with all the new things coming out if you just noticed what you know the Navy posted that ..there are UFOs and now we’re letting our pilots talk about it, that’s an easy way out for them. because they’re still saying they don’t know what it is when they know what it is, so I mean I’m really eager to see how far that’s gonna go and we talked a little bit about that on the panel yesterday…disclosure is happening… what’s important about that is now our younger generation is going to read this and they’re gonna see and realize that there’s something not right like most of you probably experienced growing up or maybe you’re a late bloomer and realized
there are people out there and will, like us, that want to make a change and want to believe in these things both course
we need tangible evidence for the scientific community which they have secretly a lot of universities and other organizations and religious factions they don’t want to release that out, because then it ruins their their story
about where we came from which is not completely true so we have now escalated a lot of amazing technologies and
archaeological expeditions that show I can’t tell you exactly I’ll just say tablets and other other information
regarding that it’s kept a lot of the stuff is kept with private organizations that are now that are now wanting to
release you information, no one wants to stand up here though and release it, so I just said I know these guys are cool do it when you when you meet an extraterrestrial they’re very
compassionate most of them are more advanced than we are but that doesn’t mean anything because we’re still one
and they do understand that so they’re very compassionate about it they also speak many languages, almost unlimited
but they don’t really utilize that, because it’s a language of telepathy that we had to learn and we also went through in services, the technicians there, of you know how to act around an extraterrestrial, especially what what I was working with side by side these ETS and these ETS are
very human-like by the way they’re just more advanced the cartilage is a little different, you can tell by their ears
their nose, sometimes the eyes are farther apart than a normal human or more closer together, so you can actually
pick these ETS out and I’m also writing a book about that I’m going to do a presentation on Gaia on that and we’ll
get more into that because I can’t give you everything right now did you won’t come back next year?.. I want to
stay interesting for a little, okay. (Emery Smith)”
“Unfortunately I did have all those questions as soon as I saw this person and they looked at my eyes all those
questions were answered which I did not ask telepathically, he just gave it to me because he already knew, it’s a humbling experience, to be with someone where you cannot have secrets, there is no way to have a secret, so it’s going in that direction for all of us, make your amends now, because they’re gonna know about, you going into the cookie jar and you can’t blame the dog or your child for fatty, because you will, they will know, I love it, because it’s effortless to work with someone, with the energy exchange of telepathy, because it happens so quickly, it’s like a download and when we do see five expeditions with our teams, I usually have them memorize 300 to 500 questions, before we go out, for our core team, not people that work training like we’re doing a training tonight to get you ready if you want to do real CD files with us which are about three to five days long and undisclosed locations around United States and around the world. (Emery Smith)”
“I´m saying this because the et looked at me as we´re offering and says oh you´re gonna have a nice night, aren´t you? And base work and smile they´re very comical, I just… yeah and everything else you know about me, thanks for not bringing the other stuff up, so they´re delicate and compassionate about us, because they were once us and
they´re from us and that´s for sure, because they have human DNA, one big family, right? (Emery Smith)”
“and here was this craft and we were instructed to take a sample of the craft, yeah, Oh, confirmation, sorry, so we took a sample of his craft and come to find out the farther away you take the being from the craft, that´s now already dead, it loses that healing power between the craft and the body, so we were doing that, because we wanted to see if that DNA when we measure and test it, it’s also like a hard drive and they have the ability to get into your DNA and see it, because your DNA is a crystalline structure that actually holds information and it holds information not only on the physical level, but on the etheric field, as well, so even after you die, you still have this hard drive stuck in every cell. When we do cloning, clones start to remember their past lives, so what’s up with that, the Craft had the identical genetic DNA makeup as the being we’re working on, yeah, good.
(Emery Smith)”
“I’m sorry it doesn’t work that way, in the future it’s all
consciousness assisted technology, the crafts are grown in space, they use frequencies to do that, but one thing I
did find in common with all the craft that I’ve seen and have investigated was they had crystals in them, some crystals
were made and some we don’t know where they came from, but the crystals are hard drives and now leads me back to you. Your consciousness can be taken out of your body and put into another shell and you can do that almost unlimited and
unlimited, you can’t live though forever ever, but you can live a really long age, so we can get you to a spot by
the time I left, they were able to keep people up to about 300 years of age and after that the brain couldn’t keep up
with everything and it started to deteriorate, so the brain was the only set back, the neurons and things like
this that would not grow and stay keen, but the bodies were still perfect, so a lot of these people still look like they
were 21, they were over 300 years of age. (Emery Smith)”
Conspiracy Revelation: 8.11.2019: Wow…you really bring up new astonishing stuff and informations.
“We found out was all through chemo Genesis and that’s life through chemicals this has been proven in the Marianas Trench at the volcanic vents where all these creatures are living and boiling water and stuff with no sunlight, so we are moving in that direction as a human civilization and eating will just be entertainment for us, you can actually
teletransport those proper chemicals and nutrients into your body to survive and that’s what right now they’re working on
for deep space exploration and when I came out with my system, the sea choir system and I was working at the Space
Coast Air Medical Institute as a contractor and they worked for NASA, contracted out by NASA, they were entertained of you know taking me up there and running some tests at the
space station on concentrating growth factors and things like that that would help the patient’s not lose so much bone density and muscle mass, thank goodness, at that time there was a huge budget cut and that project got put off three years, I say, it was a good thing, because my return flight was the flight that blew up over Texas. I found
out later through a very high official in the Navy and his wife that I was supposed to be on that one and everyone
on that craft was targeted. (Emery Smith)”
“Oh, this is great, so this is coming out and this is these devices where they put it on the body and it shoots a holographic image above you and you can manipulate it zoom in on your organ zoom and all the way on the cellular level, see if there’s a cancer cell and zap it with a frequency and it’s gone, all the VIPs are using have access to this technology unfortunately and I think in the future. Well,I know I in the future that everyone’s gonna have one of these tables or one of these small devices in every house, because self-diagnosis, the self treatment is where it’s going, sorry Docs. It’s not fair that organizations are teaching physicians only one way to do something and not giving you an opportunity for giving you a choice to do other things or not take medication and maybe take an herbal Chinese supplement instead that’s comparable to that and we’re getting in that direction and they’re really receptive to that, because I could charge a little bit more at the pharmacy and I gave them that idea. It’s best we get away from that stuff and start using more natural things yeah we you know we’re from we’re of eart but we’re not 100 percent from Earth so you know and that’s why it’s hard to be here for a lot of us so just be aware of that, but we’re highly adaptable the human body, the ETS think we’re the superheroes because we can you know every year we get stronger because we’re subjected to inoculations and these lights and this EMF stuff around me constantly under bombardment and it’s okay don’t need to be scared about all that, of course it’s going to be there, you have the ability and enact..activate certain parts of your brain to do amazing things and I’m hoping that will soon be released, so we can improve the quality of life. (Emery Smith)”
“Oh doggy, yeah, so here´s a typical “canine unit”, they use Mastiff genetics and some other things, these dogs have exoskeleton suits stick around 37 miles an hour, we equip them with cameras, all sorts of things, especially if there’s caves or tunnels. We send them in and they map though for two miles of this run straight through a tunnel and it Maps the whole tunnel, we can watch them as they’re going through and it’s mapping everything, videotaping everything so and then they turn around and come back, they also used to help us, because they can do a thing on their back, they they can pull a 300-pound person about a mile back to safety, if needed.
We made this being and it’s conscious and it’s a dog like your dog at home…they are utilizing in vitro and also
implanting.. embryos into normal dogs to grow special hybrid dogs for missions and when that happens they are infused with consciousness, just like any other baby clones, though are a little bit different and programmed life forms (PLFs), so if they’re cloning and making hybrid beings that are have circuitry in them, they are not conscious, so there are shells that you can also transfer the consciousness of that dog and we have the DNA of that dog and we can make and grow a cloned dog from that dog and infuse the consciousness into its DNA. (Emery Smith)”
“Well, that’s not my specialty, but I’ll just say my opinion is, consciousness comes into most living things, even if we we grow them and that’s all I can say about that and
consciousness can be transferred and we we know for a fact that your DNA has all your memories in it, so if we can just
save a piece of your hair and you want to later on get put into another body, this is going to be the future, but behind the physics and science of that, that’s beyond my paygrade. (Emery Smith)”
“That’s another.. good question, the whole thing with the spirit, the soul or many people have different terms for that,yeah, we’re not changing the consciousness, it’s already there, because even if you’re gone right now, your consciousness still is there in the universe, it’s here, it’s everywhere, because we’re all the same and we’re all sharing this consciousness, you follow me? Now alright, it’s not separate, but when they’re in the projects meddling with
extraterrestrial DNA, DNA from animals and plants from other systems and trying to mix it with humans and growing it in
a lab environment that’s the question, that we want we’re trying to figure out like where do they have a soul are they
were as the consciousness coming from is it just because they were born on earth or we are we grew them on earth the you
know clones that are 100% clones are conscious, they are people.. just like us and that’s already been done as
well…I don´t know, I just know the consciousness part that can do that …and the consciousness part of that recording of that crystal in your body goes on forever and it can be
recorded and put back into another being…It´s not public knowledge yet…That will be, I’m sure, a huge talk later on, when people do get the choice to choose to move on to
another shell. (Emery Smith)”
“That’s not up to me I can just talk about it and the reason I do these talks, it’s not only for you, it’s because a lot
of other important people around the world are listening to this and they want it out too and I’m talking about the Cabal and major corporations and since I’ve been coming forward and talking about it more and more things are being released so I think it’s up to us you know to talk about these things and and inspire these organizations and corporations to release this information and it’s happening but .. very slowly…yesterday someone stood up well I want
it now, well, I would too, but it doesn’t work that way and it’s not up to me it’s up to all of us and and it’s about
education and and and and including everyone and we cannot separate them, the Cabal, okay, we have to include the
political government and these things to get these amazing cures and things out…Yeah it´s very difficult. (Emery Smith)”
“Yeah.. it’s moving into the direction where we’re going away
from surgery and we’re using frequencies, because we are a
frequency and all your cells have different frequencies that make up your frequency which is recorded by the government, so they know where one’s out all the time which is fine, frequencies can be use as weapons and it also can be used to destroy the negative ionic bacteria and anything that has a
negative charge in your body, such as like cancers and
bacteria, so I used like the rife machine and things like this and someone also came up to me yesterday with an LED
medical cosmetic scan our system which I highly recommend, but you cannot order those…these things are really amazing things that are been used for a while all the astronauts get
to have one and now they’re available to the public, but you cannot order it from Russia or Germany directly into the
United States because they will take the circuit chip out of it and it’ll just be a TENS unit so they did open a business
in Canada so if you’re ever in Canada or over in Europe you can bring it back with you on the plane because they’re
gonna look at it and turn on and say okay they don’t know what it is. LET medical, it’s a skin cosmic energy device you can just look that up I highly recommend everyone should have one they’re quite costly but you know they can eliminate all sorts of things and you should take it, if you’re going to use it now just grab it and like stick it on your forehead.
It’s excellent – for the face we do a face lifts with it, it tightens up the muscles without having any injections or
surgery it’s le t medical it’s called a skinner cosmetic device there’s many different models LET, the only places you can get it without it being messed with, is from Canada or Europe… so it sends the transmissions and it reads your body and it knows “stem cell regenerations”, it stimulates some cytokines and other proteins in your body to help repair your body and it also eliminates pain pretty quickly, have you experienced that? A 8500 to 15000, depending what model you got, this is 7300. (Emery Smith)”

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