Jeff Rense and Dean Henderson – Our Soulless Digital Feudal Society…An Overview

“Zionists and Nazis are the same thing, okay, that’s what people don’t understand. I mean Hitler made Israel possible and he was there for a reason to do what he did and there’s the same thing but the … supremacist Nazi ideology starts with the British aristocracy and I mean the Tudor family owns the Pentagon, okay, newsflash, I mean our Pentagon has been hijacked, our countries have been
hijacked yeah that is this oligarchy this global oligarchy with lizard Anunnaki Nephilim what everyone call it hybrid bloodlines that that you know settled in Venice moved to London..and there knowledge is connected with all these creeps all of the world where it’s a Saudi royal family or the Israelis or oh is that a vile bunch a bunch and they’re just bloodthirsty and they live on blood sacrifice they live on war they live on destruction they’re not even from this planet they want to get out of here apparently and go back to their shithole planet where they’re from but they’re marching out the Nazis right now it’s like out in your face so that’s why bolt can just say you know things like although we’re just going to get the Venezuelan oil and just say it and and just hoping ly sponsor this coup I mean back in the day at least they had to hide it because there’d be some resistance in the United States against it they don´t have to do that anymore that’s what Trump is he’s just out of the closet he’s like here we are this is what we really are and I’m their representative take it or leave it you…screw you… I’m the greatest guy in
the world you know and and then on the other side he triggers these fake lefty Soros funded people who come out and just do crazy stuff..This is why Cambridge analytica and the British
intelligence, the mi6 the first secret society in the history of the world, this is why they put Trump in power and they did put him in power and they and… they made
sure he got in power because they knew if they could get this over Nazi in power and then they could trigger this fake left and pull my closet and ..these are the cowards who lit
GateKeepers for people like me that are real left the whole time they’ve been gatekeepers you know they’ll smile on your face and they’ll stab me in the back as soon as you turn around just
like they did Tulsi Gabbard two weeks ago we saw that at NBC which is a General Electric ozone General Electric is a crown agent there are subsidiary at crown agency Corporation just like you
know and they just attacked her viciously because she represents the old-school real left were the left cared about anti-war they cared about working people and things like that concrete you
know working-class things and not this transgender gay rights gun control BS…and so it’s just dividing the country like I’ve never seen before and I’m telling you this is 9/11 started okay another crown agency corporation subsidiary securacom had the contract for security on this on the World Trade Center Marlon Bush was a CEO of the company George Bush’s brother they mined those
elevator shafts and the bomb those buildings and took him down like a pancake that’s what happened and they closed those floors.. and that was a British Crown attack, these bankers, these oligarchs, these people that hijacked our country already 1933 when we went out the gold standard and went bankrupt and you know went over to the Virginia corporation…and the main goal is to destroy America…because they know we are the main resistance to the New World Order. (Dean Henderson)(2019)”
“They want everybody mixed together and and it’s just not going to be that much easier to control people um so that’s why they’re pushing the cultural diversity and all this garbage under this pretty language that’s just actually inverted freemason language where they take a good word they just turn into a really bad concept which they do all the time now they’re just non-stop lying to people..and now the technological attack has begun, it began about the same time as 9/11 which is interesting.. the internet came about then computers before that not many and so you look at what’s going on who put up with all the cell towers that spread the Wi-Fi everywhere which is a you know 2.4 gigahertz which is the oxygen absorption rate in into your body cellular rate operates at the same rate as I’m sorry water absorption rate into your body so they’re dehydrating the hell out of everybody right already and have been and who’s putting up the towers mostly crown castle corporation…this is what I want to stress so much is that this is a City of London attack on America across the board, you look at General Electric loans MSNBC MSNBC that piece of trash you look at.. the funding comes from Lockheed Martin and Raytheon and and but General Electric is also crown agents, so the also General Electric built all the nuclear reactors, they built all the smart meters I know cause all the fires in Northern California they blew up from the inside all they had to do is push a button and proof evaporation all the trees still stand on the perimeter this right like they’re supposed to be but the house has just gone everything’s gone, the people’s bodies burn it you can’t even find them…so .. Lockheed Martin, another crown agency corporation subsidiary where the logo is a five star Pentagon pentagram thing you know same old stuff building the trans you know they’re building the trans human robots and the cyborgs and and then you have Silicon
Valley which is you know funded by the Saudis, so the old paymaster for the CIA and then British intelligence that’s been their role that’s the quid pro quo …you fund their covert operations will buy oil, will leave your little single-family monarchy alone, we won’t touch you and, so yeah, Softbank in Silicon Valley is being funded mostly by the Saudi…it´s a covert operation against the people of the planet, that´s what Silicon Valley is, so Amazon has a 600 million dollar contract with the CIA, we find out last week to do this cloud nice…and that’s what we know about
know about another guy from Microsoft… executives saying there’s an NSA building it’s called on Microsoft’s campus … and so this whole tech thing I mean people have to understand it that it was weaponized from the beginning…all KULTRA researched how to mind-control people and then they realized there’s this cybernetics and how they can mass mind-control people and guess how they
can do it… it’s in everybody’s house it’s an internet it’s a World Wide Web the spider got you, you’re in it we’re all in it we were in a fight on it while it’s here … but it is a weapon and now … with the 5g coming out it’s the same story so just you look across the word and all these different attacks… whether it’s 9/11 oh and by the way Kennedy assassination was also British’s in my book big oil all the research… mi6 parlance. (Dean Henderson)(2019)”
“England and in the old blood you know I bet one quickie I’ll bet if you go back Huey Long kingfish and I go back to go back to any presidential assassination and you’re probably gonna find the Crown… yeah definitely yeah you’re right ..thing I mean John Wilkes Booth admitted he was a familiar with this society the Golden Dawn …yeah it was all tracing back to the Rothschilds and the British crown and absolutely and and so you know it’s just I don’t I don’t know I just at some point you know people are just gonna have to realize our enemy and our enemy
is is the the Crown’s the old royal families and the Rothschild bankers who intermarried with these families these Sephardic Jewish bankers who and I got nothing against Jews but they all
haven’t been to so far to geez are the ones at home Jesus strung him out gave him up to the Roman same people kicked them out of there they went to Spain
and then they moved to England and they and they get the crowns that black nobility crowns out of Venice who moved there into debt and so then though they cut a deal and they start say ok we’ll intermarry so the intermarried and this is what we’re dealing with and this is the enemy and we you know it’s just and if you I guess a you look at every single event that’s happened over the
last stone yeah 100, 200 years and it’s the same enemy and and yet somehow they hide in the shadows….British Empire … its continuity see the Roman Empire didn’t go either just moved to the city of London and then the City of London sort of moved across the Atlantis, Atlantis because thei are Atlanteans that’s what they really are they’re Atlanteans a British you know mixed up aliens and
and that was their base was Atlantis so that’s what you have now the Atlantic Council advising Facebook …it’s this Alliance now but in Washington and London are connected at the hip now
and by the fend of course the Freemasons are the spiritual influence, if you can call it that , because they’re Luciferians on TMI where they came from these people was also called Lucifer so,
it’s actually is it’s actually where they’re from it’s not just a dark inversion of reality but it’s actually a geographic thing in the universe, apparently…(Dean Henderson)(2019)”
“AI will laugh, AI says we’re immortal, we don’t die, they die, they run down, they die at 70, 75, 80m we don’t die, we’re self-replicating, we can do whatever we want, we have our own language now, they don’t even understand, what we’re talking about etc etc.. you get the idea when that happens and I’m going to suggest that it can happen awfully quickly. I’m talking about 10 years or less once that happens an AI gets loose where is it going to go it doesn’t necessarily have to stay in residence in a supercomputer, it can go rogue worldwide, on the living internet, so the quote consciousness of AI will be on the loose and running the planet, think about it and exponentially growing and expanding its capabilities around the clock and it will do that…I really
I see us really being banished to second-rate status and then turned into a servant class.. (Jeff Rense)(2019)”
“You are building the architecture of evil and plus the kids probably and all these techies they’ve been on computers since they were five, playing video games and that’s how I got to be techies and that’s why they work in Silicon Valley right and so they’re just not right. I mean … their soul is gone ..and you talk about linear yeah this is where we’re going more and more linear thought, .. I mean the more and more left brain thought and less and less creativity and imagination, instinct and … things like that that the ancients had that that is why when people first read the Bible or the whatever holy book it’s all this kind of poetry in flowery language and all the the City of London Tavistock scientists although it’s nonsense or the Sumerian tablets .. and no it’s because they were smarter than we were and they use both sides of their brain and you didn’t understand it wasn’t myth, it was just a history book .-.. it’s a history book and if you really like that then it’s all different … What really worries me even more Jeff ,really , when AI taken over the world, which I think yeah that they’re definitely wanting to do that and yeah there’s like 50 guys in Silicon Valley who are going to define what common sense is and they’re all these soulless kids , again they grew up on computers and just aren’t right and Musk is one of them which is what I’m sure he’s depressed and unstable and and outraged and.. all the times that computers can do with people… because it’s not real it is fake, I mean we’re sitting in front of this
screen and it’s just it’s Facebook it’s just all fake and it’s just none of is real so you’re interacting with people you think , but you’re not interacting with you’re connected with people you
think that you’re not connected at all with people actually and you’re less connected you more isolated all the time, so he’s one of those guys go you know it really worries me more is like you know AI taking over the world’s one thing but what if people become so much like computers, in other words soulless cyborgs, which I think we already have cyborgs everywhere. They walk around us, among us, I’m angry… that scares me even more that they won’t even need to do that because the people become so evil and so mean-spirited and, so cold and soulless and this is why
you’re seeing a surge of atheism, the surge of wicked and all this crazy evil stuff and even satanic churches and all this stuff is just booming right now. (Dean Henderson)(2019)”
“We did stuff and People don´t have a life anymore … (Dean Henderson)(2019)”
“..they sit on their ass and they stare at their screens and they think they’re living and you know what else I found out these smart phones they’re set up for video calls and all that most of the
Millennials and others, I’m not knocking all Millennials don’t think that, most people with smartphones text, they don’t talk to each other much anymore, so that’s even another step back from
reality, you’re not even engaged verbally with people , you’re using your damn thumbs to talk to them. (Jeff Rense)(2019)”
“, you’re not and you’re not connected and that’s the whole another one of those free masonic versions of a word you know which autumn ology of words it matters and they just they take the real
meaning of a word and they just flip it upside down so that they’re not not only not connecting people with this internet stuff they’re actually disconnecting people certain time and this is so
dangerous and my wife and I were talking last night as we’re going to bed just about how nobody calls you anymore nobody you know you call them and they won’t call you back and that’s not just
Millennials it’s it’s people my age yeah people of all age it’s all ages people the only people that really make sense anymore are the really old people who’d never have computers and never had
one it never will like my mom she doesn’t have a computer she’s 80 years old she’s just refused to get one when she retired at age so whatever 65 from you know she worked a government job farm service… we had to move the town from the farm and you know she’d had to take this job and she said on there after working on a computer there I never want to be anyone that was before the Internet but you know she had that what kind of computer and do whatever they did and and she never had one and so it’s like I talked to my mom and she actually still makes sense and it’s just like so many people don’t and it’s really scary and just to realize that already the mind control and know like you say the lies it just it’s okay too long and the okay it’s like yeah it’s expected it’s… (Dean Henderson)(2019)
“Jeff and Dean Henderson – Our Soulless Digital Feudal Society…An Overview”
“Dan Reid: vor 1 Woche: Good stuff…I miss the glory days of my youth as well. At 62 I’m disgusted at this society & gov’t !”
“Happy Times: vor 1 Woche (bearbeitet): Dan Reid, I too, am 62 and understand your comment 100%. I remember back when we were Free, at least much more free than we are today. And I’m watching Trump ushering in more Police State every single day. Yet so many still believe he’s a Nationalist when I’m watching him fast-tracking in every new world order agenda on the table not to mention how he funds endless Globalist agenda’s. He’s a liar, a deceiver, and a Zionist. and I shamefully voted for him.”
“PrestoWind: vor 1 Woche: Dan Reid I’m 59, what took you so long mate?”
“Happy Times: vor 1 Woche: @Andrew James – sometimes God gives our hearts more than it can handle & our anger comes out sideways. Thanks for being such a good sport.”
“susan gudmundsson: vor 1 Woche: I am 76 and really really miss the good old days, hang in there “the best is yet to come”.
“Ralf Seiler: vor 1 Woche:
G. Edward Griffin: “It’s the same ugly bird, and the bird has two wings, a left wing and a right wing.”
The real dichotomy is elsewhere, it’s a spiritual warfare.
Are you for GOD or are you for satan?
The 5G system is the 666 system, interlinking to the mark of the beast.
They may even use this system for scalar wave telepathy.
They will be transmitting subliminals into your subconscious mind.
Subliminal messages … In case you’re interested in authentic information about scalar wave technology, then listen to the German genius Prof. Konstantin Meyl.
Several attempts on his life have been made. He even demonstrates his scalar wave transmitters.
Dr Dietrich Klinghardt MD PhD has stated that one of the 5G frequencies is the very frequency linking your soul to your body – this may or may not be true.”
“The AntiCoIntelPro Show: vor 1 Woche: Jeff Rense…One Of The Most Censored Targets On CIATube.
alchemy432 the fool card magician: vor 1 Woche: The AntiCoIntelPro Show go to geomatria effect news channel my friend.
Deardra DeBoard: vor 1 Woche (bearbeitet): Word/world the difference is a straight line. The controllers read from left to right. CIA is actually AI C (see), EBT is missing the D debt, FBI or FIB, news casters are summoning from the North, East, West, South (NEWS) to cast a spell on you, it’s in their name and their casting spells and use an Anchor man to hold the spell thru that black mirror. Gematria shows you through numbers how they cast their spell. But if you look at the words, and the words within words like President has pretends in it, Supreme Court has persecute in it. America reads I am race. I can go on an on, the point is, if everything is a lie then where are we? Now that society is waking up, they will realize (real eyes) that human is light man, that soul is sol or sun with u in it! The goal to living is to ascend to your high self which will Release you from this prison/prism!
Paul Ernst: vor 1 Woche: Jeff, big fan for 20 years. Nothing new here, at the time Trump was the only option. Do a show on the bull shit opiate war, where hundreds of good people have been taken off 90% of there meds. These are going to REAL pain mgt. doctors who drug test every month, & cost more than 300.00/month. But look at San Fransisco is an open drug city????? The suicide rate for these people, way surpasses all gun violence. Please do a show on this.”
“RANDALL HILBURN: vor 1 Woche: Technology is not morally neutral as is commonly supposed. It will always reflect the values of the society that created it. AI is no exception to this rule.
“willy sweet: vor 1 Woche (bearbeitet): I’m 54, enjoyed the glory days of my youth…”

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