2nd December 1955: John Ronald Reuel Tolkien ( 1892 – 1973) the South African-born philologist and author of ‘The Hobbit’ and ‘The Lord Of The Rings’. Original Publication: Picture Post – 8464 – Professor J R R Tolkien – unpub. Original Publication: People Disc – HM0232 (Photo by Haywood Magee/Getty Images)

“When I woke from my nap, I saw the movie Tolkien was on television.”

“It’s a good film, which I featured in my open letter to my daughter, published below, when she disowned me, for my political activism, my changed personal attitude, and my recollection of abuse—typical for a brainwashed teenager living in a split household.”

“Ask yourself, as you should with any cultural phenomenon: why are hobbits so popular?”

“You can ask similar questions about the Beatles.”

“What catapults a book, a song, or anything into the public mind?”

“The Tavistock Institute!”

“Before there was Harry Potter, about whose use, by MI-7, you can read below, there were hobbits, dwarves, elves, and orcs.”

“Tolkien influenced other writers, virtually creating the genre of high fantasy, as readers are led to lose themselves in a dream world.”

“Meanwhile, the bad guys take over, enslaving humanity through their schemes, of which COVID-19 is only one.”

“The real Sauron wants you to read about his false counterpart, while he places us under his thrall.”

“The whole thing is a distraction by trash who want to make us look foolish.”

“How sad that the same process was mirrored in Tolkien’s life.”

“Tolkien was a kinder version of Peter Pan, a boy who never grew up, heavily used for programming.”

“Tolkien was targeted throughout his life; but, unlike his contemporary, Ezra Pound, whom the enemy placed in an insane asylum for his political and economic views, as he attacked the international banking system, Tolkien never fought back.”

“The enemy killed his family, and his friends, while he retreated into a dream world.”

“Tolkien was born in South Africa, and he was as targeted as the republic.”

“Early in life, he was programmed, like us all, in sessions he forgot due to hypnotism, drugs, electro-shock, and amnesic walls (which the mind throws up to protect itself from trauma).”

“Since the homosexual cowards always seek to isolate women and children, as they did with me and my daughter, Tolkien’s father was poisoned, dying after he turned three, in what the family took for rheumatic fever.”
“His mother was brainwashed to join the Roman Catholic Church, itself a criminal organization, linked to mind control, which caused her family to cut her off financially, putting further stress on the young Tolkien.”
“Then they killed his mother, after he turned twelve, of what others mistook for diabetes.”
“John Tolkien fell in love with Edith Bratt, who lived in Cheltenham, which is the headquarters of GCHQ.”
“Later they would marry.”
“Meanwhile, he was dragged into World War One, which the Freemasons had staged, with the Illuminati, so they could make billions of dollars while they killed millions of people.”

“Tolkien’s best friends, like his parents, were killed because of the plot against humanity.”
“After his exposure to the horrors of the Somme, the conspirators sent Tolkien to England, where he spent three years in, and out of, military hospitals.”

“This provided the enemy with a further chance to implant Tolkien, with cybernetics, and to brainwash him, as the Tavistock Institute performed experiments on soldiers.”

The broken shell of a man took his first civilian job at the Oxford English Dictionary, where he worked on words beginning with the letter W.”
“Meanwhile, he studied dead languages like Latin, Anglo-Saxon, Gothic, Old Norse, and Medieval Welsh.”
“Scholars had dismissed the work because it dealt with imaginary monsters while it ignored the real world.”

“Tolkien’s work, for which he is so famous, from the Lord of the Rings to the Hobbit, would follow the same pattern.”

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For fifty-two years, I have been a survivor of CIA, NSA, Tavistock, & Illuminati mind control–a targeted individual who fights V2K, PROJECT MONARCH, & MK-ULTRA. I was asleep for forty-seven years, and I have been awake for five. Join the resistance! Don’t be a number: be a person…. View all posts by fightingmonarch.”

Source: https://fightingmonarch.com/2021/11/10/j-r-r-tolkien-the-retreat-from-reality/

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