5G, DEW, AI and Humanity Extinction Events

“5G, DEW, AI and Humanity Extinction Events”

“Directed Energy Weapon / Target Individual Patents”
“Folks these are the patents they use to torture us,
here they are, right here, do you want to go through them, there’s hundreds of them, look at this 9800 62, here’s the names of the guys that invented it, the torture devices and what they’re using. You don’t think touchless torture exists
I did a three-hour documentary on this it exists folks and many many more of us are getting tortured with psychotronic
weaponry 94-92 1990. This is how long they´ve had this stuff, but look at the list folks, look at all the frequency
ranges they have look at all the patents they have, are you kidding me? You’re gonna tell me that touchless
torture psychotronic weaponry is not being used it’s not being targeted all think again and then think about what this all means for the future of our children. Deagel.com, now I wasn’t aware it they updated this 2018 to 2025, but
this is, most of you know about the deagel.com genocide report and apparently it’s been it’s been validated
as a credible intelligence agency gathering for this depopulation.”


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