German Government Moves to Regulate Telegram in Order to Curb “Corona Disinformation”

Conspiracy Revelation: 29.9.2021: Nonsense Politicians who have the intelligence level of a stone… not to be taken seriously. For the most part: The only criminals are those behind Gov-Agencies. “For your Security” aka “Für ihre Sicherheit” (the same with “Work makes Free” aka “Arbeit macht frei” (both the ultimate oxymorons) – the fake slogan of all criminal and genocidal Governments – on Facebook they gave you even a 30 days ban for it – because it hurts the feelings of fragile egos and bootlicking NWO Ultra-Fascistic Zionazi-Bolshevics.

“German Government Moves to Regulate Telegram in Order to Curb “Corona Disinformation””

SUNDAY, SEP 26, 2021 – 11:28
Social media has become the vanguard for big tech’s censorship of any journalism, science, or free speech which challenges the narratives cast by the governments and their mainstream media conduits through big tech’s hegemony. Time and time again, although alternatives to platforms like Twitter, YouTube, Reddit, et al. have arisen, they’ve been condemned, if not entirely shutdown. In most instances, these crackdowns have typically been abstract and unfounded assertions that alternative social media platforms are “disseminating misinformation” or “being used by domestic terrorists” despite no tangible proof to substantiate those outrageous claims being uncovered. To date, Parler’s removal from Amazon’s web hosting services as well as the Google Play and Apple App stores has put been the most high profile instance of this big tech censorship. Now, Telegram takes center stage as the most recent target of this assault against free speech.

German government officials have recently called for the messaging app to be reclassified as a social media platform so that it can be subject to strict regulations set forth under the country’s Network Enforcement Act. According to the German government the act which was signed into law in 2017 “aims to combat hate crime, criminal fake news and other criminal content on social media platforms more effectively.” The act charted new territory by imposing legal compliance standards for social networks. Among the regulations enacted by the law is a statutory reporting requirement for providers of social networks. Companies and their individual employees tasked with adhering to that obligation are subject to fines if they fail to meet those rigid regulatory requirements. The law also requires social media platforms to delete content which the act deems is criminal.

As a messaging app, Telegram is not currently subject to those regulations. If it were up to Georg Maier, Interior Minister for the German State of Thuringia, that would change immediately. Maier has called for an immediate reclassification of Telegram as a social media platform.. calls for the reclassification of Telegram as a social media platform, stating that the app now functions in a manner where it qualifies under the bylaws set forth by the Network Enforcement Act. If Telegram was indeed reclassified in this manner, it would give the German government significant leverage in censoring critics of the global coronaviruses measures and any other dissent in the same manner that mainstream social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, and others do.”


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