Throughout the forty year period when UFO have been actively observed
in our civilization, a lot of data has been gathered — data which has
often pointed to aspects of the phenomena that have been supressed. As a
result of the suppression and compartmentalization of the information, our
culture has been fragmented into several levels of “reality” which both
co-exist and oppose each other. Part of our culture does not or will not
believe in the existence of other species; part of our culture acknowledges
their existence or the probability of their existence; part of our culture
is actually interacting with the other species. These simultaneous
realities contribute to the condition of extreme confusion in which we find
Research into UFO’s follows a similar pattern. Some view the matter
in a completely empirical perspective; others search for patterns and
functional relationships in events; still others go out and ask the right
questions at the right time and get answers. Some of those answers that
have appeared are, to some people, quite disturbing and fantastic.
All in all, we are dealing with new concepts in physics, new concepts
in psychology, and the gradually growing awareness that we are not only not
alone here, but we have never been alone here. As if that were not enough,
it turns out that factions of our society have known this, and apparently
have been interacting with some of these alien species for quite a while.
The bottom line is that all along, humanity has been led down a false
path, a path that has been plagued by layer upon layer of conspiracies and
disinformation. Technological knowledge and absolute power have been the
motives on the human side. Survival has been the motive on the alien side,
or at least as far as the predominant alien visitors are concerned.
The intent of this paper is to bring much of the details regarding
this into the open. You are not being asked to believe it, but to consider
it in the light of what has happened, what is happening, and what may be
developing right under our very noses. If you find that you cannot stomach
such thoughts, or that you cannot deal with it, read no further.
It is quite evident, or it should be, that the UFO situation is both
complex and dangerous. The UFO problem is a multi- situational and
multi-dimensional phenomena. We have established the following as having a
basis in fact:
o Craft from other worlds have crashed on Earth.
o Alien craft are from both ultra-dimensional sources
and sources within this dimension.
o Early U.S. government efforts at acquiring alien
technology were successful.
o The U.S. government has had live alien hostages at
some point in time.
o The government has conducted autopsies on alien
o U.S. intelligence agencies, security agencies, and
public agencies are involved in the coverup of facts
pertaining to the situation.
o People have been and are currently abducted,
mutilated, murdered and kidnapped as a result of the
UFO situation.
o There is a current active alien presence on this
planet among us that controls difference elements of
our society.
o Alien forces maintain bases on Earth and on the Moon.
o The U.S. government has had a working relationship
with alien forces for some time, with the express
purpose of gaining technology in gravitational
propulsion, beam weaponry and mind control.
o Millions of cattle have been killed in the process
of acquiring biological materials.
o Both aliens and the U.S. government are responsible
for mutilations, but for different reasons.
o We live in a multi-dimensional world that is
overlapped and visited by entities from other
dimensions. Many of these entities are hostile.
Many are not hostile.
o The basis of our genetic development and religions
lies in intervention by non-terrestrial and
terrestrial forces.
o Actual technology far exceeds that perceived by
the public.
o The United States space program is a cover operation
that exists for public relations purposes.
o People are being actively killed in order to suppress
the facts about the situation. The CIA and the NSA
are involved so deeply that exposure would cause
collapse of their overt structure.
o Facts indicate alien overt presence within five to
ten years.
o Our civilization is one of many that have existed in
the last billion years.


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