What is to become of freedom, if we do nothing HR6666

“What is to become of freedom, if we do nothing HR6666”
“8.547 Aufrufe•09.05.2020”

“Hi viewers of the observation deck I have no idea how long this video will last as it’s already been censored in other areas and blocked and completely removed so please download mirror and share I will be uploading this to my bit
chute channel to preserve the message and I suggest those with channels do the same, we’ve gotten to a stage where the
very life and liberties that we had hard fought for and gained over many many years are being dismantled over this SCAMDEMIC and it’s raging across the world and now the number of the beast yet again has come out from the shadows and
stands before you arrogant and confident that you will not stand in his way, the House bill that’s passed by the
DEMONCRATS, sorry Democrats is as blatant as you can get.”

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