Switzerland is The Synagogue of Satan

“Switzerland is The Synagogue of Satan”
“And it needed a central bank of all the central banks, so to transfer all the stolen money of honest americans from the federal reserve, which is a central bank of america into the central bank of all the central banks the BIZ (Bank of International Settlements) ..and at the head of it it was Hitlers Bank, it was the Nazi Bank..Hitlers Banker, 32.Degree Masons, so the Nazis never persecuted the Masons, it´s all a lie, actually, while they persecuted maybe some lower degrees, the real ones they didn´t, and with this they financed the incredible rise of the German War Industry, with the money..of Americans and their savings…we need the Information, it is important…it´s the only weapon we have. (Sean HRoss)”
“The Head of the Snake is the financial system, we can argue til the end of time about who runs the word… Is it the Jesuits, is it the reptilians, is it the illuminati, is it the freemasons, we can on and on about this.. the mechanism is finance, the whole point of finance is to endebt otherwise to enslave. With the infinity supply of money..and With that money -from their psychopathic point of view- they have bought everything and everyone who can be bought, so those who cannot be bought, because we operate on a level that
goes way beyond the material, we are not rewarded for such behavior, we are punished for such behavior. And the most disgustingly…criminal..corrupt individuals those are the ones that are rewarded in system which is upside down.”
“Listen to the lessons of Jesus Christ, if you are a Christian, who got really pissed of when he went to the Temple and saw what the money changers were doing. Let´s take back control of the issue of money and not just only on national level, but on every countries level…In were it really truly benefits the people…and live in a state of abundance…Rockefellers and the Rothschilds work very close together and this began in the late 1800s..he found a way to unite with the Rockefellers and they were no longer competitors.”
“Taxation & Templars”
“If you see a candidate elected you know there is jewish money behind him…that´s how I define the Jewish Agenda, it´s all about jewish money… the Jews fears nothing more than Christianity, because Christianity points the finger at Jews…All the Rothschilds are running the show with, Corporate Power ans the Jews, Judea, Masonry and the Ruins of Europe…they have got all kinds of cooperation.
Well, the Illuminati are the Rothschilds…these 2 buildings in Israel were built by the Rothschils.”
“Switzerland is The Synagogue of Satan, do your homework! There are three things enslaving every man, woman and child on this planet. 1.] Bank for International Settlements (Basel, Switzerland) 2.] Bank of England (London, England) & 3.] Federal Reserve System (Washington, D.C.). Just view in the language of gematria the words Templars vs. Taxation (Same Words).
Follow Dr. Sean Hross and his lifelong research of the Swiss “Octagon” Army of Masonic Templars of the European Pharaohs.
The most important information you can know is your British Empire’s Animal Farm “Birth Certificate” printed name decoded in the 13 key Masonic ciphers. Everyone is Kabbalah coded. The second is your blood type and that information is also encoded in your birth name. You say it’s hard to believe…, well telling you it’s a FACT.!”

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