Targeted individuals learn about the power of Shungite! EMF protection mineral stone

“Targeted individuals learn about the power of Shungite! EMF protection mineral stone”
“Hello everyone this is a call to actions it is Sunday April 15 2018 and your host today are myself Kimberly Schultz and Bobby Vaughn jr. greetings our guest today is Nancy Hopkins I should say returning guests and we look to see last time that we interviewed you is back almost exactly four years ago in 2014, so we are very happy to hear about all the things that have happened since
then primarily we wanted to focus on some of the stuff you’re doing with the shunga and the bees and I’m gonna go ahead and introduce our guest she is a previous u.s. army intelligence officer that was trained in the concepts of the electronic battlefield and electronic warfare where EMF and Wi-Fi frequencies are the critical component to war , it’s very relevant today, it took decades to
realize electronic warfare was not just being used against perceived enemies it was also being conducted on the…civilian population from spying on everyone to attacking the population energetically with the telecommunications network there has been a silent invisible enemy unleashed by the financial industrial complex that is either doing it with purpose or just
does not care for the health consequences of their actions and we’re specifically a little bit concerned with the 5g that they’re really pushing out today.”
“It´s not fourth generation of Wi-Fi it’s a brand new technology it’s based on millimetre instead of what you have is a Wi-Fi frequency and it’s it cannot be allowed to be and it’s turned on you turn it on kiss yourself goodbye
because this was developed by the Army as a weapon against people and the politicians that have said yeah yeah
yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah but you know well I’m gonna tell you the only way to stop this is to stop the politicians and people say to me look what shungite change it I said you don’t understand shungite can change the the frequency
the the the actual structure of an electromagnetic wave but it does not change it I said you don’t understand shungite can change the the frequency the actual structure of an electromagnetic wave but it does not affect functionality and so the functions are still there otherwise that nobody would be buying our product if
all of a sudden you put it on your phone doesn’t work well we’re not gonna do well even if I had a product it could
change that field because it’s millimetre you know if you go out and you look and you see where a cell tower

if the telecommunications company wants to do something and they have protected that it’s control they can get inside your mind if I had if I had 5g right right now in around me they could push a button and kill me period they know that much about us the smart meter when the smart meter and that’s the critical part of it you know who knew the smart meter every 12 minutes or something it sends out a signal that goes all around the house and it takes readings of every single thing you’ve gotten it plugged in and on top of that they have these other
this other ability to be able to determine who’s in the room and are they sick or depressed or are they happy and healthy they can tell that by a signal and you as an electronic warfare officer with the highest clearances you can get in this country at the time now this is way back in the 70s I knew this was possible and if that was in the 70s and we’re here now you can only imagine what they can do this cannot be allowed this is look this is the line in the sand 5g you guys let this come on and it’s kiss yourself goodbye you will not have any more control you know that’s why we we are working so hard to make people understand the dangers of this and to be honest with you I went out and I started talk because they they caught me by surprise they were putting these things and secretly I didn’t realize it all of a sudden I’m going wait a minute what are they doing and so I kind of freaked out and I said because I have my own radio show shows and I just started you know you can’t do this you can’t do this and now there are so many people that have heard the message not just from me but from others but that this may be the thing that makes the difference …. you went too far because I see the science says these things are dangerous there’s no saying no it isn’t it’s a microwave just like the microwave oven what happens when you turn a microwave
oven on it takes out all of the moisture inside whatever you’re cooking… stepped away for a second but the one of
my friends had bought a smart car and it was her health was rapidly deteriorating and she went to the doctor and he said sell the car it’s killing you so when you see and that’s exactly what she did she got rid of the car her health came back but that technology was killing her and this is that a silent deadly weapon that we cannot see and then we don’t know what’s going on around us unless we are sensitive to energy and we can say something’s not right in my environment what can I do to protect myself and maybe all these people that are getting sick and dying of cancer ,maybe it’s actually this electronic warfare that’s bringing these people to the place of sick health and death at the hands of these people that you can’t see that are pulling the strings so the point you know in having this
conversation is what’s going on how can we stop 5g how can we protect ourselves while we’re dealing with what we have on our plate right now and talking about this is about a solution how can we protect ourselves and have the benefits of shungite in our environment right now I’d have to say before 5g is actually implemented in full before it’s turned on so to speak we can protect ourselves by using shungite once we directly take action against 5g if it gets to the point they may have to be disassembled physically by us and you know that’s really risky..because if it gets to the point of life and death our country the world it’s not just about the country it’s about the planet and survival of the human species so we may have to take it to the next level and take direct action against these and disassemble them ourselves actually I think that I think there’s a more practical way of doing it and that okay because what happened is that in Hawaii the they tried to bring the smart meters in and there were people there
that realize the dangers and they also realized right off the bat that they had no they had no legal right to be able to stop it because of the kind of things that they that the politicians have put in place… the property owner cannot stop a cell tower from going into their property now that’s insane okay… I’m 70 years old I don’t have any kids to protect but I’m probably going to get incarnated back here and I damn well don’t want to go back into that society that’s gonna have everybody transhumanized AI and walking around like robots. 5g is really the big step in creating a hive mind for autonomous robots roaming the streets it’s pretty much their communication network a Skynet setup pretty much. Skynet being the terminator people.”
Johnny Aingel: vor 1 Monat: Dont under estimate the power of GOD.
Tararyze 11: vor 1 Woche: It’s HARMONIZING..NOT ABSORBING.
TraceTalk: vor 2 Wochen: Actually, the critical missing piece in this is that we live in a magnetic universe where energy is created as a by-product.
Mike Sloan: vor 1 Tag: Attenuate does dot mean change in relation to radio signals, it means to lessen, which is a “change” I suppose, but a specific type of change, to reduce or lessen.

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