I had covid-19: All of my weird symptoms, beating it, and recovery.

“I had covid-19: all of my weird symptoms, beating it, and recovery.”
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They everyone!
This week I’m back with the first video I’m filming in a month and a half.. a little explanation for where I’ve been. yes, I had covid-19 as most of you already know, but I wanted to make a video squashing some of the myths, sharing the tough symptoms some of us don’t want to talk about, how I managed to survive all of them, and my now recovery. I spared y’all some of the details but I wanted to be honest so that anyone else out there experiencing the symptoms that I had, don’t feel so alone. A lot of us don’t have to be hospitalized and are sent home to recover on our own care which is scary. How could you trust yourself to take care of something unprecedented? Trust me it is possible. I am so thankful that it didn’t come to the point of hospitalization but my symptoms were very painful and so I knew that I had to share exactly what I did to combat them. I hope this video could help some of you through your questions and maybe if you’re experiencing this too, you will feel less alone.
I am so incredibly thankful to be back and to still have so much support. Your messages really meant the world when I was at my lowest. sending you all so much love,
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“I felt like I was dying..He gave me tylenol he put on some kiddie videos and I fell asleep after the worst panic I’ve ever had in my entire life
and the next day I remember I was feeling off I was feeling very fatigued, I could barely walk I wanted to go to
sleep I just felt really off.”
“After that I was isolated for a while the symptoms that I started to get after that were so hard I started to get
diarrhea, by the way these are gonna be TMI, but this is just bodily functions that happen to you when you have Covid-19.”
“I had no medication, so I felt all of this insane amount of
pressure and pain on my back, my nec, my head in the back. I just remember laying in bed crying because I had no access to
“the reason why your back hurts when you have Covid-19 is because your lungs surface area is mostly on your back so
that blocks passageways and so I started sleeping on my chest which was really difficult, because I have boobs, so it
was kind of like not my most preferred position, but it sort of become a comfortable position for me, because my back was even worse. I would just kind of lay completely flat no pillows arms on my side and that’s how it go to sleep
every night…I started to feel as thoug someone was pressing down on my ribs every time I would breathe in and it wasn’t that I couldn’t breathe, because I could breathe and I could I felt myself being able to breathe but the pressure that I had was it made it really impossible I felt as though
someone was literally like just pressing down and that lasted for a week…my inability to hold in my pee, so I remember just constantly running to the bathroom… your body sweats a lot like a lot I’ve never sweat that much in my entire life in fact I’ve never been the sick of my entire life …it almost felt very degrading to be 26 years old and not being able to hold in my pee and yeah I felt less than human.”
“At night before I went to bed I felt my heart racing a lot and I didn’t know why it was really scary I would go to
sleep at night and I would wake up just wrenched in my sweat like profusely drenched in my sweat every night and
made it really hard for me to go to sleep because I did any I didn’t there were nights I would go to bed and
I didn’t think I would wake up the next day because of that the heart palpitations and sometimes I was afraid
I would wake up with the inability of to breathe I started taking melatonin at night and it would help me go to sleep I
would only see by three to four hours a night I wake up in the morning I would actually have to go to the bathroom
constantly my dad gave me probiotics when he got better because he was way better after two weeks and I remember he
like actually tested negative after two weeks.”
“It was that one time that I didn’t have any ibuprofen to give my body a break. I was still sweating a lot, so I assumed that my body was kind of like fighting it off at night and that’s why my heart was racing so much, because Covid-19 actually like attacks your entire body though
your heart is like racing and pounding, so that it could try to like get blood to whatever your body needs and help
heal it pretty much those were really hard for me, I couldn’t hear any news at all.”

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