Aliens/Other Dimensional Beings need Earth Chemtrailed

“Aliens/Other Dimensional Beings need Earth Chemtrailed”

“Bluegill Phil: vor 2 Tagen: This is not the same Earth as the one I grew up on 50+ years ago.”
“SkyArt: vor 2 Tagen: Im out 7 hours in the sun every day yet im having to take a high dose of vit D prescribed by my doctor for my deficiency!!”
“VancouverCanucksRock: vor 2 Tagen: I’d love to know what the Sheep say about that.”
“Scotty: vor 2 Tagen: SkyArt Dude, was thinking the same thing. I just got my blood tested, and the only thing wrong is my vitamin D. I literally just picked up a prescription for vitamin D for the first time. I take multivitamins already too, and still need it.
Ormus Book: vor 2 Tagen: Me too, a test every year for the past 3 years. 13 18 22. And I live in Fl! Should be 28-32. Doc says really should be 40 – 50. I take high doses of D, 50,000u every week Now trying 5 a month to see if it goes up.. Doc does not know why I am chronic low… I do.”
“Corey Rogers: vor 2 Tagen: Quantum mechanics and d-wave is another Einsteinian trick to get you to submit to the new E.I. Evil intelligence.”
“JayeBird: vor 2 Tagen (bearbeitet): Tesla UFO’s. lol I finally got about 45 minutes of direct sunlight this morning, FINALLY!!! Felt so good too! They’re destroying our atmosphere to make the lands beyond the Artic inhabitable, for themselves!”
“Stacey Vitale: vor 2 Tagen: When I finally emerged from my cage at work yesterday, I saw the sky and wanted to scream! The trails were so bad yesterday, it makes me so mad!”
“Dustin Alan: vor 2 Tagen: L.A Marzuli is a zionist pawn in the same club as steve quayle and tom horn.”
Tony Canaris: vor 2 Tagen: Prove it!”
“Dustin Alan: vor 2 Tagen: @Tony Canaris Proof is in the pudding. They all Love Israel.”
“Ruth Freiderich: vor 1 Tag:
The bible says in the end times the sun will be darkened.”
“Craig Wolfe: vor 2 Tagen: D=4th letter, 4th dimension, which is time. Hack time, travel through the matrix/ womb/doorway. Or the tsunami of demons\ the pit of hell opens.”
“Humans Zuck: vor 2 Tagen: The worst thing is nobody can escape it! Nowhere in the world Is safe! All the crap they’re dumping doesn’t stay in the atmosphere, it’s in our soils, waters, on and in our food and we breathe it all in.
People don’t want to acknowledge it, oh well, I guess…”
“Natanael Gonzalez: vor 6 Minuten: We as Christians are supposed to bring the kingdom of God to Earth, we should start right now.”
“BB_TRUTH: vor 2 Tagen (bearbeitet): A lot of the super rich are going underground.”
“lOve Will be forever: vor 2 Tagen: Heavy chemtrails in Minneapolis yesterday, feel sick.”
“Lydia Harvey: vor 2 Tagen: They also have their under ground bunkers they have been stocking up.”
“Robert Travis: vor 2 Tagen: Some of us after 2012 got left behind,…NO JOKE. time reset.”
“i feel like ryan: vor 2 Tagen: And maybe some of us humans will be turned into worker androids meant to serve “them” along with the 100% mechanical AI bots.”

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