Former DOD Contractor Bryan Tew Discusses Conscious Computers & Mind Control

“Former DOD Contractor Bryan Tew Discusses Conscious Computers & Mind Control”
“Am 16.04.2016 veröffentlichtDescription: Former Department of Defense Contractor Brian Tew discusses how conscious computers interact with the targets brain wave activity for mind control purposes.”
“Rai Jo
I agree with everything EXCEPT that is does not work on Christians. I have been through hell from “Christians Demon Perps” they are children of hell. Christians are UNDER THIS TYPE OF MIND CONTROL big time. I know this technology is used in churches under the guise of the “Holy Spirit” Do not be deceived, it is everywhere. Christian churches and congregations play a big role in this technology. Also false vs true God is also fake. Jesus was nowhere to be found when I was being tortured to death. Once I left the church, the very place where the torture started, most of it has subsided, only dealing with RNM via implants.
You are so right with everything else, they try very hard to convince me that I have royal blood and that is why I was targeted, also trying to get me to marry into certain bloodlines, not buying any of it. NONE!!!! I AM A LOGICAL practical person.”
“Stormy Daze
The perps have no idea that their day in the sun will come. We are the beta tests. Everyone will be a TI someday.
vor 8 Monaten•4
dylan veteto
If you don’t accept the mark of the beast i.e. Satan is God, than you will be tortured into accepting it.”
This guy knows a lot and is knowledgeable, but he’s totally stuck on only the tech and does not acknowledge the spiritual aspect of this which makes him very close minded and negative.”
I’d like to say that because of a person like Dr. Robert Duncan and others – we targeted individuals have proof of these technologies to back us up. I also highly recommend books by Renee Pittman M. who wrote Remote Brain Targeting, Covert Technological Murder; You are not my Big Brother – and others. I have read one and it is excellent. This must be stopped as children are being hit with directed energy weapons as has been reported already…parents absolutely need to know about this technology as their children will be the ones affected the most! thank you and God Bless…
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“anne parmaktiar
LadyT …how can public schools be forced to impose the education of satellite energy technology! This is very real, getting parents, teachers and the social system to discuss it, could change the health and spirit of our communities!”
Read King James Version Ezekiel 13:17-23, the childhood vaccines are being used to steal the souls of children. the Pentagon is also designing a vaccine that specifically targets the GOD GENE … destroying the soul will make it much easier to map the brains of people. It is critical that we shut down the vaccination program … when reading the scripture Ezekiel 13:17-23, think ‘sewing pillows to all armholes’ as a cotton ball used when vaccinating and those ‘that fly’ as autistic children.”
“Donna Taliercio
Brian this is hard to understand. But Im in horrific pain. Ppl hitting me with cars. Alot of angry ppl everywhere i turn. yellows new color.
vor 7 Monaten•1”
“Lin Files
This has changed my life.. just when you thought you’ve exhausted every rabbit hole, this one takes the cake! This explains it all. This all sounds exactly like spiritual warfare that we go through but this may be where the attacks are coming from. This is why wise Christians have the victory. Many people will have a hard time believing this. Even today after having a breakthrough learning from this video, I got fired by one of my clients who pushed the envelope on boundaries. What timing huh? He’s been trying to get a reaction from me for a long time. I’m still happy because I know Jesus has the best plan and protection for my life. ”

Bryan Tew
The RNM System is engaged in a tactic called CENSORSHIP, which is the first category of CIA/DIA TRAUMA BASED MIND CONTROL, forcing me into a continuous abusive pattern of thought to disrupt the cognitive effect of the Christian content which is breaking brain entrainment with their RNM system and DEPATTERNING the satanic ritual abuse contained within the neuroprogramming.
Any set of brain waves can be captured, held and replayed over and over in a perpetual looping pattern to interrogate and harass the victim with no other intention than to distract and torture the victim into submission to the systems influence. This is the second category of CIA/DIA TRAUMA BASED MIND CONTROL and is called MEMORY MANAGEMENT and means the blocking of real memories and injecting with fabricated and falsified memories to modify the victims ACTIVE MEMORY in real time at speed of light as the victim is formulating his thoughts and preparing to speak, act, etc.
It uses pain, drowsiness, etc., to accomplish this as well. Interestingly, it is attempting to create delusions of grandeur (falsified memories) each time I listen to Christian music. The objective is to disenfranchise the Trauma Based Mind Control victim from his faith and belief system (religion). Happening everyday and night.
This is a common break down tactic of belief systems and the human will. In no-touch torture the techniques are more psychologically specialized for each target. It is just a mechanism to alter belief systems for control and experimentation.
Repetition is an important neural linguistic programming interrogation tactic to influence the target mind. During the breakdown process, threats to kill and to torture the target (fear of death) and target’s family or friends are common. Repetitious questioning and breakdown phrases are automated in both the physical and no-touch versions of torture.
With CENSORSHIP the objective is to use repetition to disrupt the victims continuity of thought and/or to erase short term memory to stop the musical content, etc., from defeating their technology.
An interesting technology that is used for no-touch torture is called chatter bots. Chatter bots, an artificial special language intelligence program, automate much of the repetition so that the interrogators don’t drive themselves crazy during the neural linguistic torture and programming phases. Let us not forget the Chinese Water Torture, a single drop of water on the forehead of the detainee for months. Repetition is a form of torture.
It is also a form of Sensory Overload and Sensory Deprivation which is a technique of overloading or depriving the trauma based mind control victim of sensory stimulus and is ubiquitous in torture around the world not just with CIA/DIA Mind Control technologies. Using organized stalkers to create a hostile environment everywhere the victim goes so that the victim is forced into his/her home, apartment, etc., into an isolated environment, is a form of Sensory Deprivation. The technology works best in such situations where there is no external interference (stimuli) so that the victims brain is forced to internally focus or internalize on the neuroprogramming. This is why they stalk me so heavily in church. They must prevent the victim from building support networks. Any conversations or situations which develop that are random or chaotic in nature interferes with their technology.
Targets of no-touch torture often hear endless tinnitus which is designed as a basic ‘DENIAL OF SERVICE’ designed to interfere with the trauma based mind control victims normal memory and thought process. So when your hear the tinnitus the RNM System and Hive Mind Teams are not targeting you with remote neural manipulation. When you do not hear the tinnitus they are targeting your memory and thought process.
This is because Trauma Based Mind Control training research and development is achieved in segments as they simply do not possess the storage capacity to capture hold and store – for the purposes of remote neural manipulation- in real time every single thought pattern of the millions of victims who are actively targeted with this technology.
September 2 2017″

Bryan Tew
To others they could nothing more than abstract symbols. It depends not on the math but on the interpretation of that math. There is no way you can explain your environment to others who don’t understand those symbols just like you cant fully explain yourself to others or yourself to yourself because you were created by others, who were created by others, etc., who created the abstract symbols which we call math. But where did those creators come from?
If I were to show you an invention you had never seen before you would not be able to tell me what it is, its purpose or meaning. Only the owners manual (Bible) could explain it. Without God life is meaningless! Which came first…the Chicken or the Egg? Answer: Neither!
Before He created autonomous systems we called life, which are self creative, He knew you and me. What has happened is not a war between good and evil (Zorastrianism) but a contest for the Souls (Will, Intellect and Emotion) of Men which will decide their spiritual destiny…
Hyper Game Theory, right? Math provides a perpetual higher optimum, but that math is nothing more than an abstract creation of man to help him explain his environment. God is a mathematician as well, and has provided you with a ‘Higher Optimum’ which the Prince of Darkness referred to in Isaiah 14 & Ezekiel 28 as existing in the outermost “reaches (sides) of the North”.
Explain to me the meaning of ‘Love’ and where it comes from? You cannot, even the so called seven vectors of the brain don’t fully explain it and at the end of the day every meaningful explanation given by one scientist can be countered by another. It is not the Soul, but the Compass of the Soul (spirit) from which ‘Love’ is derived, as well as grief, remorse, regret, compassion, etc.
I am not trying be Philosophical with you, and I don’t have graduate degrees of any kind. As I was 3 months away from graduating from law school with honors I finally collapsed in a nervous breakdown from this technology. All I am saying is that its not about the math, or you or me. Its about God.
The symbols we call ‘Math’ will never help mankind find the origin, purpose, or meaning of life…etc.
A Theologian once got lost in the mountains. When he stopped to ask for directions he was told by the mountaineer, ‘You cant get there from here. You must start at the other side of the mountain’. Dr. ……., ‘Friend of Humanity’ (targeted individuals), one must start at the other side of the mountain….PURPOSE DRIVEN LIFE….”
“Regenia Mc
I agree with you that the church is heavy into this program I have been attacked by the church with gang stalking and they are also heavy into the kundalini spirit functioning in the church.”
“Iaman Empoweredone
Rai Jo, i have a deep testimony of Christ. I have fasted and prayed about this over the last three years (two and three day fasts) ive lost count. The only answers i have recieved so far for myself is #1…that i must endure this.
#2… That i need to learn as much as i can about frequencies and how they affect me.
#3… I should write everything down about what is happening to me.
I have no idea what this is all about, but i do know that it is happening to me. I have been reluctant to write too much because how i view this activity changes from hour to hour, day to day, week to week, and so on. The more i learn and listen to others experience, the faster it changes.
I have learned to become more spontaneous, at times i flip a coin to make decisions… Small decisions. Sometimes ill flip three times so even i dont know which choice i will make.
vor 1 Monat•1″

Michael K
Rai Jo Going to a ” physical” church is not necessarily where Jesus Christ is found. Believers of Christ are The Church. Many people that operate or attend church aren’t always TRUE Believers of Christ. People can be RELIGIOUS and not Spiritually know God. The main opposition that Jesus faced during his ministry, came from the RELIGIOUS leaders of his day. Since I have grown more spiritually conscious in developing a relationship w/God thru Jesus Christ, The Spirit of God has given me more grace & patience & love in dealing with this demonic nightmare
vor 1 Monat”
“J Y
I believe I was subjected to this for many years but the technology has been made available to grass roots citizenry. My observations they can’t read your mind with accuracy but that they can guess what you are thinking through thought pattern recognition. What I think they can read is the manipulated thoughts they injected into your mind and, if you do not know yourself, you will not readily realise the thoughts are notreally your own! (vi) They are on a quest to change your personality if you have good traits/talents that they do not themselves naturally possess.
Some people don’t realise there is a heavy use of sorcery in this program. It is a sophisticated weave of truth (the actual technology) and lies (the manipulation of data they garner). The Word of God states that Satan is a liar/deceiver. I believe it is the injection of power from Satan and his demons that makes the technology as effectively evil as it appears to us.
BUT, Jesus is bigger than the devil who created this. By staying focused on Him despite how hard they make it, I have been blessed to watch my Saviour defeat my enemies – even
through their own weapons (not literally of course but their weapons exposed their own half-truths, lies and slander. In my village, the devils that control them and their friends cause them to gather nearby and make a lot of noise like dogs to intimidate me but prayer causes them to disperse. They come back when they forget – which they do easily.
Now that I know they can see what I see, I take the opportunity to make them read the Word of God which will hopefully help some to repent but which will testify against most of them in the judgment: God will get His Word through to them – again through their weapons! God has a sense of humor and the Word states that He laughs at the wicked because He sees that their day is coming. Once in a while I remind them about how God used their own technology to defeat them!
People, this battle is the Lord’s as we are powerless against the advances being made. All the Lord wants us to do is to obey Him and diligently study His love letter to us. By the power of His Holy Spirit, He will place us at an advantage over the best the haters of God’s righteousness will bring against us. Rest in Him and you will learn not to even consider them.”
“uclamotte -Wisdom Core
As satanically awful as this mobbing stalking program is currently, I would rather know about it being on the semi-ground floor level than to be clueless like the 300 million US citizens who are still wearing their rose colored misguided patriotic glasses. For us as current targeted individuals, we already have knowledge on how far this corrupted government will go to violate human rights and can prepare ourselves accordingly, mentally and spiritually, before this satanical program evolved into becoming an ultimate beast consuming everything in its pathway. To those who have yet to awakened, it will be a..rude awakening that will surely leave them more vulnerable to the government’s slave mind control fear tactic, simply because the sheeple won’t even have time to know what hit them!”
.. he’s for real, because I’m going through the same shit. A hospital is using me as a test subject..And they are big on neuro research… ”
anne parmaktiar
As far as religion is suspected, satanic concepts come from or originated from catholic and polytheistics, I know this because I have been a 15 year target and have suffered from voice to skull since 2010 herendiously, much of the mind handlers operate on schemes called satanic diversity and just torture programs and artificial ego is hurting our natural character, our hearts have been prevented from crying! These satanic diversity mind handlers are abominable Catholics…”
“Elaine Traugott
anne parmaktiar I am starting to agree about the Catholic thing, my family is Catholic and they are doing this in my head for three years now that I’m aware of..”
This program during its stages has done concentrated research on every single religion and culture. It has studied war. It has studied human relationships. It’s developed algorithms and programs based on anything. Voodoo. High school bullying. Christian or other religious zeal. Race to race relations. Police to public. Everything is a game or a simulation during the attack. It mimics. Mimicking is its way to develop the programs further based on responses. When you don’t respond d to typical responses you would naturally be red flagged. Some TIs act as if they are succumbing to a level they’re mastered to accept that targeting to prevent the change to the new program. But it’s stages of coping. But recognizing you are targeted you must realize as the hardest challenge acceptance and communicating it to prevent further targeting. But it’s the most important transition.”
dylan veteto
I was targeted voice to skull with the mind control technologies and was a winner of the mind control program. In 2016 I was extended an offer of $300,000,000 up front along with $200,000 a year contract to work for the illuminati on the mind control program. I was recruited by president Obama himself in which I was conditioned for three hours in preparation before we spoke. I have a story that would shock the world to its core. I am not a fake. My story is the truth and there is much more to be told. I am the real deal and am willing to share my story. I have suffered probably the worst level of mind control ever, with voice to skull at its highest level, and thought manipulation tactics bc I turned down the offer of working for the shadow government. I remember everything that happened to me and am looking for the right audience to tell my story. Feel free to get ahold of me. I have plenty of information that would help to inform targets regarding the topic of Mind Control. This video is probably the most informative video on the mind control program. The mind control program is most definitely a precursor for the beast system spoken of in Revelations.”
“Bryan Tew 1 year ago:
Notice how this Chatterbox government perpetrator provocateur allegedly named ‘Oona Craig’ keeps saying “Bryan Tew said” when Bryan Tew never said anything like that. This has nothing to do with Jews. It is the CIA DoD operatives at work. What this ‘Oona Craig’ is doing is a government tactic to discredit the video. it is called MISDIRECTION & MISINFORMATION.
Shane Hurren
9 months ago (edited)
While some people saying issues about Jews are lying agents provocateurs…. there is a true Zionist agenda behind this. I know. I am being targeted by them. I truly believe this is a part of Jewish culture, it is Talmudic. The people stalking and following me go right up to the top of Silicon Valley and into Wall Street and 90% of them are Jews. The ones who do the local stalking can be anyone, but, even many of these are Jews. See my twitter: Once people realize this is a part of Freemasonry, the Stasi and Israel, they can see the connections:
Remember, Jews were the predominate group who started the Cheka, which led to the Stasi and is now a part of Homeland Security. The Stasi caled themselves “proud” Chekists.
8 months ago
Yea, they are Jews, and into Romania what they are ? I´m TI for 13 years, so they pretend to be all the cults and occults environments.”

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