Vaccines won't work': US virologist breaks down COVID-19, how to curb spread

“Vaccines won’t work’: US virologist breaks down COVID-19, how to curb spread”
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“This virus is much more aggressive and much more lethal and
for every virus there is a certain level of lethality, there is a lethal dose that is how much of this virus you need
to have in your lungs before it kills you or before it makes you sick, with this virus it’s not very clear, it’s actually very disturbing. There have been some interesting reports that they’ve had people who are sick and they are cured,
they released them out of the hospital and then they got reinfected.”
“virus free and they go back to the community, it’s not your average SARS, it´s not your average MERS, many people, including me, we start calling it the very mysterious, very cryptic Virus, because we don’t understand and it and it doesn’t seem to only attack the lungs, it seems to also attack the heart and it seems also to attack the liver.”
“So we’re seeing interesting patterns not only old people or those with underlying health conditions actually develop this disease.”
“Now the elderly are really the first category that get affected a lot, because as we get older our immune system declines between the elderly and the adolescent to probably 50-60 years old, their lifestyles will dictate how vulnerable
they are to a virus, what they have observed which is very different to the MERS is the rate of infection of young is lower.”

“I think there are some fantastic people around the world, they are spending time dissecting that information and putting it together.”
“Vaccine is not going to help even if we have a vaccine today it’s not going to help I think people don’t realize that vaccines don’t work for every individual…vaccine is a preventative vaccine is really helping your immune system to
kick start.. your immune system is really what protecting you the vaccine list is just helping pointing to the immune system where to go…patient zero is really critical to tell us what were this what we call advantageous mutations..the virus has the key now to borrow, not just to borrow our
engine to borrow the whole body has an engine for the virus to spread..”
“As soon as those people land in Italy as an
example and get out of the airport now they’re gonna spread this thing everywhere, but as soon as you get into a
patient who are in the higher category of age and have underlying diseases you start the factory..but this Virus that woke up in Italy is much more aggressive than the one who left the plane from China, mutations, so when it woke up it mutated again and now it is much more aggressive, that what’s going on in Italy today we can plot it on an
exponential curve, it’s scary.”

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