Elon Musk JUST SAID “NATO Will Destroy Russia”

“Elon Musk JUST SAID “NATO Will Destroy Russia””

“According to the executive director of ula tony bruno the company has its own
specialists, capable of servicing the supplied rd 180 engines.
Elon Musk pokes at russia over ukraine with internet outages maybe bad weather,
elon musk dug into russian officials after spacex delivered starlink internet
terminals to ukraine slyly tweeting that his firm intervened to help the local
population only after it experienced strange service disruptions during
russia’s invasion.
Musk spacex sent starlink terminals at the request of ukrainian deputy prime
minister mikhail fedorov.
Ukrainian officials expressed concern that residents of the country could lose
access to reliable internet during the russian invasion which included attacks
on key infrastructure the civil internet of ukraine
experienced strange interruptions maybe bad weather so spacex is helping to fix
it musk tweeted. In another tweet musk warned ukrainians to be careful when communicating via starlink acknowledging that the russian military is likely to target the
terminals in the coming days important warning starlink is the only
non-russian communication system still operating in some parts of ukraine so
the likelihood that it will become a target is high.
Please use with caution musk said,
the billionaire added that ukrainians
should turn on starlink only when it is
necessary and place the antenna as far
away from people as possible.
Musk’s bad weather tweet was a response to a twitter followers translation of
obvious criticism from rose cosmo ceo dimitri rogison
during a speech on russian state television rogerson, the head of the
russian space agency allegedly slammed musk for helping ukraine during the
invasion despite spacex’s status as a civilian firm, allegedly claiming that
the billionaire chose his side. Pentagon spokesman john kirby denied
that the u.s military helped spacex deliver starlink terminals to ukraine,
no help from us that i’m aware of kirby, said at a news conference on wednesday.
Fedorov thanked musk for his help when the terminals arrived in ukraine noting
that starlink maintains communication between our cities and emergency
services save lives.”

“the company assures that it will be able to provide broadband internet with a
traffic speed of one gigabit per second which corresponds to the 5g standard
since may 2019 spacex has already launched 2234 mini satellites into orbit.”

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