Citizens issue Stand Down Order to authorities after nullifying and outlawing COVID regulations

“VANCOUVER: Citizens issue Stand Down Order to authorities after nullifying and outlawing COVID regulations
22.285 Aufrufe•31.08.2020”
“Hello this is Kevin Annett strong voice, it’s august 31st with a breaking news announcement, a sequel to our historic announcement that the covid regulations have been nullified
and outlawed by common law people’s assemblies on the
west coast of Canada and here’s the update, in a historic act of direct democracy people’s assemblies on Vancouver Island
have called upon civil and police authorities to stand down from enforcing covert regulations or be charged with partaking in a criminal conspiracy against the health and the liberty of the people, earlier this week the same assemblies
defied covet regulations by issuing a public safety bylaw that outlaws social distancing quarantining masking and mandatory vaccinations as unhealthy unlawful and unwarranted
measures, under this law anyone who tries to impose covid regulations can face imprisonment and fines within
common law courts established by these assemblies,
now these bylaws and orders were issued by two assemblies
in Parksville and Victoria, British Columbia and they set the pattern across Canada. Now people in over 90 canadian communities have come forward and asked for help in setting up the same assembly so similar bylaws banning the coveted
restrictions can be passed, now the thing to remember about this latest announcement is it’s actually standing telling the authorities to stand down that is we’re not simply doing this as a defense of action, we’re going on the offensive against these tyrannical powers and saying: you will not operate anymore according to the way you’ve been going up till now this in short is a declaration of independence from the system, we are taking the power back we the people are establishing the laws and the jurisdiction…To quote John St
John, a founder of the Parksville common law assembly we’ve drawn a line and told the government that enough is enough, when the system becomes lawless, it’s up to the people to reestablish justice,. we’re calling on the police to enforce this by law or we will.”
“news of these actions have spread like wildfire around canada and the world prompting hundreds of canadians to come
forward to volunteer for this movement to establish the common law republic and this resistance is now being coordinated and led by a national council of common law assemblies whose aim is to establish a sovereign republic in Canada.”

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